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  1. How do you pronounce.........

    ....Gil Melle'?
  2. Goofy topic but who on this board had you actually met face to face....I have met... Ghost of Miles (several times) Rachel Jazzmessenger Jazzshrink Sal (many times) ejp626 (several times) jazztropic Chuck Nessa Larry Kart Cannonball Addict Uncle Skid.... I think that's it! Mark
  3. I think I noticed that today is the birthday of Ghost of Miles....Happy Birthday David!!!
  4. Hey everyone, I'm looking for the cd of The Legends of Acid Jazz ~ Charles Kynard at a reasonable cost. Not looking to pay an arm and a leg for it:-) Thanks in advance for anyone that may have an extra copy in their stash.
  5. I heard a tune called "Man from Monterey" from a cd called Dizzy Gillespie w/ Gil Fuller and the Monterey Jazz Festival Orchestra. I can't seem to locate this cd or even find any reference to it. I love the tune and would like to hear more; anyone know of it??? Thanks, Mark
  6. Oscar Valdambrini

    I came across a vintage photograph of Oscar Valdambrini with Lee Konitz (from a friend). The photograph was taken November 11, 1962 in Italy and signed by the photographer (can't read the signature). I showed it to Lee at the Chicago jazz festival and he was very pleased to see it. I know nothing of Oscar....anyone know where I can see more photographs/bio? I'll try to scan the print in the next couple days to post here. Thanks! m~
  7. Barak, Happy Birthday, hope it's grand!!! Mark
  8. I don't really know much about Leloir but my friend Jim Neumann just sent me an early Christmas gift, a book that is called du Jazz plein les yeux. 97 pages of jazz images I've never seen before.....outstanding! Mark
  9. Hi all, I have about 30 or so Mosaic brochures? Anyone want them? You pay postage, I'll box them up and send them your way. Thanks, Mark~
  10. Jan Lundgren

    I am joining a friend and pianist Jan Lundgren for dinner in a couple nights and I know nothing about Jan except he is suppose to be a very good player. Who knows him and what is his playing like? Any suggestions on where to start on his music? Thanks! Mark
  11. Holy Crap - More Unreleased Wes Montgomery

    There is another Wes recording in the pipeline as well. Have been sworn to silence on it but look for it next year.
  12. Juma Santos???

    Juma Santos is a percussionist that played with James Carter in Chicago this past Sunday....anyone heard of him?? m~
  13. Russell Garcia?

    I just picked up a recording from Russell Garcia and was wondering why I've never heard about the guy. I know a fair amount about West Coast Jazz but nothing about him. Anyone know anything about him other than the paragraph on AMG? Any tips on his recording? I only have "Los Angeles River" on JazzCity. Thanks, m-
  14. have you ever seen CANDIDO in concert

    Yes, saw and photographed him a few years back in LA.
  15. I will be there for a few days but will hit some shows outside of VF as well. Looking forward to a few relaxing days in NYC (staying in Brooklyn) this time around. m~
  16. Hi folks, looking for the Richard David cd "Epistrophy...Now's the Time". At least I think it was released on cd? Anyone have one they can hook me up with, please shoot me a pm. Thanks, Mark~
  17. Brotherhood of Fred

    Anyone making the "Brotherhood of Fred" show this coming Wednesday @ the Jazz Showcase in Chicago? This is the second installment of this event to honor the late, great Fred Anderson. Featuring Kidd Jordan, Tatsu Aoki, Ernest Dawkins, Ed Wilkerson, Mwata Bowden and several others. If you like your music a little left of center, this is the place to be Wednesday night. I'll be up there at some point on Wednesday and will stay over until mid-day on Thursday. If anyone's in the area, stop in and say "hello"
  18. ....Richard Davis

    That was one helluva LP & one even more helluva CD. Thanks Jim, that's helps a lot;-)
  19. ....Richard Davis

    Thanks guys; I've seen a few on-line for far more $$ that any sane person would pay for them....I'll keep searching. Thanks!
  20. Terrell Stafford

    I'm going to photograph Terrell Stafford in the near future. Anyone seen him lately; what can I expect, as I've never seen him and don't have any of this work? Thanks, Mark
  21. Sonny Stitt

    Anyone pick up this one by Sonny? I grabbed it last week and like it a lot. Don Patterson on B3 !!!
  22. Chicago Jazz Fest

    Pretty good line up. I'll be in town by Wednesday 8/31 and will head for home or the final day of the Detroit Jazz Fest on Labor Day. Shoot me a pm if you're attending!
  23. Belgium???

    My better half is going to Belgium over New Years with a few friends. Just wanted to see if anyone on Organissimo currently lives there or has lived there.....looking for interesting things to do. Thanks, Mark~
  24. Belgium???

    ...where do you eat?
  25. American Jazz Sextet

    I will share the link with JJ's wife.