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  1. Man, that Mingus album kicks ass. Just superb stuff.
  2. Good to find another sojourner in Miles Davis Country What was it with Miles and the reverse language stuff: "Live-Evil," Selim Sivad," etc? Did Miles have an occult phase? I don't know about that, but the music is killer! Inspired by the Mingus thread, I'm putting on Charles Mingus' Mingus on Candid. Original mono copy.
  3. How many jazz cds do you own?

    I haven't counted, but I am reminded of what Senator Gramm of Texas once said about shotguns, that he owned "More than he needed but less than he wanted." Same applies to me with music, although much of my purchasing is in LP form.
  4. The NFL Season

    I'm still smartring from the Steelers performance yesterday. Looks like we're going to be breaking in our rookie QB earlier than we thought too. I think we're looking at a long, up and down year. At times they show the makings of a solid team. Then they fall flat.
  5. Mingus Atlantic Reissues

    Interesting thread. I haven't joined because all the mingus I have are later-pressing Lps of the Atlantic material, and I haven't compared them with other copies. I have never been impressed with Atlantic recordings from this period either (as someone above posted), particularly the stereo ones, so I haven't been too fussy about getting the originals. In fact, I haven't bothered really trying to get early Atlantics because my hopes are so low sound-wise. I bought a mono copy of Coltrane's "My Favorite Things," but found the sound still wasn't so hot, just didn't have the ultra separation the stereo does (still one of my favorite albums though). I do have an original mono copy of Mingus on Candid, and I've never been tempted to even try the CD. Glad to hear I don't have to! As soon as I'm done listening to Fred Anderson, I'm going to stick it on. Also, Porcy, I can't say enough about We Insist!. I have an original mono copy too and it is dynamite. Anthony Pearson had one on E-Bay during his latest sale, and I hope someone here got it.
  6. I'm not a cigar smoker, but one of my heroes was: Winston Churchill
  7. Losing track of what you've got

    Yep. Embarassed to say that I've had this happen too.
  8. Finished tonight with: Peter Kowald Quintet -- self-titled album FMP 0070 German free jazz. Interesting interplay on "Platte Talloere" on side one between what sound like small hand-held cymbols and the horn players. Very spacious recording also, with each instrument clearly defined and separated on the soundstage. Not for everyone, and not for all-the-time, but a nice interlude as I was relaxing this evening. Pharaoh Sanders Quintet -- another self-titled album, this one ESP 1003 from 1964. Tunes are "seven by seven" and "bethera."
  9. Doing my own Miles thing tonight too. Now it's Live Evil
  10. Miles Davis Jack Johnson
  11. Ring dem doorbells!

    My "All Time" favorite would be Milt Jackson, and I would put him as my favorite for the 50s, but for the 60s I voted for Hutcherson.
  12. Wish I could make it to this. Let us know how it is. I'm curious. I'd like to make it next time.
  13. Rhapsody Films

    I was at a showing of Straight, No Chaser last night at the American Film Institute here in DC, and Rhapsody Films had a table set up with a number of their DVDs. Their site is here. They had a lot of different artists available. Ornette Coleman, Bill Evans, Mingus, Elvin Jones and others. I picked up a double feature of a Sonny Rollins live performance from 1973 in the Netherlands that also has a Ben Webster documentary called Big Ben: Ben Webster In Europe. I haven't watched it yet, so I can't report on its quality.
  14. I haven't seen this disc, but Rhapsody Films has a number of interesting shows out on DVD. The site is here. I went to a showing of Straight, No Chaser last night at the American Film Institute and they had a whole table of their releases there, although they did not have this one. I bought a "double feature" that has a Sonny Rollins Lauren, Netherlands performance from 1973 and the Ben Webster documentary Big Ben: Ben Webster in Europe. I haven't watched it yet, so can't report on its quality.
  15. Jazz vinyl reissue/originals thread

    Way Out West is really good. I have a re-issue that is probably from the 70s I'd guess. Sounds good to me, although I've never heard an earlier LP so I can't compare. I've never felt any need to replace it. The dead wax has LKS33 D7 in handwriting on side one and LKS34 D4 in type on side two. Don't know what either signifies in terms of pressing, etc.
  16. Sea Urchin was my pick. Yuuuuk.
  17. Hey everybody!

    Welcome to the board. Most of the time everyone is pretty well behaved . Careful in the politics forum though...
  18. Stick Up is really first-rate. I have a re-issue copy on Applause that I picked up for $4 at Jerry's in Pittsburgh. Great place for finding cheap LPs.
  19. Lee Morgan Candy Classic Records mono re-issue. Put it on thanks to the E-Bay Craziness thread.
  20. Ebay craziness

    Boy, that's a ton. Makes me appreciate all the more my Classic Records mono re-issue, which sounds great. In fact, this is a good excuse to put it on.
  21. Bobby Womack is a bad mothe...

    Love Bobby Womack. "Across 110th Street" is a masterpiece.
  22. Bruyninckx A-Z completed

    This is the one I am seriously considering purchasing, so I look forward to your comments about it.
  23. Andy Warhol designed album covers

    Here's a page with some Warhol covers. As my avatar would suggest, I'm a Warhol fan.
  24. Chico Hamilton Quintet on Pacific Jazz PJ-1225 This is really beautiful music, with Frad Katz on cello and Paul Horn on alto, flute and clarinet. Great condition mono original that sounds really full and lush.
  25. Mosaic LP of the Benny Morton and Jimmy Hamilton Blue Note Swingtets