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  1. Hartmut Geerken RIP

    He had still so many plans - he wanted to be 96 years old. But his heart thwarted his plans. Maybe one day his two autobiographies (kind of - actually he didn't like autobiographies) will be translated into English. A friend and mentor - R.I.P.
  2. new Japanese Enja series in Jan

    The artist (the leader that is) for the proposed reissue on Blue Note never had a leader date on BN. I'm even quite sure that he was never on a Blue Note release at all. The pianist had leader dates on CD but not on LP, although he could have had it because of his age. Sorry but I won't reveal the name in public at this stage. As far as I recall it Matthias told me that the idea for this release came from a kind of poll Blue Note did some time ago. Is there something like a BN club or appreciation society related to Blue Note?
  3. new Japanese Enja series in Jan

    He did not say anything about a release outside of Japan. But during the last few years I've already asked him several times about the prospect of ENJA reissues for the European and/or US market. Or at least to re-import some to Germany. But reimport doesn't make sense financially. And at least in Germany there's seemingly not so much interest in these re-editions. So in short: no. - For my part I shall do order it in Japan. He has the CD already but only one copy. He never cared that much about an archive of his own productions. This sometimes leads to challenging situations. Some weeks ago he mentioned that he was asked by Blue Note about a vinyl reissue of an ENJA title on Blue Note Records. But it seems that the master tapes are gone.
  4. new Japanese Enja series in Jan

    Had a short telephone call with Matthias this afternoon. He said that the remastering is done in Munich, Germany by an old companion (won't add his name here). So Ultra-Vybe / Solid Records is not responsible. Apart from that I've asked him about the upcoming Cecil Taylor CD on Solid Records and he confirmed that the recording is a solo recording from Ruvo 2000 and not from 2009! It's actually the recording I've mentioned above.
  5. new Japanese Enja series in Jan

    CT with the Italian Instabile Orchestra was on September 10, 2000 (not 2002) and it was released by ENJA in 2003. A google translation shows that this new CD is a solo performance and previously unreleased. Here's what google does reveal from the Japanese: "Free jazz icon Cecil Taylor arrives in Luvo (sic!), Southern Italy in 2009! A completely unreleased sound source work that contains the pattern of a fierce solo performance live that repeatedly hit the piano with overwhelming concentration." Related: Matthias Winckelmann from ENJA told me (again) last week that he is pondering about a DVD of the solo performance by CT which was recorded during the Talos festival where "The Owner of the River Bank" was recorded as well. I advised against this project and recommended a CD instead (maybe with a DVD included). The producer of the ENJA reissues in Japan has a similar opinion about a DVD release (sorry but I've forgot his name). Plus the above mentioned CD (with the Italian Instabile Orch.) from 2003 was recently reissued by Solid Records in May this year. Seems a bit unlikely that they do this re-release twice the same year.
  6. Jimmy Giuffre

    Better a bit wet than too dry: But we could try wet 'n' dry - cheers!
  7. Jimmy Giuffre

    It sounds good! But Martin Davidson is not Manfred Eicher - so it sounds not so wet as an ECM release. But it is IMHO a set to get.
  8. Pimuins Guide to Mal Waldron Records

    I've the book too - and I would argue it is a reliable source. And not at least my old boss Manfred Scheffner, one of the co-founders of ECM, was at the concert. So I was always quite sure that this recording had really happened at the Domicile and not in a studio. Wether they added reverb or whatever during the mixing and mastering process I do not know. Plus I would like to add some informations about an unreleased studio session in my collection Mal Waldron has recorded in Munich on November 10, 1967 at the Trixi Studio. The line-up is Olaf Kübler (ts); Mal Waldron (p); George Mraz (b); Hartwig Bartz (d) The program: 1 Fire Waltz (M. Waldron) 3:37 2 Frustration (M. Waldron) 3:33 3 Soul Eyes (M. Waldron) 2:56 4 Misterioso (T. Monk) 3:12 5 Misterioso (T. Monk) 3:40 6 Rhythm-a-ning (T. Monk) 2:46 7 Doxy (S. Rollins) 3:02 8 Oleo (S. Rollins) 2:50 9 Four (M. Davis) 3:32 10 Four (M. Davis) 3:53 11 St. Thomas (S. Rollins) 2:43 12 Let's Call This (T. Monk) 4:08 13 Oleo (S. Rollins) 2:47 Kübler plays only on tracks 7 - 13. Got this when I've bought the remaining stock of a Munich company which had produced this session. I've aquired several CDr with the complete session but also with some titles only. The music on the CDr was culled directly from the master tapes. All in all I would say that this session was a more traditional affair but enjoyable, IMHO. The line-up is: EORGE MRAZ(b), HARTWIG BARTZ(dr)UBLER(ts tracks 7 - 13)
  9. Jimmy Giuffre

    Maybe it's old news here but Martin Davidson has reissued "Used To Be" (plus an alternate take of "Trudgin'") on Emanem in 2016. The double CD also includes a.o. more music from the 1961 Bremen concert.
  10. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    Me too - bought the CD and got the download immediately after payment - and it's great. IMO this was a safe bet. And the Victo I've ordered yesterday from Squidco. I have Mars Song and maybe some energies from the duo will have leaked to the ensemble's playing. The duo was recorded four days before the EAE was playing.
  11. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    This is a new Electro-Acoustic Ensemble CD recorded in 1996. This time with Sainkho Namtchylak plus Barry Guy, Paul Lytton, Phil Wachsmann, Marco Vecchi, Walter Prati and Evan Parker. And another EAE is due for release on Fundacja Sluchaj. Not only that they offer a bigger picture of the cover but they do reply to questions and requests. This was recorded in Poland 2019. The line-up is as follows: Evan Parker - soprano Matt Wright - laptop and turntable Paul Lytton - percussion and analogue electronics Richard Barrett - sampling keyboard Paul Obermayer - sampling keyboard Percy Pursglove - trumpet Peter van Bergen - bass and Ab clarinets Mark Nauseef - percussion Sten Sandell - piano and synthesiser Adam Linson - bass and electronics
  12. Marion Brown

    It is Mani Neumeier. Drummer of the early Irène Schweizer Trio and co-counder of Guru Guru a.o..
  13. Black Unity Trio – Al-Fatihah

    Yesterday I got an email notification by Soundohm about a reissue of this obscure but great LP. It is a bootleg! Unfortunately!
  14. New Sam Rivers and others on No Business

    The info about 8 releases I got from Danas before the first CD in the series was released. Maybe the schedule has changed or my memory is false. I have regular contact with Danas businesswise since at least 10 or 11 years . And since 2015 we've producing reissues together on No Business. However - you could be right. We haven't communicated about the Sam Rivers' CDs except that I believe they contain simply great music. Edit - now I found another source for the eight CDs. See a review at No Business website by Bill Shoemaker and here , similar infos on Squidcos's website, etc...
  15. Pimuins Guide to Mal Waldron Records

    Not a story but an anedote by Matthias Winckelmann who told me that Mal Waldron used to come by to Winckelmann's home for one or two chess games. This was no problem for MW except that Waldron choose the time between midnight and early morning for his visits. It seems Waldron mostly could persuade MW for a game or two. MW lost almost all chess games to MW as he was a quiet good player. Also at the end of the 1990s Mal Waldron came along several times to visit my boss Manfred Scheffner. As my boss was in the bureau I lead MW to my boss' retreat. And at all occaisons MW smoked his cigarillo's right in the shop where I was working. A calm, friendly and humble man who had a humorous spark in his eyes and his attitude was one of demanding respect without putting one down.
  16. New Sam Rivers and others on No Business

    Not the last two but the next two. All in all the series will be 8 CDs.
  17. Pimuins Guide to Mal Waldron Records

    Not only that I was a neighbour (albeit ignorant) of TUTU. But as was confirmed by Matthias there was a festival at the shores of the Starnberger lake. It happened only once but had invited musicians as f.e. Frank Wright! The location was only some two hundered meter from the tiny palace where the (in-) famous empress Elisabeth (Sissi...) was born and lived until her marriage with the young Emperer from Austria. I became aware of this festival (which allegedly was also filmed) through a friend. He found some reference in an old magazine. When I asked Matthias from ENJA about it he only dimly recalled the event but could not offer more details or had any documents. When I pressed him a bit about any stories from this event he only shrugged his shoulders and said something analogous to "those were the times here in Munich ...great times". The festival's location is about 28 kilometers from the center of Munich. Still the ruins of some old buildings (especially a former watchtower or so) are visible - but that the old buildings were crashed because of Wright's furious sax playing are surely only some crude defamations of those who can't stand some hefty Free Jazz ;-)
  18. Pimuins Guide to Mal Waldron Records

    Instead of answering the first question myself let mel quote a part the label's statement of intent (culled from the webarchive): "Tutu is an ambitious minor jazz label that was founded by Horst Weber, Enja Records and Peter Wiessmueller in 1988. The idea of the label’s name came from the famous album of the same name by Miles Davis and therefore also connected with the South-African freedom fighter, Bishop Desmond Tutu; i.e., consistent with the many years of jazz tradition, Tutu Records also stands for political and cultural freedom in general, and for artistic freedom in particular." Regarding the second question I know that Horst Weber was the co-founder of TUTU and likewise of ENJA. He did not found any of the two labels alone by himself. Later he retired and Werner Aldinger took over the Weber-ENJA as the label's manager and reissue-producer and in his own right for Yellow Bird Records which is Aldinger's label solely. (The label's split was in 1986 if memory serves me right) The Weber part of ENJA is owned by his daughter. Her name escapes me at the moment. As there is a long partnership of TUTU and ENJA I assume that the cooperation continues to this day. This I do not know but it will be a question I shall ask Matthias. Wießmüller must be now in his eighties. And as far as I know thre are no new productions on TUTU. The last one I know of was in 2014. Two more, slightly related things. Matthias told me that the connection to Japan and subsequently to musicians as Yosuke Yamashita came through Weber's professional trips to Japan. Weber was an entrepreneur in textile and fashion. And in this role he visited Japan regularly. Obviously he was a Jazz fan as well - so he invited some Japanese musicians to record for ENJA. The other JAPAN connection was Mal Waldron who lived in Munich for about ten years during the 1970s. According to Matthias ENJA got inquiries about new recordings of Waldon similar to ECM. So one could say that both label's (and JAPO as well) were (at least partially) founded 'cause some Japanese companies / producers expressed a desire for more recordings by and with Mal Waldron (thankfully one might add).
  19. Pimuins Guide to Mal Waldron Records

    The label was founded by Horst Weber and Peter Wießmüller in 1988. TUTU never was a subsidiary of ENJA. The reference of the lable's name is indeed from Davis' album TUTU. The reissue of some TUTU LPs on ENJA was due to Weber's co-ownership of ENJA. When I was a teenager I lived two houses next to TUTU's headquarter but wasn't aware of it. I've only wondered about the "strange" guys (i.e. musicians) going in and out of the building. But I shall ask Matthias Winckelmann if he knows more about. He had send me a solo CD by Tommy Flanagan (the newest ENJA release) and I want to thank him and give some feedback to the music. So I expect to get some more background about TUTU soon.
  20. An expanded reissue of Rashied Ali and Frank Lowe's "Duo Exchange" is available as a double LP on Suvival Records - Bandcamp. Also available is a previously unreleased concert from Slugs in 1967 as 2 x vinyl . Line-up is Dewey Johnson (Trumpet), Ramon Morris (Tenor Saxophone), Stanley Cowell (Piano), Reggie Johnson (Bass) and - of course - Rashied Ali. Already ordered both limited releases - the downloads coming with the order are not the complete albums but only a small portion of the respective recordings.
  21. New Sam Rivers and others on No Business

    At the moment the producers of NoBusiness have a hard time. I assume that's the reason they do not respond IMHO. At the time being Danas Mikailionis and myself are working on a release which is scheduled for May 2021 but me too have to wait longer than usual for a reply. And Valerij Anosov is the co-producer of NoBusiness Records (he is credited on nearly all NoBusiness releases). He had a stroke last year which means that Danas Mikailionis had to do the whole work alone, besides his regular work. Not at least for the recent batch of releases from November. And that's not the whole story insofar. So have a little bit of patience and they will respond I'm sure. Regarding a box set of the Sam Rivers' releases I'm in doubt about it. But actually I do not know it and I haven't talked with Danas about such a project at all.
  22. Pimuins Guide to Mal Waldron Records

    If you're interested in the LP you could still get it from the label's owner for 12,- euros. Maybe it would be safe to contact the bassist before ordering: https://rainerglas.de/kontakt/ The German post prices for delivering to the US have increased considerably since 2019 for private customers.
  23. Pimuins Guide to Mal Waldron Records

    Here's the link.
  24. Pimuins Guide to Mal Waldron Records

    Hermann Breuer hasn't recorded a lot with small groups. A nice exception is an obscure LP from Germany with a.o. other Michael Sessions (of Horace Tapscott fame). The Joe Nay LP / CD Niko mentions is a solid effort but I haven't listened to it since many years. Unfortunately Breuer stopped playing the trombone in 2010. He returned to his first instrument piano on which he has a classical education. On the website of the Munich Jazz Festival Breuer quotes Jimmy Woode who remarked to him (in 1973) "You are crazy" after he mentioned to Woode that he did not want to play the piano anymore. But I always preferred him on the trombone. His contribution on Moods is a.f.a.I.k. his best playing on any recording I've ever heard with him.
  25. New Sam Rivers and others on No Business

    All in all 8 CDs are planned. Scheduled are two releases in 2021 and the remaining two in 2022. Before there were two for 2019 respectively 2020.