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  1. Which Mosaic Are You Enjoying Right Now?

    I listened very closely to the Sonny Berman/Bill Harris session today and liked it better than ever.
  2. Benny Goodman Columbia small groups 1941-6

    This is excellent work! I am going to try to put this together as well. Unfortunately I don't have the mid-forties Chronological Classics, so I will have to use lesser sources. With the RCA small groups and the Charlie Christian small groups thoroughly mined, this is the next logical step. Thank you.
  3. Hi.  Is that Vagrants record good?  I really like Nantucket Sleighride and a few other Mountainous things.

  4. New Hank Mobley Blue Note Set

    I would strongly recommend Soul Station, Roll Call, and Workout as excellent places to begin.
  5. I could not keep up with her incessant communication, so I only heard about it when she received the unexpected, even by her, response. She found his advice amusing-but it was oddly prescient given the way things would turn out. I carry the guilt not only of ending the relationship very badly, but also for casting a dark shadow over the extremely rare and wonderful experience of actually getting a letter from Mr. Salinger.
  6. Yes. It is odd and at this remove seems unbelievable and unlikely, but she was a writer and communicated extensively with anyone and everyone. If I remember correctly she babbled about a number of things in a letter she just wrote and sent without provocation, but it was the talk of our relationship that caught Mr. Salinger's attention and triggered a response. Sadly, she should have run from the younger callous me. BTW I am 62,
  7. 40 years ago my then girlfriend wrote and received a reply from J. D. Salinger. He (correctly) suggested that she have nothing to do with me. "Run" was how he put it.
  8. Circle

    In the late eighties my friend NY Times critic Robert Palmer was really hot to reunite the cast of Bobby Hutcherson's record Dialogue. I would be quite interested in how the former members of Circle would interact nearly half a century after the fact.
  9. New Woody Herman Mosaic

    Review of the upcoming Woody Herman box in the Wall Street Journal. This seems portentous-but then again it is very nearly September.
  10. "Claude Thornhill: Godfather of Cool"

    This was my first Claude Thornhill purchase (on cd as well). I became aware of this work from New World/s JAZZ IN REVOLUTION The Big Bands in the 1940s which featured Donna Lee.
  11. Who’s this guitarist with Sonny Rollins?

    One of my favorite guitarists.
  12. Bobby Hackett Mosaic

    The Bobby Hackett box was a game-changer for me. Not only did I not have any of its constituent records, I was not listening to anything related to it. It took a minute for me to get it, but when I did I appreciated a whole new to me aspect of music.