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  1. BFT 201 - Link and Discussion

    Ok, I give up then!
  2. BFT 201 - Link and Discussion

    Glad it's not Nathan Davis, he's one of those guys who only really swings at double-or-up tempos....nothing wrong with that, necessarily, but I've not known Nathan Davis to have been one of those type players. so...back to alternating between Google and work IMs... Ok, let's try this one: https://www.discogs.com/ja/Klaus-Weiss-Quintet-On-Tour/release/10085461 The thing about it is that Mal Waldron is unmistakable, everybody else....not so much.
  3. BFT 201 - Link and Discussion

    With Nathan Davis?
  4. BFT 201 - Link and Discussion

    With Ray Barretto!
  5. BFT 201 - Link and Discussion

    Art Webb?

    Some people do their best work away from their office!
  7. It might be one of those things that the meaning changes as time passes? I'd like to see that thing where Chuck D does the album. I like Chuck D pretty much.

    We have a fine crew here, drivers, counter clerks, everybody, sorry to hear not everybody does. It's to be expected, I suppose. Like any other organization, I would wager that it filters down from the top.

    Gender is not relevant. Lameness is. Refusal to leave a truck to ensure safe delivery with no perceived/expressed/documented safety concern is lame, as is a supervisory refusal to clear up the perception/issue.
  10. Give the flowers to the living.
  11. BFT 201 - Link and Discussion

  12. BFT 201 - Link and Discussion

    That last one is Hubert Laws & Ron Carter (dive-bombing!) but I'll be damned if I can remember what record that is.
  13. BFT 201 - Link and Discussion

    KB/Big-band, not Verve, is that the Richard Evans thing on Cadet? Just guessing.
  14. BFT 201 - Link and Discussion

    Timmy! I love that song. Still, maybe more than ever.
  15. BFT 201 - Link and Discussion

    the one that's JR Monterose instead?