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  1. A shout out to my good friend from Indy who turns the big 5-0 today. Happy birthday Mark!
  2. This was the first leader date for both Shepp and Dixon. It's short but very good. Has it ever been remastered and reissued? Archie Shepp - Bill Dixon Quartet Bill Dixon (tp) Archie Shepp (ts) Don Moore (b -1,2,4) Reggie Workman (b -3) Paul Cohen (d -1,2,4) Howard McRae (d -3) NYC, October, 1962 1. 63-114 Trio Savoy MG 12178 2. 63-115 Quartet - 3. 63-116 Peace - 4. 63-117 Somewhere - * Archie Shepp-Bill Dixon Quartet (Savoy MG 12178) LP also released on BYG as "Peace" (BYG 529101) LP
  3. Here's a short but informative quiz: Which one of these Randy Marshes is having a birthday today? Aw heck, does it really matter? I mean they all look kinda the same, don't they? All the best, Randy!
  4. Let me be the first to wish my friend Kevin a Happy Birthday! Here's to that computer-geekin', hybrid-drivin', wine-and-beer-sippin', SACD-lovin', CanAm-storin', jazz fan and all-around good guy!

    Thanks to all who have helped with some of my other discography questions. This one pertains to the compilation released as Gumbo! in 1999. I know that it contains 3 dates: Pony Poindexter's original Gumbo!, unreleased tracks from the session that produced Poindexter's Pony Poindexter Plays the Big Ones, and an unreleased session with Booker Ervin, Larry Young, and Jerry Thomas. What I don't know is this: 1) Who produced these sessions? 2) What does "Supervision by Ozzie Cadena" mean (as written on the back of the compilation)? 3) Where were these sessions recorded and by whom? Some sources say RVG at his Englewood Cliffs studio. Others say they were recorded in NYC, possibly by Ozzie. Again, thanks in advance.
  6. Harry Allen's "Day Dream"

    Hey all, I've had this disc on my want list for some time. It's a 1998 recording on the Japanese BMG label featuring Allen with the Tommy Flanagan Trio. I've never heard this date, so I thought I'd ask someone who owns the cd if it's worth the big bucks that online merchants are asking. Thanks in advance.
  7. Howard Alden

    i enjoy his playing as well. my favorite is take your pick on concord, which also features renee rosnes and lew tabackin.
  8. This has been confirmed by the head writer for the awards show. Meanwhile, Triumph, the insult comic dog said: "I'm a legend around here. I sat on Eminem's face long before Brüno ever did...But we're friends now. We're tight. We're tighter than Gloria Vanderbilt's ass."
  9. I've had enough!

    i've got nothing on stan, but i know howard roberts is a dirty guitar player! and j.m. is a nut.
  10. Howard Roberts - Antelope Freeway (impulse!)

    thank you! you made my day! oh how can you be in two places at once, when you're not any-where at alllll, bum bum bum bum.

    okay, it's 4 in the morning and i'm totally exhausted. so i guess i have an excuse for the fact that... I DON"T GET IT! whew! wait a minute. am i dead tired?
  12. Vision Festival XIV

    it's like, out, man.
  13. Vision Festival XIV

    very nicely put, margaret. looking forward to seeing you and henry again next week.
  14. The Nessa Juggernaut rolls on

    congratulations, and thank you for making this great music available, even though... we're not worthy, we're not worthy!
  15. i think i just peed myself! my favorite part is sachas' remark "is the real slim shady about to stand up?" we shouldn’t be surprised by eminem’s hasty departure from the scene given his homophobic lyrics. i hope dick cheney doesn't find out about berigan's sympathy for eminem. lynne cheney once told cnn that "eminem is certainly, i think, the most extreme example of rock lyrics used to demean women, advocate violence against women, violence against gay people." if i were you, beri, i'd declined any invitations to go hunting with dick until this thing blows over.
  16. An unusual eBay item

    kinky! btw, this item reminds of an admittedly juvenile joke: "why did god make farts smell bad?" "so deaf people could enjoy them too!" (told you it was juvenile)
  17. If Jazz is Your Life !

  18. Now there's something you don't hear too often. .... i've heard it before.
  19. If Jazz is Your Life !

    i'd like my jazz with a side order of
  20. While visiting another member's record store today, I discovered that Candid had reissued several titles from the Japanese Why Not catalog this past March. Every one of these mid-priced remasters is worthy owning, imo. Hopefully, there will be more to come. Air Feat. Henry Threadgill - Air Song [WNCD79403] Henry Threadgill - tenor, baritone and alto saxophones, flute Fred Hopkins - bass Steve McCall - percussion Air, the archetypal free jazz trio, originally formed out of a similar co-operative called Reflection in 1971. Henry Threadgill on Saxophone, Fred Hopkins on bass and Steve McCall on percussions re-united in 1975 and this album when this album was recorded. The perceptive Japanese producer Masahiko Yuh recorded Air for his Why Not label. The band went on to reach notoriety with their ragtime inspired free jazz albums. This album is the first of two LPs recorded for Why Not. The trio functions with all three members contributing musically on an equal foot. The creative solos and advanced interplay make this record sublimely satisfying. Chico Freeman - Morning Prayer [WNCD79412] Chico Freeman - tenor and soprano saxophones, flute, pan-pipe, percussion Muhal Richard Abrams - piano Cecil McBee - bass, cello Steve McCall - percussion Ben Montgomery - drums, percussion Douglas Ewart - bass flute, bamboo flute, percussion Chico Freeman is the son of well known saxophonist Von Freeman. Raised in Chicago during the 1950s and 60s Chico honed his musical skills as a reed man and joined the A.A.C.M (Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians). The band that Freeman put together for this recording for Why Not results from his involvement in the A.A.C.M. and make for an incredibly exciting band. With Freeman playing sax, flute and percussion there is Henry Threadgill (also on sax, flute and percussion), Muhal Richard Abrams (percussion), Cecil McBee (bass and cello), Steve McCall (percussion), Ben Montgomery (drums and percussion) and Douglas Ewart (bass flute, bamboo flute and percussion). George Cables - Why Not? [WNCD79402] George Cables - piano Tony Dumas - bass Carl Burnett - drums Pianist and New Yorker George Cables absorbed all that the city had to offer and its influence on him shaped his approach to music. Trained classically as a youth Cables attended the Mannes College of Music for two years and by the age of 19 was playing professionally with the Jazz Samaritans alongside drum legend Billy Cobham. Cables went on to work as sideman with Max Roach, Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers and after touring with Sonny Rollins he settled in Los Angeles. In 1975 the perceptive Masahiko Yuh, sensing that here was an artist drastically underexposed as a leader, went to LA to record this record. With Tony Dumas on bass and Carl Burnett on drums to trio recorded at Record Plant Studios. The result was a record which defines the modern jazz piano trio in a manner which is always contemporary and always fresh even decades after it was recorded. Walt Dickerson - Tell Us Only The Beautiful Things [WNCD79401] Walt Dickerson - vibraphone Wilbur Ware - bass Andrew Cyrille - percussion Walt was a true original with a unique sound and a distinctive approach to the vibraphone, taking forward the path laid out by Hamp right through to Milt Jackson and beyond. Dickerson made quite an impact on when he first burst on to the then embryonic "free jazz" scene as evidenced by his being voted "New Star 1962" in the prestigious Down Beat critics poll. In spite of this however, wider jazz recognition never came aided no doubt by long periods of seeming inactivity. After recording four albums for PRESTIGE in the early sixties, the somewhat enigmatic Walt dropped out until 1975 when the ubiquitous Masahiko Yuh recorded this and another album in his hometown Philadelphia.

    howdy all, i hope someone here can relieve my confusion or join in my frustration about a pricing issue involving when you pull up an artist's titles, they list the individual cds like this: Back Room Blues: Brian Lynch CD - Buy it for $3.30 (Save 82%) but when you click on the actual title or the lowest available price of $3.30, you get this: Back Room Blues (CD) Primary Artist: Brian Lynch Best Price: $13.20 List Price: $18.98 (Save 30%) this significant disparity between the supposed and actual lowest price occurs quite often. so what gives? is it just a case of my missing out on a lower priced item before they have a chance to update the listing? it's somewhat frustrating when you think you can get a cd for a very low price, only to click and be disappointed.
  22. 2009 Chicago Jazz Festival

    damn, you're going too? this is getting scary. it's like you're stalking me or something. please tell me you're not going to the vision fest in nyc.
  23. Speeding / Traffic Ticket Blues

    they weren't all chryslers, were they?
  24. Speeding / Traffic Ticket Blues

    you know how many times i've been caught speeding with radar that i wasn't speeding? zero
  25. Speeding / Traffic Ticket Blues

    i wasn't aware of this, and i'm somewhat skeptical that this is the reason for the limit change. however, i have no doubt that a cruiser is going to park where the limit is reduced. that only makes sense if you're trying to catch or stop people from speeding. sorry, but without some facts to support this contention, i doubt people subconsciously or instinctively know what speed to drive at. one reason for my skepticism is the fact that your driving experience has a lot to do with your car (i feel more comfortable driving faster in my dad's mercedes than i do in a compact car). i think another factor is the individual's personality, and the speed at which other cars are traveling (ever notice how the guy you're passing tends to speed up slightly if you're passing him slowly?). i'm more inclined to believe that some speed limits might be set lower because most people tend to drive 10 mph faster than the posted limited. if you set it 10 mph lower, the average person will be driving at the speed you want them to. it's like that friend who always arrives 1/2 hour late. if you tell him to meet you 30 minutes earlier than you intend to show up, both of you arrive at the same time! actually, such drivers are breaking the law twice: first by violating the parking laws, and second by not paying the fine within the 21(?) days allowed. and someone who easily gets 3 tickets in one night? hell, i'd tow the jerk's car, since he obviously thinks the laws that apply to you and me don't apply to him. here's the part i really don't understand - "money-grubbing," "money-making bullshit," etc. who thinks the police, the courts, or anyone else is profiting personally from such behavior? perhaps police officers get some kind of recognition or credit for catching more traffic violators (i.e., doing there job more frequently), but does anyone here think they get a percentage of the take? that money goes to pave and plow the roads, put out fires, run the schools and school buses, put officers on the street to help keep the peace - all things that benefit me, you, and most everyone else. the alternative? want to pay more taxes? i'm in no way defending illegal or deceptive practices by the police, the courts, or the municipalities. that kind of shit has to be exposed and corrected. but if i fail to pay attention to posted speed limits, or if i disobey the law because i don't want to miss the first set at my favorite jazz spot, then who's responsible? me, that's who. and the good thing about that? i have some control over the situation. i haven't received a speeding ticket in the last 2-3 years because i stay close to the limit. sometimes i have to use cruise control to do it, because i have a nice car with a 6-cylinder engine that rides comfortably at fairly high speeds. the bottom line is i've changed my behavior and can see the positive results (more money to spend on jazz!). there are many injustices in the world. i just don't think that someone who has the ability to obey the law and knowingly breaks it can claim injustice when he's caught. frankly, i'm surprised at one member's attitude on this issue given his habit of telling others that they'll be damned if they don't follow the holy laws he subscribes to. it smacks of hypocrisy to me. just ask yourself, "how would jesus drive?"