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  1. I was also lucky to participate in a masterclass he gave on the next day. We were nine to participate on various instruments. A great occasion to observe his playing and hear of influences, from Mal Waldron to Alvin Lucier.
  2. Saw Chris Abrahams (from The Necks) playing solo last week. Exceptional!
  3. Derek Bailey - Aida - Honest Jon's Haven't heard the original but this is a quality reissue.
  4. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Nice to see the Marion Brown series above! Disc 4 Eliane Radigue - Adnos I-III - disc one
  5. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Quite excited to be listening to this for the first time, found a CD recently.
  6. Julius Eastman, composer

    Thanks Flurin for the details on this Intakt release. Unjust Malaise collects a lot of his best works and has very good notes from Mary Jane Leach. I especially enjoy The Holy Presence of Joan d'Arc on that one, but all tracks are quite something. That release got me seriously interested. If I remember correctly, this interview of him is also quite fascinating: https://spinningonair.org/episode-2-julius-eastman/ There is a recording of one of his pieces Femenine on the Finnish label Frozen Reeds which is also very nicely done. And they also released this track: https://frozenreeds.bandcamp.com/album/joy-boy
  7. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Listening to this away from home
  8. Mosaic Sale ???

    Got the message that the Mingus set is coming this way.
  9. Bley/Mantler - Escalator Over The Hill

    I didn't realize it was rare as a CD. ECM should consider re-releasing it.
  10. 5 Original Albums (Blue Note)

    I have two of these (Wayne Shorter and Blakey& Jazz Messengers) and they use RVG masterings.
  11. Bley/Mantler - Escalator Over The Hill

    Also highly recommend the following album, Tropic Appetites, which bears many similarities and yet might be easier and arguably stronger.
  12. Mosaic Sale ???

    Thanks for the recommendation. I know I shouldn't be choosing between both - such different sets. For the Mingus, I know Amsterdam and Cornell from the same year and so know that I fall in the category of those who would like to listen in detail to that whole series.
  13. Mosaic Sale ???

    Been considering the Armstrong Decca or the Mingus jazz workshop also for first father's day and upcoming birthday, might go for the latter.