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  1. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Avoiding the questionable vocals-this band swings!
  2. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Stumbled across a Youtube video of Tomasz Stanko playing music from Litania and was quite impressed.
  3. Trying to help out Mosaic by suggesting sets

    I couldn't agree more! There would be so much to like about a set like this: a motherlode of Arnett Cobb as well as apprearances by Dodo Marmarosa, Charles Mingus, Wes Montgomery and others.
  4. Misc. Jazz CDs

    PM sent on DRCD 11263 Complete 1956 Private Recordings ‎(2xCD, Album) $15 .
  5. Grandfathering success!

    Nice work! Here's how I lost my older son's trust in my musical guidance: as his sixth grade year drew to a conclusion, there was a talent show and he was very interested in my coming to see him perform "The Times They Are A'Changin."" Of course, I knew he was talented and gladly took a day to come and see him and his classmates perform. His time came and he performed that song very nicely remembering all the words and so forth. His teachers and I were tremendously impressed...and here's where the story goes wrong. Although the response of his peers was mutedly appreciative, the reaction was absolutely thuderous for two different (male) students who "danced" to Holla Back Girl. This was the very moment that he quit entertaining my musical suggestions for him. I can't say I blame him.
  6. Shorty Rogers Mosaic At Last!

    A partner of mine gave me the Shorty Rogers set on cd after he acquired a vinyl copy. Although I had tried to reconstruct the Mosaic set from other issues, the Mosaic set remains extremely satisfying.
  7. A question for all youse guys about CDs

    I too listen to an awful lot of pre-1940's music and find it woefully underrepresented on streaming patforms and this has kept me in the cd business. Much of what I listen to is physically present in my cd collection but has been re-contextualized via playlists.
  8. 4 cd Mingus Set to be Released on Sunnyside in November

    This imprinting has been in my thoughts a good deal lately-particularly how it impacts my ongoing listening.
  9. 4 cd Mingus Set to be Released on Sunnyside in November

    ...but some more Don Pullen and George Adams era is right on time! I don't find myself going back to that '64 European tour so much these days.
  10. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    I am older and really surprised as seemingly common sense precautions urged by public health officials are politicized. It is shocking to me that the Post Office is now (in all likelihood) a polarizing institution. I have been very resistant to the idea of balkanizing the US, but now I'm ready to listen to the case for such drastic action.
  11. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    The first Grant Green I ever purchased, this one just holds up very well for me.
  12. Mingus At Carnegie Hall

    That's where I came in on Charles Mingus-it was a pretty recent record at the time. A friend's older brother asked what I was listening to, and then played a few things for me-this included. I was a convert right away!