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  1. Not mine, just a PSA.
  2. Miles Davis on American Masters.

    It's broadcast tv: of course they censored it.
  3. Really old cans of soup

    Leave it out for the possums. They'll enjoy it.
  4. The real prize in that Crackerjack box is the Shine So Hard EP.
  5. Benny Goodman with Charlie Christian

    Record label pay monies not legally owed? Yeah, that's likely.
  6. Miles Davis on American Masters.

    Or watch online. It's hard to believe they're just now getting around to Miles. They've done some pretty obscure "masters" in the past.
  7. Benny Goodman with Charlie Christian

    I think all the recordings were made under Goodman's name, so would it matter? CC was just a sideman.
  8. Tower Records

    Documentary about Tower Records made a few years ago:
  9. Tower Records

    IIRC the first jazz discs I purchased were at Tower La Jolla: Kind of Blue and Time Out, followed by Bill Evans live at the Village Vanguard. I used to visit Tower at least once a month to see what was on the listening stations. One day sometime in the early 2000s I was in Tower when I overheard two guys talking about downloading music. "I'm never gonna pay for music again," said one of them. It wasn't long after that Tower closed.
  10. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    How about that cover? Was he happy with that cover?
  11. Benny Goodman with Charlie Christian

    Me, but fuck Facebook.
  12. Black Grape "It's Great When You're Straight...Yeah"
  13. What's Bobby doing there, dodging bullets in the Matrix?
  14. The first 3 volumes are recommended; the last 3 are def only for those with an overwhelming love for this music.
  15. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    This looks like fun: