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  1. Phil Chess 1921 - 2016

    Inez wins.
  2. What was the first Jazz Lp you bought?

    The Crown, bought it at a Firestone store in my hometown. Rode my bike there and back. Crown showed up regularly at places like that, dime stores, Western Auto, Sears, etc. Some rack jobber was doing their job well, I would say. It was two Paul Desmond Fantasy studio cuts, one live Brubeck Fantasy cut, and whatever the hell that George Nielsen thing was, don't know if that's ever been firmly established.
  3. Anita O'Day Recs

    Watch the face-acting on this one...every look perfect for before, during, and after an encounter with the police. Taht's not said with even the least bit of snark either, but with the fullest respect.
  4. Anita O'Day Recs

  5. What was the first Jazz Lp you bought?

    I can recall for certain, because i had just begun buying rock albums in earnest (at least as earnest as my allowance would allow for) about a year or so before, and this definitely felt significant to me, this stepping into another world by actually buying into it. This was a different thing, yeah, and not a causal undertaking. There was so much other stuff to buy, and...jazz? A jazz record? Buying one? UH-oh... And then, about a month later, this one (don't laugh, I didn't!) Before you figure out the formulae, this kind of thing is impressive. And it still is, in different ways, after you do. Besides, Shelly Manne never sucked! Now, what the third one was...that's where things get fuzzy...
  6. What Are You Watching

    Various episodes of Burke's Law, Season 1. Some seriously entertaining fun shit!
  7. Sexiest album covers

    Dig the Epic logo reference!
  8. BFT 151 (October 2016) - Discussion Thread

    Ikef When I was three I blew icons of milk from sweet pipes of flesh and giggled at the eye-bubbles giving me pleasure. When I was six I blew icons of soap from wooden pipes and chased little girls on giant bubble-dragons. When I was nine I blew hero wings from stolen cigarettes and staggered over smoke-ropes of lies. When I was twelve I blew kisses on paper to big girls who broke my bubbles with knowing eyes. When I was fifteen I blew icons of pleasure from a horn, dreaming of milk, crystal spheres, and warriors eating honey. When I was eighteen I smoked icons of kef and blew images that spun and exploded, reflecting visions of three. Henry Dumas
  9. how would i be able to know if there was a 78 released, with these two songs:

    Of possible interest: http://www.prestohistory.com/Presto.htm It might have been something recorded for somebody's local/personal use. With no matrix or label markings, that seems possible.
  10. how would i be able to know if there was a 78 released, with these two songs:

    Does the dead wax have anything in it? Or the label anything on it? At all?
  11. BFT 151 (October 2016) - Discussion Thread

    I'm still amazed as hell about how fully realized those performances are, especially on the one included here, how one player makes one piano sound like an actual group, not just in timbre, but in attacks and time. I don't know enough to know the particulars about Maro Ajemian, what kind of musical relationship she had with Cage, or, really, her work in general, but damn does this one here speak to me of full immersion, total commitment, and deep understanding of purpose and vision.
  12. BFT 151 (October 2016) - Discussion Thread

    The "narrative" approach to the programming here hasn't gained traction, but fwiw, "falling asleep in church" is a big part of that narrative.