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  1. 2006 Concord/Fantasy releases

    Fantasy was doing some really nice box sets (Miles 1st Quintet, the three Trane boxes, Evans VV, Stitt, etc.) when they sold to Concord. Was sorry to see those stop. They did manage to get vast majority of their most desirable catalog titles out on CD.
  2. Harvey Mandel, too. Title track of his first album. And on Charlie Musselwhite's first album.
  3. the 69th Street Terminal (jazz quartet style)

    HI Brian, welcome. You a Philly guy? 69th Street Terminal is, of course, one of the big transportation hubs between Philly and the suburbs.
  4. JuJu Live at 131 Prince Street

    For those who dig this sort of thing (like me), this is now newly available on CD and LP. Just ordered CD from Amazon, arrives tomorrow.
  5. It's my understanding that Universal does own Polygram. So there's a big 3, it seems, Universal, BMG, and Warner, correct?
  6. Can't wait to see "Tyrone Washington Plays for Lovers".
  7. He had not just one, but two creepy "hits" on the topic. Yuck.
  8. BFT 207 - Link & Discussion

    No surprise there. Between him and Sangrey, not much gets by.
  9. BFT 207 - Link & Discussion

    1 - I like the tone of the tenor player. Rhythm section too static for my tastes. 2 - Good,fleet pianist, tight rhythm section. 3 - No thanks. 4 - Alto player owes it all to Ornette, may be him. Drummer annoys me. 5 - Tenor player owes it all to Ben Webster. 6 - So, how deep is the ocean, anyways? Really good tenor player. 7 - Interesting, pretty soulful. Cut off part way through? 8 - Like the trumpet, hate the guitar, mixed feelings on the cut. Dave Douglas? 9 - My favorite cut so far, and the first one I want to be sure to own. 10 - Way too authentic for my tastes. 11 - Owes it all to Coleman Hawkins. 12 - Before my eras of primary interest, but fun to hear. 13 - Very moving performance, second one I want to be sure to own. 14 - Very strong trumpet who sounds like Freddie Hubbard. Good composition. Keeper #3. 15 - I should probably like this more than I do. Good players, but feels sloppy/lazy. Thanks for the BFT, well done. Quite the variety! Definitely look forward to ID's of 9,13,14. 44 posts in a little over 24 hours? A success!
  10. Thad Jones & Mel Lewis Big Band

    My bad, LOL!
  11. I agree with your concluding take on human nature, which deeply informs my faith, and I'm fine with "troubled youth" being the operative term for her. But what you call "taking sides" is to me an assignment of relative, not absolute, culpability (they both have it in absolute terms, there's no "good guy" here per se), but while they both bear blame, it is not equal blame, or anything close to it, in my eyes. I probably have a different line of sight on this than almost anyone else here, and don't really expect many here to understand mine (getting to the truth of abuse is in many ways painfully counterintuitive based on the surface appearance), though some others arrive at the same conclusions as me (and others don't). But certainly a meaningful discussion going on here about this, and I'm thankful for that.
  12. Name Three People...

    Richard Burton Elizabeth Taylor Cleopatra
  13. Studies bear out that in these situations women are telling the truth around 95% of the time and are much more likely to understate rather than overstate the issues. The cost of speaking out (as shown by the retaliatory lawsuit here) is often tremendous. My wife has worked extensively with victims (and I have some, and have presented a talk on the subject) and experience bears out the studies. She was a 17 year old kid. He was an empowered 52 year old (apparently married btw)man. She didn't "offer", he demanded. She made poor choices. As stated, she needs help, but he's despicable. I've never been a fan of him or the whole M-base thing, so don't feel the sense of loss some others here do.
  14. Thad Jones & Mel Lewis Big Band

    And sister Dee Dee is a great vocalist.
  15. PM sent on CDP 7243 8 29905 2 9 Reuben Wilson Love Bug (Rare Groove Series) $3
  16. Roach/Harper/Bridgewater/Workman

    Me too, triple bill at Keystone Korner with Dexter Gordon Quintet (back from Europe) and Bobby Hutcherson Quintet. My best jazz night ever! Original booking was Roach and Hutcherson, which would have been great as it was, then Gordon was added late as an extra (used Eddie Henderson and Hutcherson's rhythm section as his group). Will never forget it. Reggie Workman was on fire. ca. Dec. 76 - Jan 77 I believe.
  17. Charles Lloyd Columbia 45 (Beatles Cover)

    Did any of those "Mosaic Singles" reissues contain any bonus cuts? Don't think any of the ones I picked up do.
  18. Billy Harper Quintet - Antibes 1975

    Cry of Harper Hunger.
  19. Name Three People...

    Eddie Levert Teddy Pendergrass Sheila Ferguson
  20. Here is what David Weiss wrote about the sound on a December 21 post in this thread: "I thought the sound on the 3 CD set was good but I always disagreed with Belden about the sound. He favored a more clean, treble heavy sound and I liked a little more warmth and body. It was his baby. This is just a personal opinion but I think the sound on this upcoming set is much better. I believe the vinyl was done by RTI."
  21. Sonny Simmons: Rumasuma

    Have long wished for that to show up on CD. That and 'Home' by Garty Bartz were the two I was most disappointed Fantasy missed in their massive CD reissue campaign in the 80's/90's.