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  1. My Dad was a bit of a bopper in Manchester in 50s, assembled a great collection, lot of bop 78s (mainly Esquire, Parker, Getz, Gillespie, Ronnie Scott which still sound incredible) and some early Blue Notes and Riversides. I was fascinated by Monk in Action, brilliant cover, with the posters in the background of the 5 Spot, beat poet readings. He’s 89 this year and still whistling along to his favourite jazz records. Anthony London
  2. Arv Garrison

    Such a sad story but thank you for posting that Jim. I often wondered what had happened to Arv.
  3. Your audio equipment?

    Rega Planar 25 dynavector 10x cartridge Trichord Dino+ phono stage Sugden A21a amp (to help keep the loft room warm) Spendor SP 2/3 speakers Other than the cartridge, I haven’t felt the need to tinker with this set up for 10 years or more. Anthony London
  4. Jimmy Smith plays Fats Waller. 60s Mono, Vangelder stamp. Bought on Saturday from Sound records Stroud, Glos. Recommend the shop. Great sounding slab of vinyl. Anthony London
  5. Wow, that’s grim. All the joy of Tubby Hayes’ music, reduced to a lot of effing and jeffing.
  6. Pacific Jazz Labelography Update

    James, I do hope that the book comes to fruition, I have always admired and looked forward to your research on the West Coast scene and would love to see a publication in your name. best wishes Anthony London
  7. Jackie McLean: Swing, Swang, Swingin'

    Saw him at the Iridium in the 90s, sounded on good form, nice and sharp! & with Rene McLean. As an aside, this has always intrigued me, did Jackie really father Rene at 15 years old? anthony london
  8. Anyone seen the article about Nubya Garcia in the NYT? Quite something for a young UK jazzer to feature in the US press. Though she is incredibly talented.
  9. RIP Peter King

    I haven’t read his autobiography yet but was intrigued by a gig at Battersea Arts Centre in mid 80s (with an amazingly aggressive Bryan Spring on drums) where Peter was wearing a huge wooden cross round his neck. anthony
  10. R.I.P. Annie Ross

    She used to have a Council flat in Camden where she used to spend part of the year. Overlooking the railway line out of Euston, Anthony
  11. RIP Peter King

    RIP. Saw him a lot, especially in mid 80s when he was in amazing form, me and friend became slightly obsessed with him and used to follow him around south London. A lot of gigs where a pint glass was passed round for contributions. One memorable gig at the Bulls Head in the 80s involved interruptions by a crazy old bearded guy with a clarinet who kept leaping on stage and squealing, humoured by Peter. Turned out to be Tony Scott. Last saw Peter at Map Cafe locally a few years ago, acoustic, small room, I said hello but he seemed quite ill, still sounded as bright and alive as ever. Anthony
  12. Warne Marsh book Out of Nowhere

    I found ‘out of nowhere’ a bit of a slog whereas an ‘an unsung cat’ was a breeze. Anthony
  13. New Charles Tolliver

    Received my copy today, not yet spun on the turntable. Anthony
  14. What Are You Watching

    Friday night dinner, ch 4 UK, on catch up. Anthony
  15. Doug & Jean Carn - Spirit Of The New Land

    Same here! That was a great concert! Cowell was impressive. Was it Gilles Peterson who organised it? Anthony