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  1. JSngry added a post in a topic Things Written On Used LPs You've Picked Up   

    Underlined in the same ink is the song title "Secret Love".
    I guess the moral of the story is to not let your Robert Farnon records end up in Half Price Books if you have any secrets.
  2. JSngry added a post in a topic Release dates of Miles's records   

    Regarding Prestige, remember that all but the first "Classic Quartet" albums were recorded in two "marathon" sessions for the purpose of contract fulfillment, and that Miles had already begun recording for Columbia. Weinstock knew that big things were to come, so he had four albums in the can ready to release as time went by.
    AMG gives the release dates as follows:
    Cookin' - July 1957
    Relaxin' - March 1958
    Workin' - September 1959
    Steamin' - May 1961
    Other than that, relevant to Newport, July 17, 1955
    Blue Moods - Recorded July 9, 1955 (!)
    The Walkin' session was first released on two 10" LPs, so they probably would have  would have been heard by then.
    Per Discogs, the three quintet pieces with Sonny came out in 1954 http://www.discogs.com/Miles-Davis-Miles-Davis-And-The-Modern-Jazz-Giants/release/4076578

    The Bags' Groove session first came out (without the alternates) on two 10" LPs...sometime in 1955

    None of these sources are exactly definitive, obviously, but it seems safe to say that the audience at Newport in 1955 would have already had access to Walin', the quintet with Sonny, and, maybe a Bags' Groove 10'. Whether or not they/some of them had availed themselves of that access is another question. I don't know if it would be unsafe to speculate that the whole "comeback" buzz/marketing was made possible by "people" not paying too much attention past the Capitol Birth Of The Cool 10", material which grew in stature only after its initial releases.
  3. JSngry added a post in a topic WTF Bill Cosby!!!   

    Speaking of suspending common sense...the recent allegation that Bill Cosby has sexual contact with a 15 year old girl at the Playboy Mansion in 1975(?). am I the only one who thinks that no matter how degenerate an incident that might have been, the real story here is that there was even a 15 year old girl available for sex in the Playboy Mansion in the first place? How did that happen?
    Will either the prosecution or the defense be seeking an deposition from Hugh Hefner?
  4. JSngry added a post in a topic Whitney Houston has died.   

     Bobby Brown had, if nothing else, mojo.
    When he had it, and for as long as he had it.
  5. JSngry added a post in a topic What Are You Watching   

    Catching up on Keye & Peele in the wake of their announcing the end of their Comedy Central series.
    Lots of  reflexive LOL stuff from these guys, as well as some high-concept comedy as well, often within the same bit. Impressive.
    Also now have the Comedy Central Roku station, so discovering some things, like Broad City, which is looking to be one of those dry things that is funny in the cumulative...I love it when that happens.
    Also Why? with Hannibal Burris...still finding its pace, but then its good its damn good, and flying Lotus is on hand as DJ.
  6. JSngry added a post in a topic New Software Update - SUCCESS   


    Yeah, the trick seems to be to not let the image link turn into a live hyperlink. Still not sure what I was doing that made the difference....waht about you?
  7. JSngry added a post in a topic New Software Update - SUCCESS   

    That's what happened when I posted a live hyperlink as opposed to a text form of the link.
    But now take that address and cutout the http:// and just work with this: ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41Z5lAFchwL.jpg

  8. JSngry added a post in a topic New Software Update - SUCCESS   

    Ok, gonna try the bbcode [ I M G ] on that link:

    Had to be careful to post the link as copied out of the browser window (essentially a text stringt with no hyperlink in place). pasting a live link jacked it all up.
  9. JSngry added a post in a topic Dallas, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Etc. Jazz & Other Concerts   

    Confirmed that we'll be hitting between 10:15 & 10:30. One set, 40-45 minutes. 

  10. JSngry added a post in a topic New Software Update - SUCCESS   

    I think Amazon images do not end with an image file extension if you do it like that.?
  11. JSngry added a post in a topic New Software Update - SUCCESS   

    Bbcode...that's what the issue is. IIt's working for some users but not others. No clue how to fix it, but 99.9% sure it'll be in the bowels of the browser, somewhere.
  12. JSngry added a post in a topic Name Three People...   

    The Pope Of Greenwich Village
    Ellie Greenwich
    Ellie Mae Clampett
  13. JSngry added a post in a topic CD Storage Problems   

    Yeah, definitely a browser setting somewhere...something about bbcode parser...getting past what I know, but there's lots of Google results for "bbcode not working" and things like that (none of the few I'velooked at have come to any straightforward explanations/solutions), and you can get Firefox add-ons for it (which it looks like I don't need), but all that to just say if you know your browser well enough to tinker, it sure looks like that's the thing to do.
  14. JSngry added a post in a topic CD Storage Problems   

    Ok, it's not an HTML tag, it's bbcode: http://vanillaforums.org/discussion/18849/img-img-codes-for-emebedding-images
  15. JSngry added a post in a topic CD Storage Problems   

    Sounds like something is preventing you from entering HTML tags/whatever they're called into your posts...probably some browser setting?

    yeah, see if [ email]...[ /email] works for you.
    Without those tags, it looks like this no hyperlink.