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  1. Heath Brothers-Live at the Public Theater. Marvelous album and I was fortunate to meet a mastering engineer who digitized it for me.
  2. I met Bertrand years ago but I doubt he remembers. I've met David Weiss at a Cookers show and we've exchanged a few emails.
  3. Same thing. I got a badge for being a member for one year but joined many years ago.
  4. Mine arrived yesterday. Always fun to decide what disc to play first.
  5. Heard her on Sirius. Quite a voice. Let us know how the performance was.
  6. Cookers here 10/14. Hope to get to the show as it's always a wonderful musical experience. Sorry to read about GC, he has dealt with serious health issues in the past few years.
  7. Add the wonderful Relentless with Danny Gatton.
  8. Damn. Saw him several times with different bands. Way too young RIP
  9. Thanks for this. I attended the Heath show and some others but can't remember specifics. Is there anyway to get a copy of these recordings?
  10. Our nice carrier quit recently and mail delivery has suffered. Evidently, like many local businesses, USPS is desperate for staff.
  11. I found it 4 discs with excellent sound. Listening to the big band disc now. The Golden Years.
  12. There's a three 3 cd set of Basie's later career on Pablo,small group, vocalists and big band. I'd recommend it. Not expensive
  13. My uncle and Ted Hughes got into lots of mischief at Cambridge, so my parents knew him and Sylvia Plath quite well. RPW was a good friend of my grandfather and I remember meeting him several times as a child. I read the Winslow-good but not as good as the narco trilogy which is top tier, IMO.
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