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  1. I have to agree he's the worst I've seen in such a position. He doesn't seem to know much about the music and doesn't write very well. Quite a double whammy for someone who writes for "the paper of record". I like what Doug Ramsey said on his site about it.
  2. Woody Woodpecker & Freddie Hubbard

    Actually Wayne quoted the laugh (except the last note goes up instead of down) in his tune Look at the Birdie (pun intended I think). Maybe they all watched cartoons on those Jazz Messenger tours.....
  3. Jazz Standard in NYC

    Jazz Standard is fine, just slow with their listings I guess. Up/Over is gone I'm sorry to say, I thought it was a nice place and saw some great music there but there was rarely a crowd.
  4. Will Ferrell Corner

    not much of a Ferrell fan but i saw Elf last night on cable and have to admit i liked him in this.
  5. Purchasing a bootleg recording, a tacit approval of such practices (which is OK in the privacy of your own home at best) and telling others about it in print so they will seek it out is not to cool to me. No matter how you put it, artists suffer from these practices and a jazz journalist has no right to encourage this stuff in print.
  6. WTF? This chump is BUYING this stuff? That's wrong is SO many ways... ← OK, I saw this on ebay a few months ago for $10 and mentioned it here. A guy like Davis is probably a bit isolated from most fans (why else would he seem so generally clueless to the scene in general) and musicians so I guess he didn't know about this and since he's so well paid (according to clem at least) and didn't know he had options, it probably seemed like very little to pay for an important slice of jazz history. That he wrote about it in the Voice and in an article solely devoted to it seems a bit idiotic though on many levels.
  7. Finally, a WOODY SHAW thread...

    I think Rosewood is a great record, you should check it out.
  8. Percy Heath R.I.P.

    I'm sorry to say he passed away this morning
  9. NYC hotels

    If you are driving, stay in Queens or New Jersey. If in the city, try On the Avenue on the Upper West side, it's usually a little more reasonable than most

    Roker is still with us....
  11. VSOP Quintet albums

    Circe is Atlantis and Skagly and Mutant on the Beach were both recorded later by the composers on their own albums. Of all the VSOP albums I like this one the least, the live stuff is much better.
  12. NBA 2004-2005

    Pistons kicked ass tonight and Hamilton is back, it's just one game but I guess he's their MVP
  13. PM Records...

    Look, the guy just mentioned that $20 seemed a little high for a CD and on that I agreed. We are not takng into account original costs or anything like that just how much does it cost to re-issue the CD and do a minimal run (1,000 copies). If he is burning copies on demand than $20 is still high. OK, now to address Mr. Nessa. Artwork cost-none, artwork already exists Film/transfer cost- minimal, do a high resolution scan of the cover if you don't have the original films, I've been told it's better to scan at this point anyway. Total cost $500-1000 to get the whole CD booklet designed including scanning, proofs, transfers etc, etc. proof cost-see above printing cost (how many do you print at what unit cost?)- included with the CD run probably a little over $1 a CD if you run 1,000 ship printing to pressing plant cost- minimal like $10 remixing/editing cost- probably no re-mixing done remix/editing proof- what a CDR please beside no re-mixing probably anyway mastering cost- these days it can be $300 to $3,000 but lets say he cares a little bit $1,000 mastering proof- included in cost above again a CDR shipping master to pp cost- shipping master, a CD wow maybe another $10 pressing cost- as above jewel box/assembly/wrap cost- as above shipping to your warehouse cost- OK shipping 1,000 CD surface insured, not that much, less than $100 publishing royalty cost- depends on the deal artist royalty cost- depends on the deal but only after expenses are recouped. 1,000 copies at $20 a pop if somehow he sells out $20,000. Expenses $5,000 maybe. I think he's going to be OK. I know it's not a easy business Mr. Nessa and mostly a labour of love but sometimes, please, give me a break.
  14. PM Records...

    Please 'splain this to me. Do you know the costs? Can you write a budget that makes the discs cheaper? I want to know. $20 a copy to re-issue a CD of material you own? What costs are you talking about re-mastering? New artwork? Pressing 1,000 copies. So $3,000-$4,000. Please, give me a break.