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  1. Concerts: previews / reviews

    One good, no, great, thing about live music is that you don't get to hear it again. Something either works right there or it doesn't. I heard some things along the way that I felt "iffy" about (especially when it came to how soon he released the sus pedal at the end a few times, seemed out of sync with the groove that had been going up until then), but, you know, no time to worry about that because things kept going and what, there's no pause button, no rewind, so what are you gonna do, worry about it or keep going along with the player? And this stuff is so split-brained, like really really basic thematic material in the right hand, and jeese f. crist, a fucking drum choir in the left, no real "harmony" but overtones out the ass, intense forward momentum and sudden stops all at once, you know, like Sonny(?) said about playing with Monk, if you lose your place it's like falling down an elevator shaft, no so much structurally with these Cage pieces, but "zone", definitely, so, yeah, notice, and/but adapt, it's the improviser's way of life. But I would like some historical clarification about how/when and on whose authority this turned into this and then into this Was Ross Russell insisting on bebop tempo or what? No matter, for record, make mine Maro, at least on this one.
  2. Clyde Stubblefield, RIP

    Also heard for years as the house drummer on NPR's "Whad'Ya Know?" out of Madison, Wisocnsin! RIP, and fullest love possible. James Brown changed my life more than once, with and without Clyde, but especially with.
  3. Concerts: previews / reviews

    Heard Boris Berman tonight at the Nasher doing Cage's Sonatas and Interludes...spellbinding music, really, simple/basic and endlessly complex all at once. Berman did not "top" Maro Ajemian's original recording imo, but you know, that was then, this is now, and if you ever get a chance to hear this music live, by all means do. It's intense.
  4. Frank Zappa

    That looks good, thanks for the tip!
  5. Frank Zappa

    The only Zappa I'd considering adding to my collection (at this time), would be something by that BWS band, with the Bunk Gardner, Ian Underwood, Don Preston, etc. Is there anything from that lineup coming out? Or am I good with BWS & Weasels, Hot Rats in addition? I bought most of the Verves in real-ish time (in print, in stores) and of course am keeping that. But not adding to. FWIW, I really liked the Flo & Eddie stuff when it got all operatic and shit, Billy The Mountain was a freaking epic. But the whole Mud Shark thing hasn't worn well with me, as has not Zappa's ongoing puerile genital humor (c.f. Roy Estrada, #youfuckingasshole). I've learned to take the great with the cringeworthy, but have no desire to add any more.
  6. Frank Zappa

    This will be the Carnegie Hall album, correct? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carnegie_Hall_(Frank_Zappa_album) Is there anything in that list by the last edition of the original mothers, the burnt weenie sandwich band?
  7. Hank Mobley In Holland

    Dusty Groove has it as Coming Soon: https://www.dustygroove.com/item/831701?sf=hank+mobley&incl_oos=1&incl_cs=1&kwfilter=hank+mobley&sort_order=artist
  8. BFT 155 Sign Up & Discussion

    Yeah, ears so grand they could pick either Roscoe Mitchell or Al Cohn as the same player! And be wrong both ways! Do we have Benny Waters in here someplace? I think not, but... And/or - is that "Please Don't Talk..." cut an officially released on CD thing, or does its provenance lie elsewhere?
  9. French Horn Recommendations

    Everybody's heard Alan Civil!