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  1. Kraftwerk

    Us at the concert. That's me and my wife on the right. Oops I meant left, those are our friends on the right, me and my wife are on the left. Check this out. Being a jazz nut, love metal, this is really, really, cool.
  2. Kraftwerk

    One original member left. But this was a sweet show. Worth every second: bizarre, unique, in German! Captivated.
  3. RIP, Ray Liotta

    Well if we're going to weigh in manuscripts/books v. movies, my first big let-down started with Copulas' adaption of Hinton's "The Outsiders;" couldn't stand it. Hated the cast, acting (can't stand Ralph Machio, Matt Dillon) clearly the director (Nick Cage's uncle) I was 12 when that crap was released.
  4. Ornette Coleman - Genesis of Genius

    Yes. Got my copy today. If you want this package done right! Contemporary Records always sounded good. Nice to have these discs in UNIFORMED format and then the original cover for Something Else, seals the deal. My opinion, because I like things done right, buy!
  5. RIP, Ray Liotta

    I'm just messing around. I get this movie and The Natural confused all the time; two totally different actors!
  6. Hank Mobley

    Not a medical doctor, but guessing tobacco. Dude liked to smoke.
  7. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    ON CD ( and I think RVG got the remastering right) but this is some of the most INTENSNSE music released by BN. Period.
  8. Your Music Collector Idiosyncrasies

    Take that Hank Jones too.
  9. Your Music Collector Idiosyncrasies

    My biggest issue is get it right. There's nothing more annoying when a original album is re-released with some stupid new album-cd sleeve that makes no sense (32 Jazz) and they change the labels etc. I'm beyond how to file them; I'm embarrassed where to put them (if I even think about even buying it.) I know, "its about the music" but I can't tell you how many times I have to find the "right" sleeve and make a glossy cover of it so it's right and slip it over the ugly sleeve (Clifford Brown/Tubby New York sessions Columbia sleeve (replaced) cd version gross!) those hared Arista album covers especially Marion Brown! (Fontana/Phillips/Polydor!/Epic) (blahhh). OCD much? Guess So.
  10. What music did you buy today?

    Love that Hawes album cover! Today, I treated myself to the Contemporary Ornette twofer and Blakey in Tokyo.
  11. RIP, Ray Liotta

    Think everyone is thinking Field of Dreams. Liotta. Ed Harris, Kevin Costner, James Earl Jones.
  12. RIP, Ray Liotta

    Sorry, Goodfellas, ladies and gentlemen.
  13. Hank Mobley

  14. Hank Mobley

    I know what you mean, I didn't mean his life was a waste, what he left for us to enjoy is immeasurable, but the substance abuse cut it short was all I was saying.
  15. Hank Mobley

    Still sad. A tremendous talent wasted to alcohol.
  16. *** Cecil Taylor ***

    Any pre-1970 Cecil is a treat in my book.
  17. Kind of strikes me looking like Bennie Maupin, though I don't think he ever recorded for the label. In support of that defense, nor did Ayler.
  18. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Just curious, looking at the OBI strip on top, CBS has rights to distribute Candid records? Seriously, I don't know. Yeah, totally didn't see the connection. Thanks! And at Jazzcorner, I'm really losing it, where is the options button??? Nevermind... Anywho, about those awesome Prestige records posted above, good stuff.
  19. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Just curious, looking at the OBI strip on top, CBS has rights to distribute Candid records? Seriously, I don't know. Ignore that post above, I don't know how to delete it, but this what I meant to quote. Just curious, looking at the OBI strip on top, CBS has rights to distribute Candid records? Seriously, I don't know.
  20. RIP, Ray Liotta

    Cannot forget when Hannibal scalped Ray's head and was having breakfast with him (if you will) lols.
  21. Hank Mobley

    Drink and drugs were a problem in this time period. Stan Getz immediately comes to mind, who had a major drinking problem, Art Pepper, junk. Wasn't it in Miles' autobiography, where Miles said he had dinner with Paul Chambers around 1968-9, that he downed so many Zombies that he passed out right there at the table? He was dead shortly thereafter, and if I remember from Mile's account, he was not even 30? Could be wrong as I read this nearly 30 years ago and the book is packed away in storage. Tragedies abound. Sad.
  22. Han is one my favorite drummers, up there with Tony Williams and Joe Chambers: incredible rhythm and timing. Expert knowledge of the kit.
  23. No Fred, but made a major mistake passing on Brotz here in Cleveland. I was hoping for a "Die Like A Dog" outfit, but it wasn't and I passed. Nothing I can do about it now, except hope he will come nearby again in the future.
  24. RIP, Ray Liotta

    Just got the news, very sad, loooved him in Goodfellas.
  25. Phil Woods' Rant About Bud Shank Firing in 2004

    Ran into John Clayton at Cleveland Int'l Airport like 15 years ago. Recognized him immediately as he was hauling his bass on a wheel-like thing. I told him I know who you are, John Clayton, right!? And he laughed and said yup because nobody else in the airport knew who he was! Nice and congenial guy!