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  1. Interesting to see a poster for a 1971 concert by Derek Bailey, Barry Guy and Paul Rutherford at the Arnolfini in Bristol, while queuing for the toilets at the Arnolfini in Bristol.
  2. Very low key this, but it was good today to see a very young group (mainly in their early teens) playing jazz (Basie’s corner pocket) at our local street party with a great tap dancer, Annette Walker, up front. I last saw her tap dancing to Oleo at the Nu Civilization Orchestra tribute to Joe Harriott. Anthony London
  3. Charlie Watts RIP

    Fellow drummers of a similar vintage, I guess. Good to hear Dave Green on BBC radio this morning talking about Charlie. Chico Hamilton’s brushes on Mulligan’s walking shoes were his major inspiration.
  4. Blue Note's TONE POET series.

    Tone poets yes, Classics no. Soul Station, Moanin’ terrible. No QC. Weird noises, echoing blips. I think the Hoffman people call it ‘non fill’ or something.
  5. Any love for Lou Rawls?

    There is a great twofer combining black and blue and Tobacco Road, Onzy Matthew’s arrangements. Anthony London
  6. Great record, I have this in beautiful red vinyl, not sure but maybe from a Mole jazz auction way back. The track ‘little bird’ is a minor masterpiece I reckon. I love Bob Hardaway’s tenor solo, probably not more than 30 seconds, but perfect. Anthony London
  7. Saw Nu Civilisation Orchestra at Kings Place London last night playing arrangements of Joe Harriott material, mostly from Free Form and Abstract I think. Quite a revelation to hear a large ensemble rip through Harriott's tricky themes, Nathaniel Facey took the lead on alto and was superb. Also praise to the bass player Hamish Moore and Rod Young who really held it all together and the incredibly young looking Peter Edwards on piano who I think arranged the tunes. Interesting guest appearance from a tap dancer, didn't catch her name, who did an amazing performance of Oleo with Facey and the rhythm section. Good to hear some live music and this really young band were inspirational and it would be a waste if they didn't record these arrangements. Anthony London
  8. Well I have difficulties remembering who I saw at Ronnie Scott’s in the 80s when I was a regular visitor so I understand you not recalling something from the 60s.
  9. Ashamed to say I don’t know the Morrissey track but will now hunt it down, sounds interesting. Hi Bill, where did you see the ‘other Benny Goodman’?
  10. Some interesting background on Discovery records from the very learned James Harrod. I suspect he may also have covered the Discovery/ Trend crossover but I can’t locate that at present. Anthony London
  11. Simon has been excelling himself in the past year or so on his blog, eg his recent piece on the Southend Benny Goodman A lot of Tubby on the blog but Simon has also been covering some of the more obscure highways and byways of the 50s and 60s UK jazz scene. Fascinating stuff, I love it. Anthony London
  12. I didn’t know about the connection between the play (first performed in 1975) and Harriott until I heard that the director mentioned this in an interview on 6music. Facey has a fiery tone so would be well suited to Harriott’s music I think. Anthony
  13. I am not going to see Tomorrow's Warriors/ Nu Civilisation Orchestra at Kings Place London tonight as it has been cancelled today due to one of the band testing positive for COVID. To be rescheduled according to the box office. This was due to be a tribute to Joe Harriott, so this brings to a sorry end my Joe Harriott weekend - the play we were due to see yesterday at the Hampstead Theatre, the Death of a Black Man, supposedly based on Joe Harriott, was also cancelled, due to the injury of a cast member. These were our first two post-lockdown cultural events. Under Milk Wood (the play not the Tracey music) in a fortnight's time, fingers crossed. Anthony London
  14. Bought from Sound Records Stroud at the weekend. Recommend the shop, interesting jazz selection.
  15. Arv Garrison

    Wow, that is incredible Jim. I will order a copy. Hope the Jazz West Coast list is surviving. I miss all the cranky old sods! best wishes Anthony London