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  1. World Cup 2010

    Isn't the other-way-round? Since USA topped the group, they'll play either Serbia or Ghana? Not too sure that group D's really decided yet. All depends on tonight's games, I think. If Germany lose they may not top the group this from BBC site "Group D: Ghana and Germany will advance if they draw and Serbia draw with Australia. If Germany, Ghana or Serbia win, they go through. Serbia will qualify with a draw if Germany beat Ghana by more than one goal or if Ghana wins. Australia need to beat Serbia heavily and hope the other game ends in a draw or a big defeat or else they are out."
  2. World Cup 2010

    Well done US for grabbing the top slot in the group. England played a lot better today but will still struggle against better teams unless they continue to improve. I'm hoping that US get Germany and England have Serbia or Ghana in the next round.
  3. Children at play - Tom Van Der Geld [Japo]
  4. Damn - that was news to me. Very sorry to hear it - RIP. Yes, very sad indeed. Sorry to break it to you. Weight/Counterweight is I think his last release and is the music of a fascinatingly enquiring and rigorous musical mind - trumpet and two percussionists. Some interesting appreciation over in the Artists thread.
  5. Bill Dixon - Weight/Counterweight R.I.P.
  6. World Cup 2010

    England were appalling. They lacked the slightest inkling of skill and huffed and puffed to no effect. Rooney looks out of sorts and our midfield non-existent. Unless Capello is strong enough to shake things up for Slovenia (who are better than Algeria) by bringing in Joe Cole, repositioning Gerrard, leaving Lennon on the pitch for 90 minutes then they will deservedly be heading home. At which point we may need to import some guillotine's for domestic use. perhaps best summed up here http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/matt/
  7. definite echoes of Giuffre and Bley on this, for me. It's one of Crispell's more "considered" and "quiet" albums and the bass clarinet gives some beautifully lyrical counterpoint to the piano. Crispell makes very effective and subtle use of playing inside the piano. If you've enjoyed her run of ECM albums I suspect you'll find this a treat.
  8. released in Europe. Very nice indeed
  9. Artists you know well but have never really liked

    For me it has to be Sonny Rollins. I only really enjoy The Bridge and that's a lot to do with Jim Hall. I own a fair number but somehow they just never 'click' for me. Perhaps Way Out West and East Broadway would survive the cull on a generous day. I have persevered over many years occasionally buying another because he is Sonny Rollins! But this thread has really brought it home to me how little I listen/enjoy him.
  10. VIDEO: Elvin Jones Trio in 1968

    fabulous clip, thanks I've been recently researching the individual Lps with a view to buying some of them - still reasonably priced. Are there any sessions from the box that you'd particularly recommend? I have and enjoy Poly-currents . Off to cultivate the sideburns as well
  11. World Cup 2010

    I agree. I think Howard did play well and that although England created good chances they didn't make the most of them at all. Both Heskey and Wright-Phillips managed to shoot directly at Howard when there was more empty goal than not to hit - but Howard's positioning and speed off his line certainly intimidated them into their mistakes. England do have a tendency to forget the finer elements of the game as they get more desperate (unlike Spain et al) and resort to long distance shooting. Green's save from Altidore was very impressive too. Some compensation for his earlier mistake
  12. World Cup 2010

    A fairly underwhelming English performance against a spirited US team, I thought. Again England betray their lack of a truly inventive mildfielder who can unpick an organised oppostion (the player that Milner may be in a couple of years). Certainly England's best chances came from out wide where Lennon, Johnson and Gerrard all looked more than capable and beat their man well. I agree, I thought Gerrard had a good game - he was there or thereabouts both going forward and defending - he scored an excellent goal US were useful but shoouldn't have been allowed to stifle England so much. They had the best defender on the night in Unyewu who was mighty impressive
  13. Steve Coleman

    Good to see Pi Recordings releasing a new Steve Coleman http://www.pirecordings.com/album/pi33 A musician whose every release I've looked forward to and thoroughly enjoyed. I hear echoes of his influence in the work of Steve Lehman, Vijay Iyer and Rudresh Mahanthappa to name a few but I don't often hear this influence recognised. The clips of the new release sound strong. I'm looking forward to its european release at the end of the month
  14. The Convergence Quartet - Song/Dance

    Thanks for the tip, Alex. I enjoyed the first one so will be interested to hear this
  15. Archie Shepp

    You might enjoy Horace Tapscott and the Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra - Live at I.U.C.C. [Nimbus West] and the original Attica Blues is a killer indeed. Along the same lines, to my ears, is Shepp's "Things have got to change"
  16. Why is the flute a Cinderella in jazz...

    I keep coming across more flute in recent listening... Neil Metcalfe plays some great flute on new Phillip Gibbs/Paul Dunmall release Mumuksuta
  17. CDs for sale

    If anyone's wondering "shall I?" on the Collier, don't hesitate, it's marvellous. Treat yourself to some excellent composing, ensemble and solo playing....or I'll have to buy a second copy so it doesn't go unloved
  18. What music did you buy today?

    Stanley Cowell - Illusion suite Julian Priester - Polarization Richard Beirach - Hubris Tom van der Geld - Patience
  19. Why is the flute a Cinderella in jazz...

    We mustn't forget Nicole Mitchell - very surprised she's not been mentioned (apologies if I've missed it) - excellent trio albums on greenleaf and rogue art with Harrison Bankhead and Hamid Drake. also larger ensemble releases on delmark and firehouse 12. Excellent composer as well. Also, well worth listening to is Michel Edelin Trio - Kuntu (Avenel, Betsch make for an impressive rhythm section) again on rogue art Two great flute players releasing excellent recordings on the slightly freer side of things. Nothing weak, fey or insubstantial about their sound, to my ears at least. Count me in as a flute fan, in the right hands of course......
  20. Burton Greene

    I'm currently enjoying Greene's work on Groder & Greene w. Rob Brown, Adam Lane & Ray Sage from 2007. My first real exposure to him so I've been interested in everyone's views on his previous works - thanks
  21. Yes, this does look interesting. A few, brief clips at Squidco whetted my appetite. looks like a disc of improv and another of more written material. Have Tanaka on a couple of discs and been impressed. Ino, i don't know. Definitely on my "to buy" list. Just read the link and realise it confirms improv/written impression - sorry will read before I post next time!
  22. free jazz album i got, is this a good one?

    over-recorded maybe. Let the "jazz cognescenti" whoever they may be and by whatever criteria they have been selected think what they like. I suspect that for the many folk David Murray's recordings and concerts have been anything but a pose. An exciting and talented player and composer to my ears (but then I don't hang at J&R)
  23. thanks Bev. Yes that's a good service, for sure. I established with Hazel that my email had slipped down a gap somewhere. i'll certainly check out Boundaries and some of the others you mention. A little research today also highlighted Julie Driscoll's 1969 and yes some more recent German releases with Quatouhr here http://www.nurnichtnur.de/frameset_nav_mailorder.htm under the name Zoepf / Schliemann / Charig / Schneider.
  24. Got hold of a copy (the phone proves mightier than the email). What a marvellous album, on the first listen through at least. Feels like a recording to return to many times. I've only known Charig's playing in a few medium-sized ensembles and this is a revelation. Can anyone reccomend other recordings in which he's prominent, especially smaller ensembles? It was the enthusiasm of everyone's response to the news of reissue that persuaded me to try it ,so thanks to everyone involved in the discussion of this release.