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  1. Trying to help out Mosaic by suggesting sets

    Thanks for suggesting this: I usually associate Savoy with Bebop,but an examination of 1944 sessions alone takes in a lot of excellent small band swing from Lester, Hawk, Bobby Hackett, Emmett Berry, Pete Brown, Don Byas, Hot Lips Page, Frank Newton, Clyde Hart and a host of others. Now I'm trying to piece my own Savoy Swing Combos set.
  2. Complete Cuban Jam Sessions

    Oh, I'm really happy with it.
  3. Creating “enhanced” Mosaic sets

    I added the 1934-1935 Decca recordings to compliment the Earl Hines Mosaic set and completed the Jimmie Lunceford set with the 1939-1940 Okehs.
  4. Lisle Atkinson: 1940-2019

    I know Mr. Atkinson best from a record that made a huge impact on me early: Keno Duke/Contemporaries Crest of the Wave (an excellent record with George Coleman, Frank Strozier, and Harlod Mabern).
  5. Fletcher Henderson Classics

    Classic Jazz On Line: http://www.jazz-on-line.com/pageinterrogation.php?keymatrix=&keylabel=&keyartist=fletcher+henderson&keyword=&keyyear=&keycatNumber=&B1=Submit Although i did not examine them, there are some 548 downloadable selections featuring Fletcher Henderson and it's free.
  6. My friend Richard Graham always identified Mr. Cherry as his mentor and chief influence as a musician. Running into Mr. Cherry skating and high in the East Village, my friend welcomed the opportunity to introduce Don to his significant other who was decidedly unimpressed with the man he held in such high esteem. Until this thread, I always thought that story was apocryphal.
  7. Bolden

    If memory serves there is a segment in Ken Burns' Jazz wherein Wynton sings some well-known march in the style of Buddy Bolden-it sounded so much more like Roy Eldridge to me.
  8. Complete Cuban Jam Sessions

    Thank you for posting! Now I feel that I must have this.....
  9. Which Jazz box set are you grooving to right now?

    I really like the Kenny Wheeler/John Taylor partnership.
  10. Assortment of other CDS...Mingus etc 1/2 off sale.

    PM sent on Pharoah Sanders - Village of the Pharoahs/Wisdom Through Music(Impulse 2 on 1)
  11. Doris Day R.I.P.

    I am really glad to see Ms Day getting some love on this forum. I find some of her vocal performances to be of the highest quality.
  12. Charles Mingus, The Complete Town Hall Concert

    Mr. Knepper was playing with Mingus when I caught them at Carnegie Hall in 1976; I've since come to reflect just how remarkable it was that the trombonist had rejoined Mingus given their past history.
  13. Trying to help out Mosaic by suggesting sets

    This is exactly how I "discovered" him: through the Mosaic HRS and the Fresh Sounds Keynote sets.
  14. Trying to help out Mosaic by suggesting sets

    A Black and White Records set is the exact sort of box I like best: a survey of a record label wherein I won't duplicate much in my collection. Among the sessions I do know, the Barney Bigards feature the great trumpet player Joe Thomas and are quite enjoyable.