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  1. Covid-19 Jazz playlist.

    Ella Fitzgerald - Whisper not (esp. "Why did we listen when they said it wouldn't last" and "Whispers of trouble are an echo of the past") Billie Holiday - Everything happens to me ("I never miss a thing/ I've had the measles and the mumps" [...] "I've mortgaged all my castles in the air") Ornette Coleman - Lonely woman Cecil Taylor, Corona (FMP archive edition)
  2. As you are in Paris, if you read French, a book that I have which is quite advanced but that takes everything from the basics is Jacques Siron's La Partition intérieure: http://www.siron.name/livres_PI.html It has many examples in jazz and improvisation and is complete yet accessible.
  3. A lot of records in that box it seems, happy listening!
  4. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Borrowed from the library a week or so before the big closure. 3CDs are very varied (geographically and in time) with often interesting selections, as could be expected from Tercinet.
  5. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    This comparatively recent (2011) Ocora 2CD set is excellent and has gotten a lot of play here: Bénin, Musiques yoruba. Les voix de la mémoire. The music was recorded between 1958 and 2009.
  6. COVID-19 2.0: No Politics edition

    Thank you Daniele for the precise updates on the situation in Italy, this is really a tragedy. In France, yesterday was a really bad day (+90 deaths, 900 people in intensive care) and it is still going upwards and becoming extremely tangible, closing down on people you know. One figure is that 50% of intensive care patients are younger than 60, though I don't know about any previous diseases. Army planes are moving patients from Alsace region to other regions were hospitals are less full. In Paris and some other regions, the number of free beds in hospitals is becoming extremely limited. In Sweden were some of my family is, doctors and nurses are worried of getting infected, like in Italy, due to a lack of protective equipment. It is also this way in France, though masks have been coming in from China yesterday.
  7. The Basie/ Young box looks great. I have been restraining from online orders lately though so that postal services can concentrate on the essential deliveries (pharmaceutical products, food, etc.) and work in acceptable conditions. If I buy the set, I might ask Mosaic to put it aside for me.
  8. Enrico Rava - William Parker - Andrew Cyrille Last friday. Couldn't believe I was there! Great evening, large audience.
  9. Great show in Paris a few years back, as a first part of the Arkestra. Have had this in my living room since then: Looking forward to this next tour!
  10. Sharing here the program for the next edition of Sons d'Hiver (winter sounds but also a play on words in french) since I think it is really good: https://www.sonsdhiver.org/en/ Really excited to see Rava/Parker/Cyrille, AEOC and many others. Now I need to find a babysitter! Anyone else will be there?
  11. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Very much enjoying this on the morning of a strike day!
  12. Now reading...

    A very insightful read, music criticism informed by social contexts as it should be. Particularly enjoyed chapters on James Brown, "Birditis" (Charlie Parker obsession) and... Steely Dan (lots of jazz in this chapter).
  13. Found a copy of the T Bone Walker set locally and really really enjoying it! Wasn't so familiar with this blend of blues and jazz bands.