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  1. JSngry added a post in a topic LF: Session Order Of J-Mac's Feb 15,1957 Prestige Session   

    Thanks. Pretty productive day at the office. Looking forward to re-creating it from all the pieces, sometimes that's "revealing", sometimes not. But I'm not surprised that "Outburst" was the last tune of the day. Hard to see anywhere to go from there (time/place/etc).
  2. JSngry added a post in a topic LF: Session Order Of J-Mac's Feb 15,1957 Prestige Session   

    Not sure if I lost them in session order or not!
  3. JSngry added a post in a topic Robert Johnson   

    What kind of blues are we talking about here?
  4. JSngry added a post in a topic Has the bottom fallen out of the Mosaic market?   

    Use the chain/link image-button to insert the link, then paste the link into the text box. A link it will shall stay
  5. JSngry added a topic in Discography   

    LF: Session Order Of J-Mac's Feb 15,1957 Prestige Session
    Seems to be spread out over 4 LPs, I'd like to reassemble in recording order if possible.
    as always, thanks in advance!
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  6. JSngry added a post in a topic What are you listening to right now?   

    Not really feeling this one...Although Draper's efforts are to be applauded on the merits of their own existence, they're not really to be enjoyed, at least not by me. And Jackie seems a little stultified, which I'm not going to attribute that to the usual suspects, because...not the case elsewhere, and you know they were there too, probably, often. No, seem like maybe a reed going out on him, because that last ballad is really awkward, and the higher the notes are, the more unfortunate the pitch becomes. Definitely sounds like a reed that just got fuquitous all at once, they'll do you like that. But the rest of the record has the same kind of "not able to really dig in" quality, and oh look at this, Jackie came back in to the studio, like, 8 days later and played with total ferocity and command, SOMEBODY wanted a do-over ASAP.
    It should be noted, though, that whatever was bugging Jackie was not bugging Bill Hardman.
  7. JSngry added a post in a topic What are you listening to right now?   

    Intense blowing, repetition of certain vocabulary elements could be viewed as either redundant or insistent depending on force of will, in this case most definitely insistent.
  8. JSngry added a post in a topic Monday Michiru Corner   

    Sold out at DG for the time being: https://www.dustygroove.com/item/751832

    Ready to go at CD Japan http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/VICJ-61740
  9. JSngry added a post in a topic What are you listening to right now?   

  10. JSngry added a post in a topic Ornette's Blindfold Test   

    Don't recall ever seeing that BFT before, sweet. Thanks!
  11. JSngry added a post in a topic Robert Johnson   

    Absolutely. I just meant that with any historical music/people, especially of this type/time, there is no certainty of anything because A} not everybody got recorded and B) even if they did, people can love you live and not care shit about your records, or even know you got records to hear. So, all this Robert Johnson was God and/or all this Robert Johnson = Highly Overinflated.White Projection..I don't know, man, I just don't know. I've played in a few roadhouses where nobody knows about unless they're supposed to know about them with an occasional itinerant bluesmen who nobody's EVER heard of except those who put them up while they're in town and those who are left being owed something once they leave (often the same person), and this was long in the second half of the 20th century, when the trend towards EVERYBODY making SOME kind of record or at least demo tape was well past the point of no return, so that shit was STILL going on within the last 25-30 years, and might well still be, although if it is, good god...I don't doubt but that it is..there's still unvisible land for people to get into and people wanting to be unvisible, right?
    Point just being that Robert Johnson Record Star Legend Icon & Robert Johnson real person, real life, real music...you gotta have imagination either way, know what I'm saying? You know that scene in Honkytonk Man where Clint just shows up, plays for a shack full of a couple of dancers all by himself, gets some tips and then books? That struck be as being more real than people might think, not about Clint Eastwood of course, but just about the way a lot of people we still don't know about today got to the point to where we still don't know about them today. That scene actually moved me to tears, because, hey, roadhouses that do not have roads leading to them, ok? Real shit.
    So, I'm like, yeah, records, can't live without them, but nevertheless, shit happens anyway, just keep that part of the perspective in place and mysteries become less mysterious, because you'll never know everything you want to know, never mind everything you need to know, just ain't gonna happen, not here it ain't. That and that what "happened" depends on a lot of things, not the least of which is what is meant by "happened", and anybody who don't get that, leave them blues alone, I'm telling you, because you will be tricked out of your sanity before you know it and then be considered the sanest man or woman alive, that's what them blues will do to you. If them blues don't create a certain discomfortable comfort of distance on and for your behalf, something ain't right.
  12. JSngry added a post in a topic Post A Pic   

  13. JSngry added a post in a topic Your Favorite Bird Live Recording   

    Or you can drink it straight, on Alamac.
  14. JSngry added a post in a topic Robert Johnson   

    All this opinion is based on records and stories about live gigs that none of us were at. Sure, that's all we have, but also, that's all we have.
  15. JSngry added a post in a topic Post A Pic