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  1. Classical music bargains

    A bit of a grab bag, but a good deal at $30 shipped to the US. Naxos 30th Anniversary Collection. 30 CDs
  2. Mozart Symphonies Box Set

    I would choose Bohm's Beethoven 6th and Mozart's late symphonies as first choices.
  3. Do you follow the box bargains thread in this forum? There are some fantastic sets there that are just as good as Mosaic's selling for a fraction of the price. As a for instance, being discussed right now is a 6 CD box set of Django Reinhardt on Vogue. Great stuff from 1934-1951 in very good sound for less than $20. There are labels that specialize in great jazz, blues and old time country box sets at well under $7 a disc, sometimes as low as $2 a disc. It's great to be the best of the best, but you also have to remain competitive. Mosaic is still operating on the same business plan it was operating under in the late 90s. It isn't streaming's fault that they aren't able to stay afloat. You have to move with the market and serve as broad a demographic as you can.
  4. The real problem with Mosaic is the price point. No one pays full retail price like they did back in the 90s. I still buy lots of CDs, but I buy them in big box sets at $2 to $3 a disc- and those are great boxes.
  5. It's on its way to me. Thanks for the tip!
  6. Lohengrin

    Kenton's arranger, Pete Rugolo had a very odd sense of harmony. He could make the Tristan chord into something even weirder.
  7. Classical music bargains

    Here's a good one... Complete Beethoven Symphonies on 3 blu-rays with several extras as well. Rafael Fruehbeck de Burgos / Danish National Symphony Orchestra. Well reviewed. 5.1 sound $25 (Amazon is sold out but 3rd party sellers still have it at this price). Grab it quick!
  8. Am I the only one here

    You have to be careful or else you hit overload. I was in a 78 collecting forum and I saw a local posting saying "Free classical records to a good home". That was exactly what I was interested in, so I called the guy up and offered to take them. He said, "They're yours, but there are a lot of them. You better bring a truck." I said "No problem, I have a Nissan pickup." He replied, "No, a BIG truck." So I called a buddy with a 3/4 ton pickup and drove over to pick them up. The guy handed me a huge stack of papers and said, "Here is in the inventory. The records are in here..." He opened his garage door and there were shipping boxes stacked in a solid four foot cube. It was everything we could do to get them all in the truck, and when we were done, the truck was riding very low to the ground. Now I have a whole hallway in my house that has those records floor to ceiling. I try not to follow the record collecting forums any more!
  9. Bargain DVD boxes

    Bewitched Complete Series $27.99 (33 disks)
  10. Classical music bargains

    I have a lot of the Brilliant Classics big composer boxes, and I have yet to find a single one that I am unhappy with.
  11. Classical music bargains

    I don't believe in holding out for the absolute "perfect" performance. I'd rather listen a variety of good performances. Each one illuminates a different aspect of the composition. I think a lot of people who say they only listen to one specific "perfect" recording aren't necessarily listening to it because of the quality, but just because they've just gotten used to it through repeated listening. It's like a baby duck being patterned to recognize its mother.
  12. Carmen

    On Blu-Ray there's a good version with Placido Domingo and Julia Migenes-Johnson. It's all shot on location. Beautiful photography and great sound.
  13. Vladimir Horowitz question

    He did the same with his concerts. Lots of duplication in Horowitz disks, but he performed the same pieces quite differently over time and live, so it's fascinating to compare the various performances. Never too much Horowitz!
  14. Vladimir Horowitz question

    By the way, that Horowitz on Television DVD is amazing! They took the master tapes of the concert and reconfirmed them to the TV broadcast, so it's a TV show with hifi sound. GREAT performance too!
  15. Vladimir Horowitz question

    I don't remember any overlap between the two, but there might be one or two disks. No more than that, I'm pretty sure. I remember checking when I ordered both.