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  1. does piano technique suffer from playing organ?

    A hammond organ is an electric version of a pipe organ, which is a wind instrument. Sound is produced from air moving. The electric organs simulate that like keyboards can simulate pianos which are percussion instruments. Any person who plays both piano and organ can tell you how you hit a key on the piano changes the volume and sound. How you hit a key on organ has zero effect on the sound, with one exception: the release time. The percussion setting can add an attack on the front end, but does not make the organ a percussion Instrument. To be a percussion instrument how you strike the instrument will matter. It really helps the player to think like using air. You'll approach it differently. Also it helps put your mind in a different place then when you play piano.
  2. New Dolphy release on Resonance

    I am in. That track they have up on the link to listen to sounds amazing. I have some of that session, but not anywhere near the whole session, and the sound quality is better then what I have too.
  3. New Album featuring JD Allen

    Hi Folks, My album, "Tales from the Winter Solstice" is now available. It is a trio that features JD Allen on tenor sax, Tom Buckley on drums, and myself on piano. The music was written by myself for these gentlemen, and both JD and Tom had a lot of influence on how we performed the music. I think a lot of members on this board will enjoy it. You can stream the audio free from my bandcamp page (where you can also buy a CD or download of the album as well... if you like). https://dankarlsberg.bandcamp.com/releases
  4. does piano technique suffer from playing organ?

    The organ is a wind instrument, and the piano is a percussion instrument. Thinking about it this way will help you approach each instrument separately, and not interfere with each other. Thus, your piano playing will only suffer if you don't play the piano for a long time, and the same with the organ. Also, the fact that they sound so different, will put your head in different places. As a side note, Fats Waller played both and was amazing on both, so you can do it too. good luck! Enjoy it!
  5. Jimmy Woods - CONFLICT

    Thank you so much for posting this. That is definitely him! If you click on his name in the first link, it takes you to a bio and a somewhat current picture of him. And I am definitely going to purchase the live cd if it is possible.
  6. Jimmy Woods - CONFLICT

    Ok, I am going to answer my own question. Apparently this is not Jimmy Woods (which I was pretty certain of). Here is a memorial for Jimmy Wood: http://www.gonetoosoon.org/memorials/jimmy-wood So.. my guess is the Lord discography is wrong for Jimmy Woods (as far as the 1989 Edinburgh session). It would make sense that it is the Jimmy Wood in the video of the previous post.
  7. Jimmy Woods - CONFLICT

    Hi folks, I love Jimmy Woods, and am always looking for more of him. Does anyone think the alto player in this video is Jimmy Woods? It is from Edinburgh, Scottland in 2007. There is the entry in the Lord discography that places him in Edinburgh in 1989. But... I'm not sure if it is the same Jimmy Woods. The video lists his name as Jimmy Wood, and his grandson posted a comment, and his last name is "Wood" as well. So... either this is the great Jimmy Woods of the LA scene in the 60's, or the Jimmy Woods recording in the lord discography from 1989 is probably this guy (Jimmy Wood), and not the Jimmy Woods from the 60's LA scene. Thoughts?
  8. Questions: Trends in Jazz Vinyl Sales Circa 2015

    For the past several years I have been almost exclusively buying used cd's and vinyl.... because I can find stuff pretty inexpensive on Amazon used and new, or at half price books store. It is pretty even between cd's and vinyl. So.. my trend is not buying new things. While I am purchasing a lot, I feel though that I am no longer doing my job in supporting the music industry. I do buy new CDs when I want to buy something that just came out, but that is relatively infrequent.
  9. Suggest Modern or Modernist Orchestral Music

    You may also like some Paul Dukas, a contemporary and friend of Debussy, who was also Messiean's composition teacher. His famous work is "The Sorcerer's Apprentice", which Stravinsky Quoted in his early work "Fireworks". Dukas also wrote a symphony, and a ballet, "La Peri". You don't get much more colorful then his music. Also, as far as colorful music, check out Rimsky-Korsakov. He is Stravinsky's teacher. In Particular, check out his "Russian Easter Overture". Also another Russian, who was a big influence on Debussy is Modest Mussorgsky. Debussy liked his opera "Boris Godunov". Mussorgsky was very original, but not as colorful orchestral-ly. Ravel also orchestrated his "Pictures at an Exhibition". I know these people are a little earlier time was then what you are looking for, but musically, I think you will like them. You can think of it like checking out Monk's influences and discovering Duke Ellington, and checking out Dukes influences and discovering Willie the Lion Smith. Etc.. I hope this is helpful! All of the people listed in other's posts are also fantastic.
  10. Lately I have had Freddie Webster on my mind, so I don't know if I am trying to see something where it isn't, but... I was listening to the Don Byas "Midnight at Minton's" High Note CD issue (Jerry Newman 1941 recording). On "Body and Soul" they have the first trumpet solo listed as an unknown trumpet. I think it sounds like Freddie Webster. Does anyone else think this? The solo starts at about 1min 40 sec in.
  11. Freddie Webster possibly unknown soloist on...

    After listening to it more, I am actually not so certain anymore that it is Freddie Webster. There are a few moments though that really do remind me of him. I know he used to play at Minton's.
  12. soprano sax recommendations

    Lucky Thompson
  13. Tab Smith Orchestra with Trevor Bacon

    Awesome! Thank you so much! Wow, i really expected to know who the trumpet and tenor were, but I don't. Which is actually pretty exciting, because now i get to look them up and check them out more. Thanks again.
  14. Tab Smith Orchestra with Trevor Bacon

    Does anyone have any information on the personnel of this session. It is Decca 8661, and the two sides are: "You Lovely You", and "I'll Live True to You". I think it is from 1944. It is a small group session, and I really dig the band. I have not been able to find anything online. I would love to know the other musicians if anyone can help. Thanks!
  15. A Date with Diz

    "A Date with Diz" -- That was awesome and hilarious. Thanks for sharing!
  16. Privia PX-330 Problem

    Hi Everyone, I know this might not be the place to post this problem, but I really think someone hear might be able to solve my problem. I bought a Privia PX-330 4ish years ago, and for the most part it has been great. A couple years back, on a freezing winter day, I left it in my car all day before my gig that night. When I turned it on at the gig, the pitch would drift in and out of tune, randomly. This lasted for the first couple songs, then it finally stabilized. I thought this was due to the keyboard being subjected to the vast change in temperature, or humidity or something. This happened a couple other times as well. Now... the last two gigs I played with it, the pitch randomly wavers in and out, not as drastically as with the cold weather, but it still is scary while playing. I feel like when I hit the keys lighter it doesn't do that, but when I accent or hit harder, it does. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening, or what could be wrong with it? I have never had a problem like this with any other keyboard I own. Thanks in advance for any help!!
  17. Privia PX-330 Problem

    For those of you who have a similar problem with the Privia PX-330, I decided to disable the pitch bend wheel, by going into the menu and setting it to bend 0 half steps. So far, I have played 7 or 8 gigs and not had the problem of the keyboard pitch changing. If it happens again, I will post here letting people know, but so far, so good.
  18. Privia PX-330 Problem

    Hi Jim, Thanks for responding. I do not know Mike Martin, but it sounds like he is who I should contact. Can you tell me how to reach him? Thanks again!
  19. Wish List for 2014

    I would like a box set of complete John Kirby sextet with best possible sound. Too many earlier recordings have not been properly transferred/remastered. Along with my wish, I will say I am very happy with JSP's Fats Waller box sets.
  20. Richie Powell

    My memory tells me Bud recorded "I remember Clifford" more then once. It sounds so sad when he plays it. I makes me think Bud thought of this song as a memorial to his brother too.
  21. Expression Pedals

    I figure this might be a good place to pose this question: I have a hammond sk-2 and have been using a volume pedal instead of an expression pedal. I planned on buying the hammond expression pedal, but never did. I know I will need to do that if I ever hook the keyboard up to a leslie speaker. So... my question is... Is there a big difference between a volume pedal and an expression pedal built specifically for the instrument? I would hate to spend the money that Hammond is asking and not notice much difference. Thanks for any input!
  22. Tribute to Big John Patton

    John Patton is one of my favorite organists as well. That is a fantastic idea for a project. Long before I started playing organ, his comping was a huge influence on me, and still is today. All of his music is great, so anything that you choose will be awesome. A couple that i dig that might be lesser known are "String Bean" from That Certain Feeling, and "Pinto" from Soul Connection. I wish you the best with the project, and look forward to hearing it.
  23. Herbie Nichols Live w/Rex Stewart 1953

    If you do find out any more info about that, I would love to know. That would be amazing if a recording of Nichols performance existed. Thanks for posting that.
  24. Mary Lou Williams - Black Christ Of The Andes

    I just have to say that I was afraid to check this album out for a long time. Once I finaly did, I couldn't beleive I waited so long. There are a lot of cool things on it. Grant sounds fantastic, and does add a lot. I actually jumped out of my seat when I first him play a fill. The songs with the choirs are also really cool. The arrangements/orchestrations on the albumn are great.
  25. Jimmy Woods - CONFLICT

    I've been listening a lot to Jimmy Woods' album "Awakening!", and have been curious what happend to him. When I came across this thread, I was very happy to see he is still around and playing as of 2009. I was wondering if anyone knows if he is still playing in Anchorage? He is such a great musician and seems like a real interesting person, it would be cool to meet him and hear him play.