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  1. Alfred Apaka

    How quaint.
  2. Tristano school stuff

    Thanks. Interesting. I thought he was only doing that odd chewing thing in the 50s. Not aware of any other sax player with this embouchure. Anthony London
  3. Grachan Moncur III Has Died - RIP

    RIP. Saw him at the Cooler in New York in the mid 90s, with David Murray, Reggie Workman, Rashied Ali and Amira Baraka. A tribute to Coltrane. A memorable concert but Moncur looked badly out of practice, and took few solos. I wondered what had gone wrong, looked like he was coming back after a long lay off. That said, a great legacy. Anthony London
  4. Tristano school stuff

    On the subject of the Tristano school, can anyone explain Warne Marsh’s bubblegum embouchure in the 50s? So weird, I would love to emulate it, if someone could explain the theory and practice??
  5. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Excellent. I think that is some of the best Warne on record, especially his solo on Sweet Georgia Brown. Anthony London
  6. Late period Bud Shank

    ‘Silver storm’ is a v typical late period Shank record. Fast, pretty harsh-toned bebop. I am a big fan of Bud Shank and prefer his early style. I also think there is a mid-period Shank, in between the two styles, such as his brilliant contribution to the Thomas Crown affair soundtrack in 1968:
  7. That Distinctive Brasil '66 Drum Hit

    A distinctive Brazilian drumbeat. How quaint.
  8. Thank you very much!
  9. New Charles Tolliver

    Received my copy today, not yet spun on the turntable. Anthony
  10. windmill tilter!

    Interesting news, not familiar with Namislowski’s ‘Lola’, what is that?
  11. Gabor Szabo

    The article has now been tweeted:
  12. Lennie Tristano - The Duo Sessions