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  1. Aw, shucks! You remembered - thank you. I haven't been here for even longer than I thought - sort of lost the habit of forums mostly. Still doing the odd thing on the Ronnie Ross project but little left to do. I will have a cruise round the old place now I'm here. Best wishes to all, Tel Aviv and everywhere else. Rodney
  2. Hope I'm not too late for a download.
  3. Wow, am I embarrassed! I forgot all about Organissimo once again and once again it is ubu who reminded me. I'm even later than I would have been but for a computer breakdown. I've shot off in other directions these days so that writing this is quite nostalgic. Many thanks for all the good wishes, which have made me firmly resolve to visit more often and even try to comment perhaps. Very little doing on the Ronnie Ross side these days, ubu - it's gone about as far as it can I think. I hope the website will remain for a while - www.ronnieross.com.
  4. "No Blues" - yes! By Miles Davis. I've only got one version, by Horace Parlan, not Miles, but I knew I'd heard it before. Thank you all. That concludes matters here but I'm sure you'll all be welcome at the Ronnie Ross Music blog anyway - http://ronnierossmusic.blogspot.com/
  5. Since its 100 kb per upload, how about making several 100 kb uploads, in order? I agree it sounds like pfrancing but not quite. You mean to give more of the tune to sample, Dan? Better than that, you can go to http://ronnierossmusic.blogspot.com/ and download the whole of the track, or the album if you wish - it's the Naaldwijk one, at the top so far. There is a choice of FLAC or MP3 too. This is from an email from the the local who so kindly supplied the music:- "Ronnie played his first concert here in the 'Winkeltje' café in the village of Naaldwijk . He was resplendent in a kind of white boiler suit with broad patent leather harness. I attach a photo taken at that concert." The photo has been used for the cover although unfortunately the patent leather harness cannot be clearly seen.
  6. Thanks, John. I'm hoping your comment will inspire someone. I just played a version of Blues March by Sonny Stitt through but couldn't find anything like a "riff" - just two sixteen bars sections for the melody. It does sound completely different to the tune I'm having trouble with. My familiarity with Ray Charles output is minimal, I'm afraid.
  7. The Benny Golson tune? No, 'fraid not. Thanks for trying though, and to all the others who have listened so far.
  8. Here is a slightly longer sample but at lower bit rate to fit. nk_blues.mp3
  9. I am keen to know the title of a blues tune played by Ronnie Ross in Holland a few years back. I'm sure I've heard it before but can't place the title. Can anyone help? Very small sample attached I hope - just seeing if I can get it to workUnknown_blues_sample.mp3.
  10. Thanks, sw - nice to be back although difficult to re-awaken the posting habit. There might be something by Ronnie Ross for download that you would find of interest at http://ronnierossmusic.blogspot.com/
  11. Thank you all so much. I'm an infrequent visitor here these days I'm afraid but luckily king ubu reminded me. All the very best to everyone.
  12. Thanks, Flurin, and especially for reminding me. At three score and ten now I'm getting forgetful! Ronnie Ross activities now at an end but it was fun and I hope he will continue to receive a hearing.
  13. I will be glad to try to join in the fun, Steven - thanks for the invite.
  14. tooter

    Ronnie Ross

    I am still just ticking over on the Ronnie Ross website (www.ronnieross.com). We have now acquired some new pictures and I put them up onto the website a few minutes ago. They can be seen at entry 57/6 in the discography - two covers of "Cleo's Choice", an album on which Ronnie played alto and clarinet rather than baritone. The images have been improved with the help of Couw and Jazzman4133 - thanks to both. I have now got a picture of sorts for all the discography entries for which covers are applicable, so the long search is over unless better versions surface. In one case - Tony Crombie - I have to be satisfied with an image of the EP disc as no cover has ever surfaced for the album. Having been in hibernation for a while, it would be nice to hear from anyone who has more information about Ronnie Ross or would like to discuss his music. I am in touch with Alun Morgan and he supplied some words about Ronnie which are displayed on the website, along with contributions from Allan Ganley, Don Rendell and others - musicians, friends and students.
  15. Not criticizing, just trying not to say NMCOT. We can't all like everything can we? The trouble is what comes later. Perhaps I should just shut up and read others' more informed comments - and learn.
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