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  1. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Charles Davis always has something to say.
  2. I think that "Black & Blue" is French for "discographical clarity is for other people".
  3. Anything Good To Say About Andre Vida???

    I had this one going earlier today: https://brandonevans.bandcamp.com/album/la-soci-t-de-ren-gat-ep-sonny-simmons-brandon-evans-andr-vida-clayton-thomas-andrew-barker
  4. Doug & Jean Carn - Spirit Of The New Land

    It is standard organ fare, but very good standard organ fare. Definitely worth checking out if you're a fan. I got it from Red Trumpet back in the day when they were still a thing.
  5. I can't quibble with your Hill selection, but would like to know if was in any way a close call. The Steeplechase & East Wind sides are very strong, imo. For that matter, hearing Lee Konitz and Hill (and/or Robin Kenyatta with hill) together on Spiral always gives me a tickle!
  6. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    See, you CAN get from Irene Aebi to Bill Withers!
  7. Walter Bishop Jr. - Coral Keys

    I started buying the label in real time, best as I could. They weren't in every record store, if you know what I mean. Then the label went away, but used things would pop up here and there. There was (is?) a blog that eventually got to the entire Black Jazz catalog, that was illuminating, to put it mildly, the "classics" as perceived by whatever general audience awareness exists are but a small portion of the catalog. Then somebody tried to resuscitate the label honorably, but apparently without a lot of reserve capital, with predictable results. Too bad about that, because they did reissue the entire catalog on CD, a small but meaningful 20 records. The blog is here, and I think I can safely put it here because all links are dead now: https://blackjazzrecordscatalog.blogspot.com/2009/02/black-jazz-records-checklist-compiled.html The funny thing is, I never really dug Gene Russell...although he did do a DB BFT where he did the "black band or white band" thing...and pretty much aced it. Leonard Feather perpetually talked about the similarly-themed Roy Eldridge BFT where Roy certainly did not ace it, but for some reason (hmmmm...), he never talked about Gene Russell's. Nevertheless, uh, this:
  8. I don't pay attention unless, and this guy is getting it on this Sonny Simmons record I'm listening to now. So, is he a nice guy? Or parallel importance, are there other records where he will likewise as on this one?
  9. Slowness of Mail Order

    No problems here, yet (fingers crossed)
  10. Walter Bishop Jr. - Coral Keys

    Dusty Groove speaks in code, they'll let you know when they know or not. This shit is just bubbly hipster partial-connect excitedly baseball card.
  11. BFT196 Link & Discussion

    ok, the scene is clean, but maybe a bit more fun when it wasn't? no matter, that cat can play, and this groove is totally a part of his personal heritage, if not as a youth, then just over the course of time. I dig him.
  12. Walter Bishop Jr. - Coral Keys

    How deep into this label do they plan on going? There's some gems there, especially the Chester Thompson record. But that blurb bother me, to note the Hubbard connection for one tune, but not the title tune? And 1969 is later than 1971? And the next motherfucker that starts a sentence with "thing and then doesn't put something after it before making the comparison, or asks me it I want to "come with" like I'm some kind of side order....I will not be responsible for where the puke goes, ok? Then again, I give up expecting young people to know all that old shit. Everybody too busy being proud of their "re-discoveries". ok boomer, go get the coco and let us has our dead black musics now, you've already had it, let us own it now (and forever more, probably) otoh and on a sunnier not,, this is a good record, but don't sleep on Bish's follow-up for the label, Keeper of My Soul. Significantly less "known" sidepeeples, but perhaps more...personal(?) music, perhaps as a result.
  13. Doug & Jean Carn - Spirit Of The New Land

    I can't buy this yet again, but anybody who doesn't have it, probably should. Pretty much a classic, and deservedly so.
  14. BFT196 Link & Discussion

    #11 = George Adams ECM, good advice, then and now.