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  1. BFT 199 - Reveal!

    I saw him once in the 80's as a favor, and also was shocked how unexpectedly exceptional his guitar playing was.
  2. Sign Up For a Blindfold Test in 2021!

    I'm willing to do my usual December, though if you have new people, give them first priority.
  3. BFT200

    It's from this. I recognized Bang, who is a favorite of mine.
  4. He did many good albums during the decade. 'Streams' and 'Sizzle' are favorites of mine.
  5. Love the Dyani. Hard to choose just one Rivers but that is a good one.
  6. BFT200

    1 “Freedom Jazz Dance” or a variant thereof, by a trombone ensemble. Too much ‘bone for my tastes, but I do dig the pianist and drummer a lot, especially the drummer. 2 Nicely done. Jackie McLean on alto? 50’s? Not knocked out by the tenor player, more impressed by the bari player. Pepper Adams? One of those Gene Ammons All-Stars outings? 3 To me more new age than jazz. Great background music, but not something that keeps me actively engaged. 4 I believe I have this on the shelves, or at least some version of it with this tenor player, just need to think of what it is. Good stuff for sure, though the reggae bass/drums approach isn’t really doing it for me. No doubt one of the usual suspects will ID it. 5 Pleasant. Art Farmerish type of vibe. 6 “Send in the Clowns”. Not a favorite of mine. It’s from this album This tenor player was so talented, but did so many types of things that annoyed me when he was leading sessions. He is what track selection buttons are for! 7 The bassists set themselves free, bossa nova style, I guess. Doesn’t really translate that well as a full listening experience for me, though I like the one bass player (the one who solos first) plenty well. 8 Now we’re talking! Right up my alley, every single instrument. Not sure who it is, but I want to know, and I hope I own this (if not, will try to take care of that oversight right away). The bass player has listened to Charlie Haden’s work with Ornette, and the drummer is well familiar with Billy Higgins! 9 “Body and Soul”. Like the tenor player a lot (very Dexterish), but the trumpet doesn’t do it for me. Sounds like a player very advanced in years. 10 Very Oriental. Out of range for me. 11 I like this plenty. Billy Bang with Frank Lowe? Pianist steals the show for me. Thanks for an invigorating BFT, kept me well-musiced while I did my bills! Greatly look forward to some of the discussion and reveals, especially #8!
  7. BFT 199 - Reveal!

    my response to #12 now makes a lot of sense to me. I really like Walrath, I really don't like Scofield, and McNeeley isn't really an organ player. Juxtoposition of #4 and #5 is interesting (jazz guitarist with country rhythm section, "country" guitar player with jazz rhythm section). And I have that Garland album (as well as the Parker, Towner, Griffin, and Miles). Not familiar with that Curson, need to look it up. And must have the Brackeen! Thanks for stimulating BFT!
  8. I think for me it was a $1 (the whole store was $1 cutout LP's) Cobblestone LP of Jimmy Heath's "The Gap Sealer". That one opened up new worlds for me.
  9. Go to his website and run through the links for each month. Much quicker than going back through these posts. I'm also not a big fan of piano/sax duets, own very few that are standalone (have some in collections).
  10. There was no internet and no Ruppli discography, so the prime sources of discovering what was in the BN catalog were old Schwann catalogs and the inner sleeves for other old BN albums, which were used to advertise other albums. So you could be at Woolworth's or something in the dollar bin, and find a BN album that not only did you not own, but that you didn't even know existed. Blue Note inner sleeves
  11. CharlesTolliver - The Ringer

    My very favorite Tolliver album. Awesome. 1201 is fine, though absolutely no frills. The album was originally on Freedom records, so any other label is a lease (at best). I first owned it as a reissue on the Arista-Freedom label in the mid-70's, then got the Black Lion CD in the early 90's.
  12. And I probably have about 20 total from 1920-1945!
  13. Awesome! And the early stuff, lovingly and expertly revisited here, was THE Pink Floyd era for me, not the later mega-hits (I like those OK, though).
  14. CD's , so not as big as it looks. Nice set.
  15. That's a GREAT sentence.
  16. My "record stores" - importcds.com - ebay.com - amazon.com - organissimo.org
  17. 139 for me, almost all on CD. But of course, my collection is heavily weighted to the 50's, 60's, and 70's. Do this for the last 40 years, or for the 20's-40's, and my #'s would be much less.
  18. BFT 199 - Link & Discussion

    I need to look for that CD!