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  1. Thanks. So, the problem is on my copy...
  2. The Complete Brunswick, Parlophone and Vocalion Bunny Berigan sessions MOSAIC MD7-219
  3. Hello I'm the only one who has a problem on disc #1 track #1 (When I Take My Sugar To Tea)? I mean some interruptions in the playing of the track. Thanks everybody
  4. Just arrived! ( intercepted by the pirates of the caribbean, but who cares...)
  5. Same here. Anyway, my credit card was charged few hours ago.
  6. ...And Italy is in the middle. Me, too, ordered the Wilson and the Savory togheter...
  7. I did the same, at the beginning, but the big black rows of boxes are so beautiful to look at.
  8. Yes, CD and LP when they were the only option (Miles Davis, etc.) A little Miller's Dark Knight sketch, from my comics-related past...
  9. Thanks a lot, Brad. Nearly twenty years in the making...
  10. :-D of course! Real art. As all the american comic srips in my library (and not only, of course). And the Busby Berkeley musicals, and a lot of things...
  11. I received this email from Jazzmessengers, regarding my order of the Condon box: Thanks for your message and of course for this new order. Everything is alright! We will send your box set today. You are seeing this because you bought the last box set we had on stock.
  12. Jazzmessengers is shipping from Spain, I live in Italy; I bought many boxes from them, they are very correct and the packaging is very good.
  13. Just ordered (from Jazzmessengers) the Eddie Condon box. Now I have them all.
  14. I'm very, very sad hearing these news. I have pratically all the big sets: I miss only the last Condon box, that I'll order from Jazz messengers in the next days (I'm from Italy). I discovered Mosaic about fifteen years ago, and I ordered directly from them quite all the boxes until Jazz Messengers became an easier way from Europe, free of import taxes. The rest I ordered directly from a member of the company and from ebay. It was a great adventure in music. A true treasure. Long live to Mosaic.
  15. In the booklet there are special thanks, among others, to Scott Wenzel. I hope there are some chances of a Mosaic CD release... Definitely, in the next volume will be published the Basie-Young recordings. I can't wait. The sound is perhaps a little scratchy, not uniform, but is very good, to my ears. I was able, with Itunes, to convert the files in wav.