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  1. Is Jimmy Cobb still active?

    Very much alive and played Los Angeles this summer. A friend of mine hung out with him two nights in a row after the gig and said he was in a story-telling mood and a very, very cool cat... Evidently, Mr. Cobb is also rather fond of In 'n' Out burgers....
  2. Goddard's "Alphaville"

    I agree with Brownie. ALPHAVILLE is interesting and a bit of an anomaly in Godard's filmography. I'd go with CONTEMPT and PIERROT LE FOU first.
  3. Elmer Bernstein dies

    Man, Jerry Goldsmith and now Elmer Bernstein within weeks of each other. The motion picture industry has lost two of its greatest composers. I thought Bernstein deserved to win another Oscar for his score from FAR FROM HEAVEN. Although it's almost impossible to pick a favorite score of his, I'd have to select TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD which has one of the most beautiful and haunting main themes in cinema history. He will be missed.
  4. Lou Donaldson/Dr. Lonnie Smith,5389727.story
  5. Lou Donaldson/Dr. Lonnie Smith

    I caught the first set at the Showcase on the 11th and it was pretty much as described above. The only difference was when they wandered in before the set, Lonnie Smith popped open the cabinet of the organ and started tinkering with it using a Swiss Army knife. Lou wandered by and said "Don't monkey with that thing too much. We don't want blue flames shooting out of it!" On the whole, it was a very entertaining show. Glad I saw it. There was a nice review in the Chicago Tribune on the 13th and it ran with a big photo of Lou and Smith.
  6. Happy Birthday SHAWN!

    To another one of my first internet pals... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SHAWN!!!
  7. Ray Charles Movie

    Word on the street in Hollywood is that the movie is great and Foxx will get an Oscar nomination. There's always a chance that's just a lot of industry hype, but the trailer looked pretty damn good to me....
  8. Happy Birthday Lon!!!!!!

    Lon, I can only echo the sentiments of Dan and Dr. J.. You are one of the first friends I made on the jazz boards and it's amazing to think of how far back we actually go! Your knowledge, insight, and extreme generosity continue to impress. Here's hoping your week improves and that you'll have some fun this weekend... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!
  9. The Connection - now on DVD

    I agree. SHADOWS still holds up. It's coming out on dvd via Criterion in September. Read about it here.
  10. Jerry Goldsmith

  11. Six Feet Under (SPOILERS)

    You mean "David's Big Adventure?" ugh. Frankly, I think most of the season has been off. Glad Ali G is back!

    I have had perfect vision my entire life until very recently (I'm 42). In the past year or so I've noticed the street signs getting more and more blurry--especially at night. It was never that big a problem as I usually know where I'm going and/or I could figure out what the sign said by guessing. Anything backlit--like advertising signs at the airport--were very blurry. Seeing the score of a basketball game on television was getting pretty iffy. I was more or less ignoring the problem until I had to go to Montreal for work. Not only was I unfamiliar with the city, but the street signs were all in French and I could no longer guess what they said! I finally broke down and went to the eye doctor. Guess I'm near-sighted, which is weird because I read A LOT for work and I still can see fine up-close. Everyone else I know my age who had to get glasses had to get reading glasses. I've got the opposite problem. Although I really only need them to drive, I pretty much wear my glasses all the time now. I've got the rimless kind too, Chuck, now I'm worried they'll start cracking like yours have!
  13. bassoon jazz

    Jacquet also plays bassoon on "Caravan" from his album THE KING.

    Sums up my feelings entirely.

    For EVERY performance? There are crowd shots during the day and at night. In the Anita O'Day sequence you can see the audience and O'Day in the same shot often.