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  1. Garner on Mainstream? My memory is failing on that, please advise/assist?
  2. Jimmy Smith

    here, sure. not sure about there. It's a Grey area to be sure. But enough money can clear it all up, witness miles.
  3. Jimmy Smith

    Pretty sure that the artists in that series signed a release with the radio network that allowed for recording for future use, although that meant rebroadcast or releasing a record, I'm not sure.
  4. Jimmy ford lived in Houston with his mom after he got out of New York. Moved there, stayed there. Quite a story, as they say.
  5. I wonder if they used the Giant Steps formula or some variant of it on All The Things You Are. That could get really, nicely, densely chewy, as in a lot to bite off. But they could chew it, you know they could.
  6. Anthony Bourdain, RIP

    He had options for help, and this was one of them. I'll not argue that it's not kind to those left behind, but unless you're a loved one - and I'm not - no sweat off my back. Is suicide the ultimate surrender or the ultimate empowerment? I'd say it's both. oh, one more thing - when I first saw this thread I thought it said Anthony Braxton (not wearing my glasses) . I was relieved that it wasn't. Nothing against Bourdain, I was - and remain - a huge fan. But Braxton, that's a whole other level for me, so year, better Bourdain than Braxton, if it had to be one or the other.
  7. All I need is a post on organissimo.
  8. And not just about this record. Life in general today is all mega-hyped, that seems to be what people think is the only way to get attention for damn near anything. To the extent that they're proven right (aka damn near always), it will only intensify. Could you use a break from all that? I know I sure could. But ain't nobody asking me what I think about it, so fuck it, I'll just take a nap.
  9. Ann Richards

    Major stuff...from time to time, occasionally, maybe. But great bands, always, and that is never anything to take for granted. Just listen to all the non-*great bands who put on an attempt at going there. As painful as the model sometimes is, the copies aren’t just painful, they’re failures in a way that the stuff that drove the originals despised. Moral of the story, maybe, is that one good way to never be a hero is to imitate one.
  10. https://www.irishtimes.com/culture/music/carla-bley-i-am-trying-to-imitate-the-people-i-love-and-failing-1.3089352
  11. You’ll probably only be able to get it at the conviinience stores that sell REALLY good boudinm, meaning that if you don’t know where that already is...something else, some other time. For the record, I would be SOL, but just sayin’, Houston can have its ways sometimes.
  12. Ann Richards

    Kenton was a BIG mess, but how he emerged from that weird semi-retirement of tour bands and all over the place studio records (Neophonic, Wagner, The World We Knew, Dee Barton, Hair, jeeeeez, talk about being adrift and directionless) to get a group of True Believers and finally come out on the other side with that superb Redlands band/record...that’s its own kind of heroic odyssey, to be sure. Whatever else there is to say about him, there is still that. At its peak, that whole Creative World thing (the actual business, not the marketing slogan) was really working. When we now talk about artist-controlled record/management enterprises, that one gets forgotten, but it was there, doing it.
  13. Ann Richards

    Here ya, go: https://jazztimes.com/features/ann-richards-dreams-fading/
  14. Ann Richards

    Ok, I got some things conflated. That Losers Club record was made In Hollywood, not Dallas. There was a club here by that name, but it was not that one. So I don’t know if the lore is from whatever time she was here, or if it’s been passed down by and through the then-extensive Kenton network in these parts. No matter. It sure seems like these were two self-destructive individuals who were not going to be anything but what they were. People are funny that way.