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  1. I'm pretty happy to see Black Unity reissued too and there are a few other titles I'd like. The selection seems a lot less conservative than the Acoustic Sounds series (Ella and Louis, Bill Evans, Oscar Peterson etc). Just hoping that by the time they're imported to the UK they're not the now seemingly standard £30+
  2. Possibly more of interest to British members but the (UK) National Jazz Archive has a bunch of British journals digitised. https://nationaljazzarchive.org.uk/explore/journals?
  3. Art Ensemble - Odwalla? Donald Byrd - Jamie (from Ethiopian Knights) ..?
  4. I'm guessing the musicians will get copies so there's a good chance it will turn up on the merch table at a gig sometime soon...
  5. Maybe not quite the same thing but I struggle to get rid of duplicates of the same title if I have, say, a scruffy original pressing and a tidy Japanese reissue. I try and justify it to myself if one if stereo and one is mono but the truth is I can't choose so just keep them both. I have three copies of the New Thing At Newport (plus the CD somewhere..) Stupid record fetishism but there are worse things to obsess over I guess.
  6. paulfromcamden

    Sam Noto

    Act One is a great record. I should track down some more of his records as leader. Good thing Xanadu LPs can still be had for beer money
  7. Happily I've experienced this too - especially when VG grade records turn out to just be dirty and sound great after a clean! Most Discogs sellers will try to put things right in my experience. More annoying is buying a used record in person that looks in good order then getting it home and discovering someone's been playing it with a rusty nail... thankfully they're generally pulls from the £2 boxes so I'm happy to just chalk them up as 'misses. All good fun!
  8. Surely the only 60s Prestige title to include a track for prepared piano...
  9. I think there's a lot of truth in this. But it also doesn't help that a lot of these releases are hyped as being audio nirvana and come with a hefty price tag to match. You can't really blame folk for expecting a properly manufactured LP when they're being charged £35. I've not had too many problems. My BN Classics Idle Moments arrived scuffed and has surface noise. It's not super intrusive so didn't bother to return it. I have so many beat up old 50s/60s pressings that I have a reasonably high tolerance for surface noise and clicks anyhow
  10. My simple set up: Numark Pro TT-2 turntable with Shure M55E Sony CDP-XB930 CD player Croft Phono Integrated amp Altec 9842 speakers I need to sort out a better turntable at some point but I quite like sound it makes and it's nice to be able play 78s. Headphone amp on the way so I can listen to skronky free improv without worrying about a divorce.
  11. I'm sure we've all met these people but in my experience it's far more common for people interested in audio equipment to also be very interested in music. P.S. Absolutely in awe of Charlieboy's collection. Sure you can only listen to one set of gear at a time but if you have the space and the cash why not enjoy? Do I really need a dozen Monk live albums? Probably not. Who cares.
  12. I think you're right. Luckily I get the same thrill from seeing what I can snag for a couple of quid. While everyone else at the record fair is looking at the trophy records on the wall I'm afraid I head straight for the box under the table...
  13. Nuts. DMMs used to be a tenner a pop (because, we were told, they all sound terrible. hmm.) now seem to be £20+ I guess Search For The New Land is a less common title (at least it is over here) ...but $75?!
  14. No not exactly lost - and as as pointed out in a previous thread, already available as a bootleg. Great that it's getting a proper release though, presumably in higher fidelity.
  15. Why is it only Jimmy Rowles that has legs? How will the other pianists operate the pedals?
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