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  1. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Yeah...add her to the seemingly endless (but not infinite) list of poets whose poems read better on the page than they do in the ear...assuming that they are worth reading at all (ahem....).
  2. Cassette tape production revival?

    Two things - You can delay tape hiss/degradation, but ultimately you cannot prevent it except by dying before it sets in. We've made a few - just a few, but still a few - bucks selling our old CRTs to really hardgore electroncs/gaming geeks who know how to recalibrate and/or degauss the damn things so they can play OG cames on OG systems. The appeal is apprently not to have them look better, but instead to have them look the same.
  3. Woody Shaw App

    Yeah, well, see, that means that it is your responsibility get wealthy (and patron-y) by the time you get older. And please, do better at it that I have.
  4. Barney Kessel

    Indeed they do!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fksd3B0Uylo&t=887s
  5. Barney Kessel

  6. "Meet Juiie Wilson" (Cameo Parkway)

    Not particularly, no.
  7. Milford Graves documentary

    This is on Kanopy now, watched it this morning and was very glad I did.
  8. "Meet Juiie Wilson" (Cameo Parkway)

    I'll pick up damn near anything for 40 cents. I do have to say, though - her overt Hollday-isms on that clip kinda creep me out. Not that she doesn't mean them, just that...there's only one voice I feel comfortable doing that thing, and it's not hers. I guess I'm a modest fellow at heart.