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  1. Chico Hamilton Centennial Celebration Broadcast

    Well, Slim Gaillard was Marvin Gaye's father-in-law. Thanks for posting this-I got a really positive reaction to the Live at the Strollers version of Stella by Starlight from Mrs. Duckworth, so I'm ready to let this roll.
  2. Your Early Parameters for Buying or Avoiding Certain Jazz Albums

    As a high school student I recall mentioning to my Biology teacher that I was listening to Tribute to Jack Johnson and In a Silent Way. He told me that I needed to investigate Nefertiti. He was so right, and soon I started appreciating Miles records that didn't have electric guitars and basses. I found that the occasional teacher or older brother could radically alter my purchasing parameters by making suggestions etc
  3. Hearing aids advice for a friend

    I lost a disturbing amount of hearing in one ear suddenly about 20 years ago. I was tested for all kinds of factors that might have caused this, and my EENT guy was baffled. His final word on the subject was "At least you're not Luther [Vandross]!" So I too am very interested in a knowledgeable accounting of what is available. Thanks in advance.
  4. This or That?

    I would be hard pressed to make a choice between Max and Elvin-but I think I like Elvin as a sideman and Max as a leader-subject to change of course. These days I can't decide whom I like better Sid Catlett or Jo Jones.
  5. Name Three People (Vers. 2.0)

    King, Sunny and Cher Ade.
  6. The Equestrian Statue

  7. The Equestrian Statue

    Neil Innes! I love this one. Besides being Bonzo Dog Band amusing, it is a really great song.
  8. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    I almost invariably reach for Tijuana Moods (largely the same group with Bill Triglia instead of Bill Evans), but I think that this is my new go-to Mingus record.
  9. Duke Ellington - Afro Bossa

    This tune used to come up on gigs and was sometimes confusing as some called it Purple Gazelle and others called it Stevie-as they knew it from the Duke/Coltrane record.
  10. All I've ever wanted from my profession is to retire from it.
  11. What Are You Watching

    Nice documentary of Don Byas returning to the US and playing Lover Man with Thad Jones/Mel Lewis, I Remember Clifford in a quartet with Jo Jones, with Dizzy Gillespie's band and others as well as interacting with Louis and Duke.