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  1. Concerts: previews / reviews

    Are they battery-powered windup toys?
  2. Name Three People...

    Jeannie C. Riley William Bendix Babe Ruth
  3. 2015-2016 Hot Stove League

    Ok, Big Bad Mother has a loaded .45 at your head and is about to get the shakes. He gives you the choice between the DH or a return to the Dead Ball. If you choose, he drops the gun. If not, hey, you're the new wallpaper. Call it. Now.  
  4. Blue Mitchell / Sonny Red - Uptown

    John Jenkins & C. Sharpe too, yeah, that whole "street" side of Bird thing, unapologetically street. Shafiq Hadi. And really, Roscoe too, I think.
  5. what is TAMPA records

    I'd like to think of it as parody, but he does it too well, without malice or mockery, and he's from Texas. So I feel it more as "observation" than "parody", which, really, might have been true of all Giuffre's music, and I mean that as a compliment. Oh, 78s...I picked up a McShann 78 of "Sepia Bounce" at a flew market for grins, like, late 70s. Took it home and got goosebumps when Bird's break came...was not expecting THAT coming out of a record that sounded like that. Probably all "psychological", but I think that sometimes the "cleanness" of "best quality possible" sound of older musics takes away the artifacts of age. Does this happen anywhere in nature?
  6. Thad Jones

    Sweet. I still wonder what was behind "No Refill", the original incarnation especially. Not the "how", but the "why".   That, when taken into consideration as a whole, is some weird, mysterious shit. I've nver seen the original liner notes to see if there's an explanation. Maybe the damn dog knows. I really think Thad's been under-appreciated because he fell between the cracks in a time where being on either side of them was so crucial. Fortunately, we have history, which when done right, can shine some light down into those cracks and see if there's any survivors. Shine that light on Thad, and shine it brightly.
  7. what is TAMPA records

    Even bigger groove at an even faster speed, so as to be able to bring all the noise.
  8. Pat Martino

    Is he wearing shoes with buckles instead of laces? If so, that is so cool.
  9. Concerts: previews / reviews

    Wonderful gig, great group, fascinating repertoire. The intimacy of a chamber group, etcetcetc. But this one...hairpin dynamics, some of the most fluid time I've ever heard, and by god, they swung in that way that classical music can swing when it's really being brought home, in the moment. I love it when a group plays music with which I totally unfamiliar, music with some complexity to it, and delivers it with such clarity, that you can't help but follow the ideas as they come out/go around/etc. Clarity of playing, clarity of vision, clarity but never complacency. It's exhilarating. Brenda was actually moved to tears. I just had a big grin on my face most of the night. Contrary to the crankyass that's on display here sometimes, I actually love laughing and smiling whenever possible. Tonight it was easy, so, good time. I also think Brahms might have been nuts, in a very quiet way. Yes?
  10. David Bowie has died.

    The last few weeks have been a little "unsettled", family things and such, but all is well now. I have listened to Reality and found it very much to my liking.
  11. 2015-2016 Hot Stove League

    Metal bats would be an abomination. All the DH does is ensure that never again will it be third and goal from the 3 and you're forced to bring your placekicker in to play halfback and then further forced to give him the ball. I see no reason for the leagues to conform. What destroys the "internal construct", not of any single game but of "the game" as a whole is interleague play and the unbalanced schedule. But even that's not so much ruining anything as it is shifting the nature of the season from one of getting results from a tightly controlled experiment to one of getting results from as series of increasingly arbitrary "exhibition" games. Which, ok, it's still baseball, and it's still the best game there is. And let's face it - the collective "we" tends to favor exhibition over experiment most any damn day. So sell them tickets and play them games!
  12. Do you recognize this LP artwork?

    A search of Caedmon LP covers did not yield a match, but it did provide some interesting results nevertheless.
  13. Concerts: previews / reviews

    Chamber season picks back up on Monday night.
  14. PM sent on Evan Parker -- After Appleby $20 Evan Parker -- The Needles $20 Evan Parker -- 50th Birthday Concert $20