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  1. RIP Herman Green 1930-2020

    Memphis Jazz institution Herman Green died last Thursday. A graduate of Manasas High School, his recording career stretched back to the very early fifties with Rufus Thomas and others. He taught B.B. King and worked in his earliest combos, toured with Lionel Hampton, led the house band at the Blackhawk for a while. When I was a student at the University of Pittsburgh he came to town and played a gig with Jothan Callins that made me proud to be a Memphian, As I say, he was an institution and musicians' stories used to inevitably turn to Herman as nearly everyone in town had played with him at one time or another (usually during our younger days).
  2. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Yes! Exactly. I find Allan Reuss to be the best rhythm guitarist of that period. That Goodman rhythm section swung!
  3. Duke Ellington's Sidemen - Away From Ellington

    I am definitely on board for this! Thanks for posting-I've downloaded it and have it cued up and ready to go.
  4. Ridin' in Rhythm

    Thanks! I "enjoyed" a 25 year hiatus and now I'm back, baby.
  5. Ridin' in Rhythm

    I am hosting a "survey of the first twentyfive years of Jazz" weekly on our new community station-WYXR, 91.7, Memphis TN. My program is called Ridin' in Rhythm and airs from 5 until 6 pm on Mondays.
  6. Coleman Family Legacy; Another Kind of Soul

    He was married to Gloria Coleman who was talented and accomplished. They had children and then split up. After years of estrangement George plays a gig with Gloria and son George jr.
  7. Coleman Family Legacy; Another Kind of Soul

    Wow. Thank you so much for posting this. I've followed George Coleman for decades but had no idea whatsoever about his private life. This is a compelling doc.
  8. Not the Record Collection though he worked tirelessly to make certain I loved Mozart. My father had no jazz records at all, but he managed to surprise me. In a conversation with him and his childhood running buddy about swing bands, the later mentioned that they had seen a "fella could really play the piano-Bennie Moten." Now, he had no idea that Bennie Moten had made records or was highly thought of in some circles, they were impressed enough to remember the band 45 years later.
  9. Yeah, I dig you about Mr. Lawrence: he was showing up on what may well be my favorite Mcoy Tyner records, The Moontrane with Woody Shaw, and with Elvin, and with Miles. Seemed like he was all set to take his place in the top echelon.
  10. For completists only....

    Not through personal dilligence, but rather by purchasing a series of JSP boxes I believe I have everything by Fats Waller and Django Reinhardt. The closest I've come to researching, searching, and acquiring close to a full discography would be Lester Young-but I readily concede that my collection is not complete.
  11. Wayne Shorter for president.

    I thought Lester Young was the President.
  12. Andrew Hill

    I am apparently part of the movement for whom this is a go to. Interestingly, Point of Departure isn't getting the nod that once was seemed automatic when assessing Andrew Hill's output.
  13. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Some of my all time favorite music on this and there's so much to like here: Hawk, Chu Berry, and Dicky Wells on beautifully swinging sessions.