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  1. I have all three of those, as well as a few other MMOs of equal vintage. For whatever reason, our high school band department had them. So yeah, I borrowed them and have yet to return them. FWIW, I could read the melodies, they came on lead sheets for C (bass and treble clefs, iirc), Bb, & Eb instruments, but didn't know shit about chords, And the MMO lead sheets had ALL the chords of a song, not just the standard lead sheet chords, they had the chords the cats on the record were actually playing. So, my young sense of harmony came about by learning to make the ear hit the right notes and THEN figuring how how that matched up to what the printed chords were. Our band director knew all this shit already, but he wasn't about to give it to u, he was just gonna let us figure it out as best as we could, or couldn't. Cost me years off my development, but gave me years on my "esthetic" Those MMO records area ll pretty tame, but there's at least one tune on each where everybody gets a chorus. So you could learn from that too. I recently found Vol. 4 in a Hal-Price, now look who's on here? https://www.discogs.com/Music-Minus-One-Volume-4-A-Rhythm-Background-Record-For-Any-Musician-Or-Vocalist/release/4361948
  2. Have I mentioned that I have played with Osie Johnson innumerable times, on countless occasions?
  3. "titty-boom" is not a term of disparagement. It's what Lester Young wanted out of his drummers.

    You only hire redheads?
  5. George Kelly Tenor Sax

    I picked this one up and am very well-pleased with it, but buyer beware - the Squatty Roo CDR(?) being sold here sounds like it was taken from a slightly off-center LP, and there's, like, zero seconds between tunes. I'm ok with Squatty Roo doing their live latest-Ellington bootlegs like this, but...are they getting this legit? BUT - I'm not really bothered by that past as far as I am bothered by it. Iit's a totally groovy date, and Kelley's opening phrase of his "Chant Of The Weed" solo had me doing a momentary WTF? thinking that Bill Barron was sitting in! And yes, this is a "type" of swing that you either get intuitively (probably through osmosis) or don't. If you try to fake it, it don't work, it just don't work. But this cat, it works for him just fine! But the next time I reach for a non-live bootleg Squatty Roo release, I will think at least twice before proceeding, and definitely look for other options if applicable.
  6. This is worrisome: A spokeswoman for the Orlando Police Department said that there was nothing suspicious about Kennedy’s death but that it was being investigated. He had been experiencing headaches over the past week, his stepfather, Joe Harris, said in a telephone interview. The whole head injury/brain trauma thing has really taken the wind out my NFL sails over the last few years. I really hope that those headaches were not related to his death...nobody's "too young to die", but still, 48 is not old by any measure.
  7. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/23/sports/football/cortez-kennedy-dead-seattle-seahawks.html In an interview with The New York Times in 2015, he said that when he became a multimillionaire with his first contract, his stepfather told him to buy what he liked in his rookie season but to save money afterward. So Kennedy bought six cars — one for his mother, one for his girlfriend and four for himself. But he sold two of his when he saw the bill for the auto insurance. He adhered to a rigorous budget for the rest of his career.
  8. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/21/us/roxcy-bolton-dead-feminist-hurricane-names.html Her crusade to include men’s names when meteorologists differentiated hurricanes placed her at the eye of an international storm. Women, Ms. Bolton said at the time, “deeply resent being arbitrarily associated with disaster.” Following a long naval tradition of giving storms women’s names, just as ships are referred to by female pronouns, government forecasters adopted the practice in 1953 and applied it alphabetically. Soon, weathermen — and they were mostly men — were applying sexist clichés to the storms, like suggesting that they were unpredictable or “temperamental” and were “flirting” with barrier islands or coastlines. Ms. Bolton was not amused. The feminist leader Betty Friedan wrote in her memoir, “Life So Far” (2000), that as early as 1968, Ms. Bolton had “written me all incensed at the practice of using women’s names to name hurricanes.” A year later, the National Organization for Women passed a resolution urging that the National Hurricane Center stop naming emerging tempests exclusively after women. That the hurricane center was in Dade County, Fla., where Ms. Bolton was from, made it an easier target. Officials flatly rejected her facetious first suggestion that the maturing tropical depressions also be called “him-icanes,” and that the center bestow storm names to honor its bloviating benefactors in Congress. After all, she said, “Senators delight in having things named after them.” At the time, only one woman, Margaret Chase Smith of Maine, a Republican, was in the Senate, and, as an ardent Democrat, Ms. Bolton had in mind headlines like “Goldwater Annihilates Florida.” But a generation after Ms. Bolton began her campaign, the weathermen finally capitulated. (In addition to Ms. Bolton, the hurricane center credited, or blamed, among others, the feminists Patricia Butler of Houston and Dorothy Yates of Miami.) The second hurricane of 1979 was named Bob. When the 2017 season officially begins June 1, Bret, Don, Franklin, Harvey and José will be among the names immortalized. ..... While the Equal Rights Amendment fueled the culture wars of the 1970s, the controversy over hurricane names, in its own way, struck a responsive chord among both genders. Women considered it just one more insult by oblivious men who were buttressing a stereotype. Some men dismissed it as a tempest in a teapot, while others even warned that it was potentially dangerous. “It’s doubtful that a National Hurricane Center bulletin that Tropical Storm Al had formed in the Gulf or Hurricane Jake was threatening the Texas Coast would make us run for cover quite as fast,” The Houston Post opined in 1977. By 1986, The Washington Post was still skeptical: “Eight years, and still this nonsexist nomenclature has a funny ring to it. Somehow many of the male names don’t convey either the romance or the urgency that circumstances might warrant.” For all the scoffing, though, Ms. Bolton’s crusade might actually have helped save lives. A study published in 2014 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that, in fact, storms named after women have historically killed more people. The study concluded that people do not take those storms as seriously as those named for men, which are viewed as stronger and more violent. “The stereotypes that underlie these judgments,” Sharon Shavitt, a professor of marketing at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and one of the study’s authors, said in a statement at the time, “are subtle and not necessarily hostile toward women — they may involve viewing women as warmer and less aggressive than men.”
  9. It was an inquirious third-party suggestion that I did not either embrace or encourage! I'm not accessing news regularly this week, and did not see any Roger Moore obit when I did. Not sure that I would have jumped on it even if I had, becuase, you know, everybody knows Roger Moore. He's "general interest". . It takes a special freak to recall Dina Merril, and that kind of a special freak is what I am. Especially when it comes to obits! God, I can watch this shit forever...
  10. Bluesy jazz ?

    Everything played here is blues, even if the way it's combined might (or might not!) obscure that:
  11. I only knew her from game shows, but I knew her well from there. Did not know here as a "real actress" except loooong after that, and by then, didn't really care. She was Dina Merril form the games shows, then, now, and always. As for Roger, his death was announced to where I could see it after Dina Merril's, but apparently not before somebody else saw it. I'm not looking to be the only RIP guy here, so I'm glad somebody got to it in a timely manner. Although, I've always like game shows more than James Bond movies, so I really don't feel bad about it, other than, of course, you know, RIP.
  12. Apple Music/Spotify/Tidal

    Frankly, I think that's a good parenting tactic for damn near anything!
  13. Time reissues on Solid Japan

    We're always keeping an eye out for new talent.