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  1. IPod Replacement

    Just get external storage for your phone and put all your music on that.
  2. Bitches Brew: Quadraphonic SACD Hybrid

    I listened to this last night and I'm pretty happy with it. It definitely is an improvement over the 2 channel mix. Parts of this album have always sounded muddled to me. There's certainly a lot going on. Having it broken up into four channels does a lot to sort out the confusion in those sections. The balances help with that a lot too. They are absolutely perfect throughout the entire album. It's rare I hear a mix this complex and don't hear things I would have handled differently. But this one is perfect. This mix was clearly not an afterthought or toss off. It's just as complex and worked out as the stereo mix. It's primarily a "four corners" quad mix. Individual instruments are assigned to individual channels. The drums are generally split between LR and RF. RR is guitar and LF is keyboards. Davis's horn is spread across the front. However, there are times where the instruments move around... for instance in one section the drums are playing a 4/4 beat and they move to a different channel for each bar. Davis's horn has two slapbacks and they are assigned to the two rear channels. So when he plays, the delay comes in on one rear channel and then the next. It's a very nice effect and it clears out his solos much better than the stereo version did. In some parts, the instruments and counter rhythms get pulled apart... for instance Davis's trumpet might have an element of aspiration that is reflected in one channel, but is EQed softer in another... one set of drums will be in the rear and the other set in the front. On any other album that would be distracting, but this record was made to be cut up and put back together like that. The sub bass on this is pretty recessed. That may have been deliberate to facilitate the requirements of matrixed LP cutting. At the beginning of the first side, someone bumps a mike and there is a low frequency bump, but other than that, it sits comfortably above 80Hz. But there is one song on disc 2 that has some heavy lower bass. There might be some super audible noise on this SACD. When I put the album on, my dog left up spun around several times and ran out of the room. (She may just not like fusion...) There's audible tape hiss in one section and even a tiny bit of print though on the last track. They must not have stored this master tails out. But the noise is only in short sections and doesn't intrude. If you're a fan of the sound of tube amps, there's a lot of euphonic distortion on display here. They appear to be experimenting with running all kinds of instruments through guitar amps to create interesting effects. None of the instruments here sound real or are presented in a natural acoustic. It isn't that kind of album. So it isn't something you would consider "audiophile". But it more than makes up for that with the imaginative processing of the sound and the inspired post production for the multichannel mix. Overall, it's a revelation to hear an iconic album like this presented in such a different way than I'm used to. The four corners and ping pong aren't approaches I normally prefer, but on this album, they suit the style. The price on this from is quite high, but the packaging is very nice with a beautifully printed oversized gatefold sleeve and booklet in English and Japanese. The double album comes on two SACDs with the quad mix and a hybrid 2 channel layer. Worth getting.
  3. Was this the first box set?

    Classical sets go back to the 20s The biggest 78 set I have is Handel's Concerto Grossi Op 6 by Adolph Busch. 25 records. 50 sides. 1947
  4. Compatible stereo / quad

    Through a multichannel AV receiver with DSPs. Most of them have several different flavors of matrixed decoding.
  5. Compatible stereo / quad

    Try playing it with Dolby ProLogic II decoding. It might work.
  6. Bargain DVD boxes

    Is this an episodic series or is it serialized? I can take serialized in five or six eps at a time, but 20 discs is daunting for an ongoing story. I still haven't gotten through the first season of the Sopranos because of that.
  7. Any Airport Express Users Here?

    I was having slow internet speeds and the firmware update fixed it.
  8. Bargain DVD boxes

    The last classical box I saw cheap was the complete stereo Heifetz. That one was a super duper bargain.
  9. Classical music bargains

    Here's a super bargain price on 5.1 SACDs by the Royal Philharmonic- 4 Euro a disc. I originally ordered these, it was a "pig in a poke". I hadn't heard any of them but I took a chance on a stack of them to check them out. The recordings are from the mid 1990s when the Royal Philharmonic was preparing for a world tour to celebrate its 50th anniversary. The conductors include Mackerras, Wordsworth, Judd, Gibson and Shelley, among others.They arrived the other day and I played a few of them and they are fantastic. I played a couple of discs all the way through and spot checked the rest. The performances are spirited and are very tight. The string sections bow in unison with remarkable precision. The Rossini overtures were a lot of fun. I sampled some of the Zarathustra, Dvorak Slavonic Dances, Scheherezade, early music collection and the organ sampler and they were all excellent as well.The sound is spectacular without being showy. The dynamic range is very broad. It sounds wonderful loud and the rear channels provide just enough ambience to fill the room with the sound of the hall. The liner notes say that they recorded these with as many as 45 microphones- yow! But the sound is well clear and warm with lots of perspective. The percussion is recessed and the sound of the violins is a little mellower than other recordings. The hall ambience is very realistic. It's not that close miked kind of sound you often find on "audiophile" recordings... more like the old school approach where the soundstage is big and well defined and you feel like you're in 8th row center in a concert hall. I have several Pentatone multichannel SACDs, and I like the sound of these RPO ones better.I went back today and ordered all the rest (except for the nursery rhymes disc). At 3.99 Euro apiece, it's a drop dead bargain. For two channel, they might not be first choice, but those with 5.1 systems should scoop these up.
  10. I haven't heard these, but the reviews are good so I just ordered them... Appears to be TV and radio broadcasts of varying quality, but the price is good for a pig in a poke- £12.99 Abbey Road and Beyond: Greatest Hits and Lost Sessions 1962 - 1966 (6 CD Box Set) The Rolling Stones - Satisfaction In Concert: The Classic Broadcasts 1964-1966 [4 CD Set] Life From Mars: The Legendary Broadcast Collaboration 4 CD Box Set
  11. Bargain DVD boxes

    Tonight I watched a very odd show with Blondie and Peaches and Herb. They hired dancers to upstage the performers and they are very odd and very stupid looking. Blondie lip synced Heart of Glass and did One Way Or The Other live. Yes, Redbone is on the set. That Indian drag thing is very odd. The guitar player was in a loin cloth. I kept wanting to avert my eyes. But not quite as much as the guy in the cellophane trousers dancing to Blondie. That was total cringe.
  12. Bargain DVD boxes

    I watched most of the first disc last night, and it's all live. For Tom Petty, that is a good thing. For Harry Chapin and Argent, it's not a good thing at all. Does anyone know if these are complete shows? It looks like they were set up to do more than just the song that is in the program. In one song the drummer just sits there while they do an acoustic guitar song. Did they record a half dozen songs of each and sprinkle them through the season? That would be tough for Crystal Gale because she appeared to only have one song (Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue). She sings it in the beginning of the show then says goodbye and proceeds to sing it again. I can see her performing at a live concert playing it six times in a row before saying goodnight. She didn't appear to have much else going for her. The set I got from Deep Discount is six discs
  13. Bargain DVD boxes

    I just got it in the mail. It's a great set. I don't think they're complete shows, but they cherry picked well and there's over 8 hours of material there. The performances are all live. No lip sync.
  14. Classical music bargains

    A bit of a grab bag, but a good deal at $30 shipped to the US. Naxos 30th Anniversary Collection. 30 CDs