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  1. Inez Andrews - RIP

    It's a blessing - and a privilege - to be in service one more time.
  2. Additional Herbie Mann Live at Whiskey

    I can get those two tunes confused if I don't hear them regularly, and I haven't experienced that for a bit longer than just beginning in 2016. no matter - pay the man.
  3. What music did you buy today?

    Berg/Stravinsky __________________________ CD 3.99 Chamber Concerto/Concerto In E Flat Major/8 Instrumental Miniaturen/Ebony Concerto -- Barenboim/Zukerman/Arrignon/Boulez/Ensemble InterConte George Crumb/Anton Webern/Witold Lutoslaws CD Black Angels/String Quartet Op 28/String Quartet -- Cikada Quartet Lutoslawski ______________________________ CD Complete Works For String Orchestra -- Preludes Et Fugue/Ouverture/Musique Funebre/Grave/Five Folk Melodies -- Jean Paul Dessy/Orchestre Royal De Chambre De Wallonie
  4. Jazz Name Pronunciation

    One person, many people, ex uno plures (and yes, I had to look that one up).
  5. Jazz Name Pronunciation

    That how the people who worked with him when he was around here said it. "AHN-zee", same as you have it, depending on how you pronounce "on".
  6. 2018-19 Hot Stove League

    Baseball is a game. MLB is a business. Changes to the game will be made as the owners of the business see fit. Players have a say/leverage, but ultimately, ownership either does something or doesn't. So...how stupid are they?
  7. Hazel Scott on 2 grand pianos

    That's Hazel doing the instigating on Blakey's "Moaning'", the live one from Paris that burns down the cornfield.
  8. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Ivie was beyond category. Ozzie Bailey, yeah! Tony Watkins too. Other than Ivie, Ellington's vocalists, the male ones in particular, seem to have been less than universally loved in their time. There's been at best a partial market correction since. But jeez, they were pretty much always there in some form or fashion, so what does that say about Duke? Pretty much that that "thing" was a part of his palette and damned if he wasn't going to use it. You can't see the whole picture unless you see every color, texture, shape, etc/whatever. And with Duke, there's no end to how much of that there is, from beginning to end. I entertain no illusions that I'll ever be able to see the entire picture all at once, other than the people who were there all the way, and ultimately, that's Duke and nobody else. It was his to create, it's ours to discover, and unless/until proven otherwise, it's as close to infinite as there is. Now, having said all that - Money Johnson, hmmmm....
  9. Is that Nicole Kidman on the cover of that record or is it Rob Lowe? I swear, she looks more or less totally different in every role, not jsut a little different, but a LOT different. I think she might not wholly contain Earth Human in her DNA, so wild is her appearancial variability.
  10. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    40 years old, and I swear it gets better with every listen. Right now it's at "whoa, pretty damn good, actually, how did this happen?" level. Ok, "Tai Chi" sucks, but now that I'm not letting him get in my way, Larry Coryell is no longer a nuisance, and Sonny is flowing freely. Granted freeing freely in the "Studio Sonny" manner, but as always I ask - who the hell else in the world has or could ever play like this? and perspective reveals itself.