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  1. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    fwiw/to whom it may concern (besides myself)/etc - Berkshire has restocked a lot of Testament titles, including HSQ @ $8.99 per. I carpe diemed and filled out, not up.

    no sense rehashing all that, but the only blakey band with wizznton j. frilliby that I really liked was the one that did Keystone 3. That was where it began to sound like a serious band to me, as opposed to heads and jams and jams and heads and all that and such. And I liked New York Scene better than that! And then, I don't know...might as well have put the overalls back on.

    and then wynnton said hey art we gonna clean this shit up and dress right again, and they did. but really, a lot of good that did, wisnton got rich and blakey died and here we are now, not yet dead.\ nor yet rich (although some might be?). So fuck wennleton, I guess that's the moral of the story.
  4. bass clarinet

    I don't know what there is to prove...he was a very competent player who had no compunctions about following the marketplace wherever it lead. Sometimes that was delightful, sometimes dreadful. But he always kept good bands and promoted from within. Not everybody ddid/does. And he sold a buttload - not just a regular buttload, but a BIGASS buttload of records in his lifetime. People who didn't buy them then won't buy them now, and people who are suspicious of success won't be motivated. But I like the guy for what he was - a competent craftsman who had a knack for presentation and worked with that instead of resisting it. I like a good popular jazzmusic as well as a good challenging one. In a perfect world, you get both in the same place, but how long has this world been a perfect one? And truthfully, I liked him best when he more or less just played the melody. Like Eddie Harris, he was very good at that (although unlike Eddie Harris, he didn't have fifty bajillion extra levers of gears to go to). I have some Herbie Mann records, and feel good about it! But stuff like this, this is nice, simple, soulful music that shouldn't enrage anybody and please many for as long as it's on. And oh yeah, Sonny Sharrock and Fathead in the same band. Live band. Hell yeah. And oh HELL yeah - Bruno Carr. That's all anybody needs to know afaic, Bruno Carr. Pocket enough for both hands and your daddy's billfold, that's the pocket of Bruno Carr.
  5. Legends -- Johnny Smith/George Van Eps

    And I like that he really cared enough to learn it right and play it correctly. Character!

    That was the overalls band, right?
  7. Legends -- Johnny Smith/George Van Eps

    I know his jazz playing. It's good enough, but even there, he impresses me more as a guitarist than an improvisor, the "how" more than the "what". That doesn't bother me either.
  8. My concern is for the dogs. They're totally innocent in all this, but as soon as some obtuse motherfucker gets careless, BOOM, there goes another dog that could have been loved and protected, sentenced to wandering the earth forever with some limping sonofabitch who doesn't even have half a clue.
  9. Legends -- Johnny Smith/George Van Eps

    Well, I'd not put anything beyond anybody if they practice enough, but I find myself enjoying him as a "set piece" guy than as a "jazz guitarist". That's the big reason I passed on his Mosaic, I didn't want that much of that. But now I'm developing a limp and got this damn dog I can't get rid of, so maybe that was not a good choice?
  10. Just sayin' - don't blame me when you can't get rid of that dog.
  11. You don't have to be Christian to have Jesus throw shade on your record collection. If anything, it just increases the odds that he will. He don't give a damn about your belief system, but he's a pretty intense dude when it comes to music.
  12. Legends -- Johnny Smith/George Van Eps

    Maybe it's a pity that Smith got categorized as a"jazz" guitarist? Casualty of the times, perhaps. But I can be totally engrossed in that clip without once thinking "jazz". otoh, I've yet to hear a Chet Atkins record where I don't think "country". But I don't really enjoy listening to Chet Atkins that much.
  13. You can't sell your dog on eBay, and from I've seen, that's gonna be job #1.
  14. The Apocalypse Is Nigh

    I can't/won't argue for or against any of that, but for me personally, it offers me nothing that I need/want. "Rock" as such never did, really. Hendrix, yeah, but then he died (and really, how "rock" was he? I thnk that his audience framed him as that so they could feel comfortable). Zepplin made some "thinking man's" records which I can enjoy on a per-song basis. But for me, the (on the whole) whole thing just seems like well-financed over-achievers to be. And what sucks is how the whole "rock" thing generally left Pop to the jerks. I'm speaking broadly of course, but all these "white guys" trying to make serious "rock" music by bypassing Pop altogether by being "blues-based" was, imo, trying to cut in line. Not questioning the sincerity, but it really does not interest me.