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  1. Hermeto Pascoal sextet at New Morning in Paris, phenomenal!
  2. Favorite ECM Records of the 21st Century

    Also treasure this one, and was wondering how much it was appreciated.
  3. That Select is really great, I'm happy I found a copy about a year ago. I like the fact that the original covers of the albums can also be seen in the notes, if I remember well. Right now listening to Zeitlin's 2010 solo concert record, Precipice. Interesting comment on the bonus tracks, will listen to the set with that in mind.

    Sam Records just opened a store in Paris, in the district where I live. Nice people and place. Will be looking into this record.
  5. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    Pim, I (maybe also like you?) find omicron's arrival discouraging, but knowledge has progressed, the vaccines have exposed our immune systems to the virus, and that should help us. We might still get contaminated but the probability that it is severe is smaller. The virus' evolution has been very unlucky for us while scientists' ability to make vaccines has been impressive. I don't think we should judge the vaccines on the virus' mutations (those were out of the picture at the time). There aren't many "easy", obvious policies to be made in the face of this virus, which has now become extremely difficult to contain with delta and omicron.
  6. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    Pim, good luck with the lockdown. Vaccination, including boosters still seems like the best that can be done to prevent from serious illness. The policy evolution you mention is the same that's happening in France, and there are already 11 mandatory vaccines here, so I find it perfectly ok.
  7. There is only one international shipping rate now, at 25$, versus two previously. Does anyone know if it is with USPS or UPS? I used to favor the USPS slower option, more economical (rarely any taxes on arrival)
  8. Rode my bicycle to get the CD at the nearest store today after work and listening to it tonight. Excellent release and a very exciting one.
  9. New previously unissued Horace Tapscott

    That was gone too fast for me, I would really like finding a copy in Europe, or at least the digital version if it gets added on Bandcamp.
  10. Curtis Fuller - RIP

    RIP. Read the chapter on Fuller in Mark Stryker's Jazz from Detroit and listened to the Mosaic and to Blue Train in recollection.
  11. Placed an order for this box set. I don't have this material and even though it's an expensive way of acquiring it, I'm sure it's really well presented and sounds great here. But hopefully there is also a future for other types of Mosaic sets too, beyond the historic core releases (that are excellent).
  12. Jimmy Giuffre

    For Giuffre's 100th birthday, France musique is broadcasting a 1991 Giuffre-Bley-Swallow concert at Maison de la radio. It has solos from each musician to begin with. Two shows, 25th and 26 (upcoming). https://www.francemusique.fr/emissions/les-legendes-du-jazz
  13. Charlie Parker on CD - Where to go from here?

    Interesting recommendations which I was also inspired by. Just purchased one of those Ember Birdland longboxes locally at a reasonable price.