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  1. Name Three People...

    Wavy Gravy Olaf Johan Sopp Son Of A Biscuit Eater
  2. MJR Label

    8121, bought that one on a purely WTF? basis, didn't realize until reading the liners that it was a neat (ok, nifty) additional documentation of Roy's brief stint with Basie, which for all I know is otherwise only documented on Broadway, Basie's Way, and, uh....yeah. Have fun with that, but 8121 is sooooo much more better. More. And better.
  3. The Bill Savory Collection

    The rabbit hole is where the rabbits live. We all like rabbits, right? As pets, as dinner, as valiant foes in the chess game of our garden, we all like rabbits. Who amongst us is not sad when our dog comes back with a rabbit in its mouth, face beaming with pride and anticipating a nice hearty loving in appreciation of this, one of the more visceral of gifts a dog can give to its loved ones? How conflicted we are when feeling the simultaneous emotions of love for the dog, pity for therabbit, and the righteous sense of goddamitness that occur whenever lives collide in an eternally exploding triangle of boss, employee, and innocent walk-in customer. It rips us apart and the wounds only heal, they never disappear. Make no mistake, the rabbit hole is where the rabbits live.
  4. Name Three People...

    Joy Reed The Cascades Marchel Ivery
  5. MJR Label

    Known label, if a small one. Two Roy Eldridge "Nifty Cat" records, and, I think(?) some JPJ Quartet items, a.o. Here's what DG has/had: https://www.dustygroove.com/browse.php?label=133253&incl_oos=1&incl_cs=1&format=all Those Rushing sides later saw reissue on...New World? Don't recall exactly, but the MJR issues are the original.
  6. The Bill Savory Collection

    Did that Natty Dominique get published? I'd like to read it.
  7. Name Three People...

    Minnie Riperton Casting by Lynn Stalmaster VFW
  8. I'm on a Discman with Dell earplugs, but/and it sounds good that way too! I think you hear Max better/best on the Savoys and almost as good on the Dials, not so well here, but he's still there and you can hear him well enough to get that dance he's doing, Max Roach with Bird, y'all, kiss it or miss it. I don't get, though, why some of the released masters show more wear than their sessionmates...ok, I get why they do, duh, but haven't there been other releases that don't show the wear as much and still sound good? Minor complaint, though. I'm just letting it play as it goes, and that's working splendidly!
  9. Ok, I get why some people don't like false starts and incomplete takes, I do, but I love this, maybe more because it's Bird, but also just to hear the real life part of people standing there making a record. How they get ready, how they fall out once a cut is called, all that stuff. Plus it's Bird, so even a few notes of a botched head still sounds better to me than no Bird at all.
  10. I mean, it's hard music, I can only imagine what goes into rehearsing it and getting it up to baseline performance quality, much less into some kind of real zone. That's a lot of work, and work is time and time is money. But I did hear a PBS broadcast of the San Francisco Symphony doing a carter orchestral thing, and sure, there was "struggle", but it was the good kind. I was in the car when it came on, and I started just driving around instead of going home so I could hear it all. Point just being, I don't know that they'll come if you build it, but if you build it and put it on the radio, I'll listen to it. So build it here and see if I'm out here alone in my car, or in a seat with some other people.
  11. The Bill Savory Collection

    I have a George Frazier record, on Riverside(?), that I bought just because. I've yet to listen to it, just because. and perhaps I've read wrong, but I think that Larry has done more than just read about McDonough, he went to high school with the guy and has lived in the same city as him for, what, a year or two? I don't think McDonough's a goof because he thinks that people who like late Trane are mentally ill, hell, I'm not a doctor, I'm sure he is, so I'll defer to him on that one. I think he's a goof because he claimed that "The Queen's Suite" sounded like Henry Mancini. This at a time, remember, when Henry Mancini was still alive and putting out records, most of which were squarely aimed at the what is now called Adult Contemporary market (there would still be the odd neat cut stuck in there every so often, but...who cared?). So it was not any kind of post-modernist dicktickle like a lot of the kids today do when they listen to dead people all day long (and half of the night). Objectively, no, he's not an idiot. But I can't take anything he writes seriously. Well, ok, not too seriously. Because that Ellington/Mancini thing...again, I'm not a doctor, but maybe that's a sign of a mental illness?
  12. What Are You Watching

    Got caught up on what there's been of Season 2 of Mr. Robot..."ambitious" is putting it mildly. There's gonna need to be on helluva payoff, we'll see. Oh, anybody else notice how Darlene wears those heart shaped glasses? Does that make her Darlene Love?
  13. Name Three People...

    Go-Go Girl Kitty Carlisle Randy Moss
  14. Savoy Records

    Since I just ordered a Hollywood String Quartet Late Beethoven Quartets set for about the same price, yes I can Iive without it. For now. At some point I'm going to want to binge-listen away from home for a week or to, and then... Thanks for the answers, though. If it were anything other than another Earle Warren vocal, I'd probably suck it up and spend today to be prepared for tomorrow.
  15. The Bill Savory Collection

    Well yeah, if you want to be objective about it. But I started reading him in the early 70s, and that Ellington/Mancini comparison (a negative one) was when I said, oh well, Objectivity Not Gonna Work Here.