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  1. BFT 181 link and discussion

    One more week to go, if anyone else is interested.
  2. BFT 181 link and discussion

    Correct on track 2. I don't think the Indian Summer album is a masterpiece or anything like that, but it's one I always enjoy when I play it. The slightly melancholy, bittersweet flavor is consistent through the album, which was his final studio recording, I believe. It feels like a valedictory look back on his life. The last time I saw Braxton play solo was a couple of years ago, when he was artist-in-residence for a couple of weeks at the University of Alabama. I judged the audience at his opening solo concert to be 1/3 excited Braxton fans, 1/3 curious music lovers, and 1/3 music students trying to fulfill their concert attendance requirements. I wondered how the last two groups would respond to the concert, but Braxton's programming was masterful. He started with a lyrical ballad like this, then moved on to a fast, technically impressive virtuoso piece. After those two selections, the audience was with him, and stayed with him when he started playing abrasive multiphonics and such. Yes - all solo readings of standards.
  3. BFT 181 link and discussion

    This session is pretty much a mess, but it's kind of a glorious mess. I included what I think is the best selection. Some of the other tracks really sound unfinished. But I love anything with Sonny Boy, and have always enjoyed Joe Harriot just going for it on this track.
  4. BFT 181 link and discussion

    Um, I'd say that it's beyond a good Sonny Boy Williamson imitation. Like, the best possible. Literally. And yes, the organ sounds like a Vox or some other combo organ to me.
  5. BFT 181 link and discussion

    Since there has been a fair amount of Allman Brothers discussion in this thread, I'll throw in a correction. Dickey Betts and Derek Trucks did play together in the ABB for a short time when Trucks first joined the band. (Haynes had left to form Gov't Mule.) There's even an album - Peakin' at the Beacon, recorded at the Beacon Theatre in March, 2000. This was when Betts was getting more and more erratic and his playing getting sloppier; his Beacon performances were so bad that they led the other founding members to disinvite him from the spring/summer tour. Jimmy Herring filled in for a short time, then Warren Haynes came back to complete the final lineup of the band. Peakin' at the Beacon is so bad that I once wondered why the band released it. Not only are Betts' solos substandard, but he is unable to play some of the ensemble parts correctly - parts he must have played thousands of times. I think the album is the band's explanation to the fans of why they let Dickey go: "This is what we were dealing with."
  6. BFT 181 link and discussion

    Yes - the Metronome All-Stars. I won't add any other details now in case someone else wishes to do so. Yes on tracks 1 & 4; no on track 11. When someone who owns that album hears that track, they'll know it right away. Yes, it's the Allman Brothers Band, but with a guest drummer in place of Butch Trucks and Jaimoe.
  7. BFT 181 link and discussion

    Here's # 181. It's about an hour long. The music is all over the place, stylistically. Feel free to skip anything that doesn't appeal to you.
  8. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Q Hamiet Bluiett Quartet - S.O.S. (India Navigation)
  9. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    I'm tickled that someone else here has this very interesting record. Inspired by Max Harrison's praise, I tracked down the American Serenus issue a few years back: NP: Ray Charles - The Genius Sings the Blues (Atlantic mono)
  10. BFT 180 answers

    I listened and enjoyed, but have been so busy that I never got around to writing up my thoughts. I recognized only David Murray, Wayne Shorter, and Lonnie Smith. I really enjoyed "I Remember April."
  11. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Horace Silver - Serenade to a Soul Sister (BN promo)
  12. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Chick Corea/Miroslav Vitous/Roy Haynes - Trio Music (ECM) Lee Konitz/Warne Marsh/Al Levitt/Peter Ind - London Concert (Wave) I'm wary of post-Circle Corea, but I like this trio. The Wave album is superb.