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  1. The $6,000,000 Man was a hit TV show that Oliver Nelson composed the theme for, that's what that was all about.
  2. Name Three People...

    Maid Marian Marian The Librarian Melvil Dewey
  3. It's ok, fun enough. It was one of Oliver Nelson's last projects, not one of his major efforts by any means...
  4. Actually, I've substantially enjoyed all the later PJ sides that groove made, even the one with Ernie Watts!
  5. Durham does no harm on this one, and Jimmy Forrest sounds great. Buy with confidence!
  6. Because of my age (15 or so), I first heard of Waymon Reed when he was with Basie, in a review that referred to him as "former James Brown trumpeter Waymon Reed". And I know he was with Basie when I saw him in December of 1970. Well, those seemed, at the time, like two worlds that wouldn't ordinarily collide, but not too much longer I found a copy of Soul On Top and cleared all that up! Wondering what if any Basie records document of Fred Wesley's time with the band?
  7. Aretha Franklin, RIP

    Not really "mad" at anybody, just kind of peeved at the faux-nobility of journalistic pontifications about long-gone wrongs and imbalances that point fingers and name names, when in the meantime, look at what's going on...where's the money going and why? Artists get on social media and complain, sure, but what's the effect of that other than an even greater cynicism about "the way things are". Well, yeah, but there are real people still making money, and that's not happening accidentally, so the same type person who gets all righteous about Aretha not getting writer money for "Resect" (which is a really stupid argument imo, Marc Myer's point about the accounting of payment due on sales if far more to the point), let's get one of the Righteously Indignant Heroes to get all up in today's business and name names and follow THAT money, ok? Just saying, I think an article such as the one in the NYT is a bit of paper tiger faux-bravery. I am neither impressed nor moved. I have, however, used "faux" twice in the same post, so you see how the whole thing degrades us all. Also, not impressed with the ability of "social media" to do too much besides stirring the digital pot. Real reform, or even justice, still takes place in the analog realm.
  8. A cell phone fucked up my brain

    Do they need to?
  9. Aretha Franklin, RIP

    Indeed they have, but who's looking at management contracts, label deals (such as they still exist), etc. At root, Spotify is really just radio. The problem is that it's become the radio and the record store and the jukebox all rolled into one. Now, who is letting that happen without compensation being adjusted accordingly? "Spotify" is not an answer, "Spotify" is not a person, not a decision maker. "Spotify" is a brand name, a product.
  10. Jack Costanzo RIP

    They called him MISTER Bongo! RIP
  11. And Steve Turre too? On electric bass? Or am I thinking of the one after this one? No matter, I like Chico Hamilton records, even the bad ones. I love the sound he gets out of his kit and cymbals. Always.
  12. Aretha Franklin, RIP

    Is it just me, or does it seem that most of the time the ripped off (fairly or unfairly) stories are told, they’re always told from a safe distance looking backwards? Are these brave journalists incapable of looking at today’s business, or is everything today so goddam squeaky clean that there’s nothing to look at here?
  13. Songs We Should Retire

    The best way to retire a song is to just stop listening to it. Let evolution do its thing.
  14. Aretha Franklin, RIP

    Did Otis get paid every time “Try A Little Tenderness” got played? Or “Shake”? Does Carole King owe Aretha money? Hell, does Carole King owe ANYBODY any money?