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  1. How hard do you work?

    Going broke is hard work.
  2. Miles Davis Forever LP

    checkout Looks like I see the Miles Davis Forever LP ($19.11 w/Save10Now) There are some other RSD items. Like Uncle Tupelo & Graceland LPs. Don't forget the coupon code : save10now
  3. Arne Domnerus

    I just picked-up a Arne Domnerus Quartet LP : Fragments. It had a clarinet on the cover, some clarinet jazz. I had never heard of him before and thought the $2 record was worth a try. Looking at there were alot of albums under his name. Has anybody heard of him?
  4. Did you see his 16 year-old picture? Jeremy Lin xanga
  5. Miles Davis KIND OF BLUE (50th Anniversary Edition LP/2CD/DVD/book) $38.26 Amazon Kind Of Blue (Deluxe)
  6. A Miles Davis stamp

    Don't care for the design (picture) of the Miles Davis stamp. But it's better than nothing.
  7. A Yodel For The Bear Family label ...

    Red Simpson is being released on BEAR FAMILY. 5-CD
  8. Like I need more Sidney Bechet, expecially 14-CDs. There goes $44.36 on
  9. I tried the Three Sounds - Eight Classic Albums and three of the Discs had errors on tracks higher than #12. Has anybody else had these problems with this set? Didn't notice any problems with Modern Jazz Quartet - Eight Classic Albums.
  10. Doors : Live in NY, Felt Forum 6-CD $41.54 Amazon link
  11. Plugged Nickel set at Hoffman

    Why not buy the Plugged Nickel direct from the Miles Davis website? $99.99
  12. Just saw it Amoeba in Hollywood, CA on Friday.
  13. Tim Buckley - Original Album Series

    I was visiting Berlin, and SATURN (an electronics store kinda like Best Buy) was selling the Original Album Series of Tim Buckley for 10 Euros (about $14). They had a ton of the Tim Buckley. Guess there's some overstocked sets. Carole King and a few others were 10 Euros too.
  14. For sale at Record Surplus in West Los Angeles, CA. $60 4-CD Mosaic box set. There's a sale Friday-Sunday. 15% off.
  15. Small/Medium and Large/X Large. 2 options. I've only sold the S/M size. Check your local Target store. There are still some available.
  16. $125 for all 4 Target exclusives. Free shipping in the USA. $15 more for outside the USA. Size S/M (Small/Medium) for all shirts.
  17. Leonard Cohen Complete Studio $66.82 Leonard Cohen Complete Studio
  18. Sam Cooke $37.18 Sam Cooke RCA Albums

    I just ended the DVD part and only get the streaming deal. I almost got all the Chick Corea RENDEZVOUS IN NEW YORK DVDs (10 discs) only got 8. Otherwise, I was mainly using the DVD side of the deal to view music DVDs. Does anybody have Disc 9 and the Bonus DVD from the Chick Corea box set?
  20. Does anyone know if a US citizen can move to Canada and get "free" health care?
  21. Health care in Canada?

    $800K? Really? I was wondering if you could retire in Canada and use their "health care" system?
  22. Complete Woody Shaw on Columbia

    Great. Maybe Sony will do a complete JJ Johnson on Columbia too.
  23. Coltrane: The Impulse! Albums Volume Four

    5-CD $58.73 Amazon