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  1. The East THirteenth Street Band -- fun LP on Rizzoli Records. It's painter Larry Rivers' band that fuses dixieland with bebop, and it just sounds like they are having a good time.
  2. Great Finds

    Found a Miles Davis Volume 2 with a West 63rd label today for $20. In a used bookstore here in DC. Put it through the Nitty Gritty and it sounds fantastic.
  3. The Swingin'est Benny Green Vee Jay LP, with Gene Ammons, Nat Adderly, Tommy Flanagan, others. Haven't dug this out for a while.
  4. Fuego -- Donald Byrd Blue Note LP. With Jackie McLean. Found this for $7 yesterday and it's a decent copy after being put through the Nitty Gritty cleaning machine. A blue and white Liberty pressing that looked dirty in the store but really cleaned up well. You never can tell.
  5. Kenny Burrell Midnight Blue
  6. LPs that have never made it into CD

    This is a really nice session. Richard Williams and Eddie Costa both add a lot to it. Can't believe it's never made it to CD. J. J. Johnson -- I think most of the albums he did for Columbia hadn't made it to CD until Mosaic did their set. Good stuff. And what is it with Bill Dixon not coming out? "Intents and Purposes" is superb.
  7. SoulStation, don't worry about the Steelers. Our guys will be back for the regular season. We're going to win the division again and then be playing long into January.
  8. Winter & Winter Packaging Must Die

    You guys are completely right. I recently purchased a japanese issue of Cecil Taylor's Jazz Advance, and it is in the "mini-LP" format, so I have to slip it into this flimsy plastic sleeve and then slip it into the too-tight cardboard jacket. Bad idea. It also is bigger than the jewel-box size, so it doesn't fit in with my other CDs, so it's never wth my other Cecil Taylor stuff. Pain in the ass.
  9. Ayler's Holy Ghost in Vinyl?

    That answers any questions about my ever buying it. I'll get the CD box. This seems like another example of LP re-issues simply being CDs pressed on vinyl from people trying to cash in on the LP craze. Too bad.
  10. The Name of THis Band is Talking Heads Haven't put this on in a while.
  11. That's my favorite Silver album. I LOVE that title track.
  12. Joshua Redman Elastic Band

    I just passed Joshua Redman on the street in my neighborhood here in DC. I did one of those "that guy looks familiar" things, then I realized who it was and figured he must be in town. Turns out he's playing the 9:30 club tonight. I can't make it, but I saw him on his last trip through town with his Elastic band and it was a good show.
  13. I thought the Ratliff piece was correct about tired program choices, but I don't know enough about the rest of his writing. I've generally been so pleased to see anything about current jazz that I'm sure I overlook flaws! I thought his piece yesterday on Fred Anderson was just OK. To raise a possible defense for him, I imagine jazz writers for the NYT or any other newspaper are directed to "dumb down" coverage while also making it short and sweet because of limited room for jazz.
  14. The Greatest American

    Lincoln, MLK, FDR are my votes.
  15. Rolling Stones Some Girls
  16. How to lose a customer

    But what if I prefer even "folded down" mono over "real" stereo? Does that make me not a "real" audiophile? Just kidding. I imagine I actually would prefer the folded down mono, but that's just 'cause I likes mono...
  17. Lou Donaldson Mosaic

    I'm a big Lou fan. Good, fun, straight-ahead jazz. Nothing fancy. As Lou would say, "No fusion, no con-fusion."
  18. Wish I could have gone to this but couldn't make it. Glad it was a good show.
  19. I really love that record. I think it's my favorite of the later Pepper. Tonight I'm trying out some new purchases from Joe's Record Paradise in Rockville, MD. First up is Phantasmagoria by Curtis Clark, with Roberto Miranda and Sonship Theus. 1984 Nimbus Records. Curtis Clark Deep Sea Diveralso on Nimbus, from 1985 Sam Rivers Sizzle from 1976 on ABC. Has Dave Holland and Barry Altschul, among others.
  20. Keepin' it greazy!!!

    I''m diggin the Casualites Of Jazz!
  21. Second Story Books here in DC has (or "had" probably by now) one of Mulligan's Emarcy Lps, but it was not in great shape so I passed. Made me curious though.
  22. Good idea Sidewinder. Regarding mono, it's just a preference. I don't have any reason to think the stereo has anything wrong with it, it's just that I have grown to prefer mono. To me, it is easier to imagine a real band in front of me whebn I close my eyes. There's no artificial stereo separation. I particularly like it for recordings from the 50s and early 60s. These days, most people prefer surround sound and the remastered versions of things that can come out of 5 speakers. I've just never gone that way. For one, I like the soundstage of mono (or simple stereo), and I really don't want 5 speakers in my living room.