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  1. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Q: What is jazz music? Mingus: I don't know...and I don't care.
  2. matana roberts

  3. 5 Original Albums (Blue Note)

    with their fingernails?
  4. matana roberts

    Had not heard too much of anything out of her for a while, so this blurb in the new New Yorker is plenty of good news about that! Matana Roberts DiMenna Center The saxophonist, composer, and multidisciplinary artist Matana Roberts put herself on the map with "Coin Coin", a breathtaking trio of albums that evoke black American history and culture with ferocity, inventiveness, and compassion. (A fourth installment arrives in October). In "I call america: Sandy Speaks...", part of a newer series of multi-media installations-performances sparked by present-day concerns, Roberts marshals a team of improvisers, media artists, and members of the International Contemporary Ensemble to contemplate the life and untimely death of Sandra Bland. After Ward, in a four-night Stone residency, Roberts returns to bare essentials with the drummer Gerald Cleaver, the guitarists Ava Mendoza and Liberty Ellman, an the pianist Vijay Iyer. (Aug 17 at 8; Aug. 20-24 at 8:30)
  5. Peter Fonda, R.I.P.

    He gave so much for so long.
  6. 5 Original Albums (Blue Note)

    That laser on my CD turntable hurts my eyes, so much for that Play Six or whatever it's called, you know where you stack them and they drop down on top of each other.
  7. Name of Tony Scott's first wife?

    I like the albums he did with Warren Marshall!
  8. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Billy Eckstine Rasio on Pandora. Thumb up all the Eckstine and Prysock, skip the Ella that doesn't have Louis, and let the algorithm handle the rest.
  9. ambrose akinmusire

    Did he ever jam with the Dead?
  10. Houston Record Convention

    I don't have a five, sorry. Fin.
  11. 5 Original Albums (Blue Note)

    Like the photo album I bought that didn't have any pictures in it...where is the decency in these things?
  12. Name of Tony Scott's first wife?

    The chick who wrote the Our National Anthem?
  13. Houston Record Convention

    A fin a piece, not too shabby!
  14. Name of Tony Scott's first wife?

    Flo hooked with Eddie, and that was when all the unresolved identity issues came to the surface. An interesting sags, to say the least!
  15. 5 Original Albums (Blue Note)

    Why do they say original albums and then you open them up and they're CDs? Talk about luring me in under a false pretense...