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  1. For completists only....

    yeah. i think i have most of raney's recorded output including many bootlegs. same for doug. i also have almost everything roland prince ever recorded, again including many bootlegs. i got most of grant green's recordings including the unissued KD and quebec, complete session reels from his BN sessions, etc. i got most of wes montgomery (anyone got the unissued portions of ronnie scotts?) and probably one of the largest pat martino collections out there, including the unreleased vanguard album and tons of live recordings from the 60s until 2018.
  2. Jazz For A Sunday Afternoon Vol. 2: The Guitars

    we've been through this before... Blues similar to cantaloupe GG Blues KB Darn that Dream AZ Straight No Chaser AZ Extensions AZ
  3. Jazz For A Sunday Afternoon Vol. 2: The Guitars

    newport july 4 1966, guitar workshop
  4. RIP Ruud Jacobs

    just heard the sad news. RIP.
  5. Art Blakey 3/8/59 Unreleased Blue Note Sess

    -running blue note records in 1959 is not the same as curating the historic cataloge in 2019. if a jazz messenger session didn't work out in 1959, no problem, just schedule another session. we do not have that luxury. and why would it be worth a sigh if someone wants to listen beyond the official? i thought that was normal, lol. -of course there is no "right" to hear everything, who claimed that? is there some sort of "moral" obligation not to let historically important works of art rot in a basement until they burn one day? maybe? in other art forms it is rather common to donate pieces of art to a museum. is it so laughable that a 1959 jazz messenger recording might be dotated to some institute? or BN records opening their own historic website, podcast, youtube channel or whatever?
  6. Art Blakey 3/8/59 Unreleased Blue Note Sess

    i'm sure you're trying to be condescending but i'm appearently even to thick for that.
  7. Art Blakey 3/8/59 Unreleased Blue Note Sess

    grant isn't good on standards either. on the whole, the trio session is much worse than the quebec imo. so i dont really buy the aesthetic angle there. and does it have to be good to be released? is there no historic value to the recordings of the best in their field? i understand if it*s not released because of money. but surely there are no reputations at stake?
  8. Art Blakey 3/8/59 Unreleased Blue Note Sess

    does this kind of stuff happen in classical music as well? are there people sitting on unpublished mozart pieces claiming they are not good enough for release? btw i am convinced that the grant green sessions (the one with kelly an the trio standards date) were only released to cash in on the grant green "revival" a few years back. both are not very good, to put it mildly. grant seems starstruck on the kelly date and totally uninspired on the standards date. otoh, he is totally on fire on the unreleased date with quebec...
  9. forum suggestion

    since i'm a newbie on this forum i hope i'm not out of line. i'd kindly suggest to configure the forum software in a way that deleting a thread-starting post does not delete the entire thread. i'm quite sure that almost any forum software does support such settings.
  10. Frank Paparelli

    this may be one of the strangest piano solos i've ever heard. genius or accident? any thoughts?
  11. Frank Paparelli

    yeah, i thought along similar lines. i think he maybe was going for the B7 E7/ A7 D7/G7 C7/ F7 Bb7/etc. cliche. but it sounds so unlike all the standard licks and cycle runs that were played over that progression at that time by byas et al. btw to me the cycle of fifths (i actually prefer to see it counter-clockwise as the cycle of fourths, since chords *fall* a fifth to their resolution) and the chromatic scale are just two sides of the same coin.
  12. Frank Paparelli

    hey steve. it's just a blues in Bb during the opening piano solo
  13. Frank Paparelli

    yes. i think paparelli was quite familiar with monk's style. the first chorus has some really sloppy monk runs. the first two bars of his second chorus, i have no idea what he's doing. sounds pretty far out. http://www.frankpaparelli.com/bio.htm
  14. Pony Poindexter, any fans?

    i met pony in the late 80s when he was visiting germany for the last time and stayed with a good friend of mine. we drove him to several concerts in the mannheim area where he put up a little stand to sell his book. i still have the copy he gave me, with "to bill cosby" whitened out and my name over it, lol. i remember going backstage with him in mannheim to greet art blakey. for some reason woody shaw was also there, suddenly standing in front of me, holding out his hand and introducing himself. i remember that he didn't talk much and that he seemed not to be in good shape. he did like to smoke the green. i think he died a few months later. i have a tape somewhere with a gig he did on an earlier visit, no sax, just singing, with my buddy on piano and a local rhythm section, iirc. i could find it if it's of any interest. i'd love to see the photos from frankfurt. any idea who was playing with pony? and +1 to the recordings with rene thomas.
  15. BFT 171 Discussion Thread

    1. old devil moon. bobby hutcherson, late period? 3. fantastic bass player, could it be george tucker? is yusef lateef involved? 13. just friends. first vibraphone solo sounds like terry gibbs. i enjoyed his combo records on jasmine. 15. jim halls debut as a leader with carl perkins and red mitchell. seven come eleven, associated with charlie christian, whose influence is obvious here.
  16. i bet it's better than "standards" or the quartet recording with wynton kelly
  17. i've heard from a reliable scource that there is another GG with ike quebec where grant is totally on fire.
  18. i'm not sure how much money you can actually grab from releasing Grant Green material the paris session could've been left alone, since there is video already. but i'm happy for everything new that we get. i mean, the holy barbarian session is probably not of great artistic value but gives a great snapshot of grant's development. surely there is historic value in releasing unissued material? is it a bit odd how cuscuna likes this release so much when he is appearantly still sitting on better grant green material? and is it true that he writes in his liner notes that cannonball brought grant to NYC? wasn't that lou donaldson?
  19. good read. i think i commented on don lamond when the video came out. also ridley and kessel make quite a train-wreck of "i wish you love", playing the chords twice as fast to a visibly frustrated grant.
  20. now i'm even more intrigued. it*s got that late fifties vibe of jim hall. a final guess: dempsey wright?
  21. i only got jim hall on #1. looking forward to reading the discussion.
  22. who's Babs Gonzales?

    did you guys see this already?

    claude was kind enough to mail me the fifth tune. it's definitely attila zoller.