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  1. Sounds great! Enjoy the festival!
  2. Lots of interesting concerts above! Yesterday went to the very intriguing pairing of Richard Youngs, David Maranha and Chris Corsano. Also Kim Myhr and Christian Wallumrod as opening set. A very good evening.
  3. Happy birthday king ubu!

    Joyeux anniversaire!
  4. Johnny Hodges and Sarah Vaughan sets this week-end.
  5. Loft Jazz Recommendations

    Also very interested in a CD version. Would be great.
  6. Parisian festival Sons d'hiver has a very good line up this year (new artistic director seems to be former programmer of the Mulhouse festival). https://www.sonsdhiver.org/ Unfortunately, with a young child, cannot see as much as I would wish to. Went to see the interesting pairing of Evan Parker and Tyshawn Sorey this week. Very different styles and approaches which at first did not seem to fit that well together but progressively integrated very well. Lots of tenor from EP who was challenged to cut through by Sorey's sometimes "loud" (objectively speaking, no judgement here) playing. Will not miss Braxton next week, though we arranged for my wife to see the ZIM music date and me the solo the next day (hopefully we will find a babysitter soon).
  7. Twice through the Carmell Jones Select in the past few days. Thrilling music!
  8. Missed that Lunceford box and regret it (as well as the Clifford Jordan higher up). Now listening to (thanks to @porcy62) :
  9. Great set! Listening to CD IV here.
  10. PM on the Carmell Jones and Dizzy Reece.