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  1. lolz, which GG is that? Sorry chewy, can't recall this offhand. If I come across it I'll let you know. Most likely one of the quartets with Sonny Clarke. It's on God Bless The Child from the Sunday Mornin' album (the bottle is knocked over at 5:33). Not familiar with that one, but on George Russell's RCA, the alternate take of Ballad Of Hix Blewitt has a siren in the background.
  2. Leigh Travis

    On the back of Billy Wallace's Gig record (GLP 101) there is a notice for another Gig record (GLP 102) by an artist named Leigh Travis. The record is called, Time Out For Travis. Does anyone have any information about this presumably Chicago-based female musician ? Additionally, since the Bruyninckx and Lord discographies have no entry for her, does anyone know whether Time Out For Travis was ever actually issued ?
  3. The real session leader's name isn't on the spine

    Here's one that belongs in this thread. Nominally a Specs Powell album on Strand, the music is actually from a Kurt Edelhagen big band session done for German Polydor. Powell doesn't play on the date, so how his name came to be on the cover is something of a mystery.
  4. The Google approach is far too inefficient for the more common search terms. The full value of the forum archive can only be realized with a functioning internal search feature.
  5. Using the regular search box only brings up threads with activity in the last year, necessitating the use of the advanced search page in order to search the full archive. Frustratingly, the search by date function on the advanced search page is not returning threads with activity within the date range specified, or even displaying results in chronological order.
  6. BFT 87 Discussion

    Couple more I.D.'s... Track 5 = Richard Twardzik's Albuquerque Social Swim from this album : Track 10 is Wayne Shorter's Armageddon from this album :
  7. BFT 87 Discussion

    No, it's Up In Quincy's Room from this album :
  8. This cover, designed by Fran Scott (wife of Tony Scott), has always struck me as a little odd; makes Taylor seem like he has a peg leg !
  9. Musicians who recorded several albums

    Lennie McBrowne: - Pacific Jazz - Riverside
  10. While better known as an album cover model, Sandy Warner (and a chair) also graced the cover of her own vocal debut... More info about Ms. Warner HERE
  11. Musicians who recorded several albums

    Charles Bell: - Columbia - Atlantic - Gateway
  12. Musicians who recorded several albums

    Billy Wallace: - Gig - MDM - Interplay
  13. Musician Mix-ups

    Art Mardigan and Joe Mondragon