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  1. I checked the Pepper discography in "Straight Life,"and it has a diofferent date for the Omegatape sessions and some more titles. It lists the date as January 1958, The Art Pepper Quartet, with the same personnel of Carl Perkins (p), Ben Tucker (b) and Chuck Flores (d). Tunes: "Holiday Flight" (5:12) -- issued on Omegatape OMT 7020, Baccarola G80116ZT, Onyx ORI219 and Najda [J] PA-3140 "Too Close For Comfort" (6:13) -- same as above "Webb City" (4:34) -- Najda [J] PA-3141 "Webb City" (4:47) -- Same as "Holiday Flight" "Surf Ride" (4:45) -- same as "Holiday Flight" "Body and Soul" (4:23) -- same as "Holiday Flight" "Begin the Beguine" (6:26) -- Najda [J] PA-3141 "Begin the Beguine" (7:24) -- same as "Holiday Flight" "The Breeze and I" (3:34) -- Omegatape ST-2030, Overseas [J] ULS-1534-V, Onyx ORI 219, Najda [J] PA-3141 "Without a Song" (7:39) -- Same as "The Breeze and I" "Fascinatin' Rhythm" (4:23) -- Same as "The Breeze and I" "Fascinatin' Rhythm" (4:02) -- Najda [J] PA-3140 "Long Ago and Far Away" (4:09) -- Same as "The Breeze and I" "I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me" (5:38) -- Same as "The Breeze and I" "Summertime" (7:26) -- Unissued "Summertime" (6:34) -- Najda [J] PA-3140 "Blues Rock" (2:34) -- Unissued "Rock Blues" (2:38) -- Unissued
  2. I'm a big Art Pepper fan. What can you tell us about the performance and the recording you mentioned? From the liner notes on my Blue Note LP of Pepper's Omega Alpha, which was released in 1980: "For some reason known only to Imperial executives of the day, the performances were released by Omegatape, one of the earliest U.S. firms engaged in the manufacture of prerecorded 1/4-track stereo tapes (now called open-reel) for the serious audiophile. The recordings were not issued in disc form at the time and this, coupled with the relatively limited sales enjoyed by 1/4-track tapes, accounts for the extreme rarity of these vintage performances. Combining as they do all the material released on Omegatape OMT 7020 and ST 2030, the present volumes mark the first U.S. release of these recordings in their original stereo configuration. An additional bonus is the inclusion in the second set, Omega/Beta, of several alternate takes: Fascinatin' Rythm, Begin The Beguine and Webb City While Pepper retains only a faint recollection of the details of the recordings, the product of a single session held in Hollywood's Audio Arts studios, he has a vivid impression of the music made that day, and recalls the session as having come off very well, primarily because the supporting players -- pianist Carl Perkins, bassist Ben Tucker and drummer Chuck Flores -- had been working regularly as a group in various local clubs. The session proceeded with the swiftness and smoothness of a club date, he recalled, few tunes requiring more than a single take" Side One: Surf Ride Body and Soul Too Close For Comfort Side Two: Fascinatin' Rhythm Begin The Beguine Webb City April 1, 1957
  3. Sinatra Preference - Balladeer or Swinger

    I voted for The Swinging Frank, but geez what a tough choice. I really like the clapping analogy; I think it's right on the money.
  4. This is one of the reasons I've looked to fill in my Mosaic OOP sets with CD versions for the most part. I think their sound is generally very good and I can end up getting them for much less. Heresy in the vinyl thread I know, but...
  5. NCAA Football!

    Since I went to Ohio University I don't really have to worry about college football! Love the Steelers in the pros though.
  6. Great vinyl on eBay

    Wolff, I p[robably should have placed more emphasis on the "given E-Bay standards" part of my post . I've just come to expect grade inflation that I'm not as pissed about it as I used to be or should be.
  7. Great vinyl on eBay

    I've bought from Anthony in the past. He's a good guy and I think he has taken constructive criticism and improved the grading of his LPs (which was never all that bad given E-Bay standards). I've liked what I've gotten, and the one time I had a problem he was fantastic about dealing with it. He gets fabulous stuff and usually waits to have large auctions like this one.
  8. The NFL Season

    Ditto. Off to a crappy start in Pittsburgh. Steeler fan here, but with a prediction that we go 8-8. Our defensive backfield looked horrible on those TD passes. Geez. But we found a way to win when too often last year we found ways to lose. Plus, our offensive line was OK against an improved line for the Raiders. Neither team is going too far in my opinion. Our offense should end up being pretty good though. Whoever had Bettis on a fantasy team did well: 3 TDs -- and a total of ONE yard rushing (can't imagine many did though).
  9. Mary Lou Williams' Religious Music

    This is out on Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, 2004 release. Available at CD Universe. There is some bluesy gospel on this, as well as some more choral-oriented voicings from the Ray Charles singers. The majority of the disc is Williams with a trio (Percy Heath on bass and Tim kennedy on drums) and some Williams solos. Others here at Organissimo have highly recommended this one and I'll join them.
  10. Muse Records

    I'll second a recommendation on Fast Last. Good date, and I picked it up cheap at a used store.
  11. Lou Donaldson/Dr. Lonnie Smith

    I hope to make both the Vanguard set and the one in Maryland. Great to see Lou coming this way. 23rd is my Birthday, so maybe I can celebrate it at the vanguard!
  12. Roland Kirk rankings

    My favorite two have already been listed, and I really love them: We Free Kings and Volunteered Slavery.
  13. Interesting. I wonder when and where it is from. Disc 2 of the "Live Trane" CD box has a 1961 performance with Dolphy that clocks in at 11:17, but it has Workman on bass, not Garrison. I also have a 1962 version with Dolphy on disc 4 of a 5 CD box set issued by something called Rare Arts Reference Edition from Switzerland. Its an 11:03 minute version with Dolphy (on alto and flute) which has Garrison on bass and it says it is from a 1962 performance at Birdland. The boxed set is called "The Legendary Masters Unissued or Rare 1951-65. I've never seen it since I found it in a used CD store about 10 years ago. The stuff from the early 50s is total bootleg sound, but the live material from 61-65 has pretty good bootleg-type sound.
  14. While I may not buy the newest edition, I am glad I keep the old ones. Tonight I was looking to see if they reviewed Sun Ra's "The Solar-Myth Approach" and couldn't find it in the 6th or 5th, but was able to find it in their first edition.

    Absolutely. He was a highlight for me. Totally "on," and showing what a tremendous talent he was.
  16. Laura Branigan, R.I.P.

    I just saw this. Thanks for posting it Berigan. I wasn't a big fan or anything, but I remember "Gloria." Too bad and too young.
  17. How's the weather?

    DC's been HUUUUUMID, hot and rainy. Every year around this time I think "summers gotta be over" and every year I have to wait till at least October for good weather.
  18. New jazz releases on vinyl

    Thanks for the links to 88s. Cool site and looks like some good stuff. The Jones brothers one looks good.

    Just watched it tonight and loved it.
  20. Old 97s

    I have an otherwise musically trustworthy friend who really likes these guys, but I just haven't been able to get into them. I saw their lead singer here in DC on a solo tour he did, and I thought he was absurd. The kicker for me was when he did a tune he called "Oh, Erika" to the tune of "America." Wailing "Oh Erika, Oh Erika..."like a parody of a 70s rock star, and bobbing his head to shake his hairdo ala Rod Stewart, he just struck me as totally ridiculous. I've never been able to get that out of my head.
  21. Cecil McBee Mutima 1974 Strata East.
  22. Teddy Wilson Trio Mr. Wilson and Mr. Gershwin Columbia. CS 8120 No info in the liner notes as to date, but it is a 6-eye pressing. Bass: Arvell Shaw, drums: Bert Dahlander.
  23. I agree. They are first rate. The reason I'm not going to buy this one is because I have the last version and a number of previous versions. Plus, I have less use for a book limited to reviews of only in-print CDs than I used to.
  24. "A Tribute To Monk and Bird" -- 1978 The Tomato Music Company. "Out" Heiner Stadler arrangements of Parker and Monk tunes. Band includes George Lewis, Thad Jones, Stanley Cowell, Reggie Workman, others.