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  1. UNIQLO BN T-Shirts

    Has anybody done the OG Sony (Japan) Plugged Nickel albums on a t-shirt yet?
  2. Oh yeah. That + And Now Hear This. And then his three Muse albums. Fill it out with his Atlantic appearances with Philly Joe and Ted Curson. A later Curson album done for Alan Bates (Flip Top) would be great too, if available. And maybe get that Joken album in there Get Kenny to contribute to the liners. Everybody knows and loves Kenny Barron. It would take some effort, belief, and enthusiasm, both to put it together and to market it, none of which I believe this current regime could muster for this artist, in this climate. But this is certainly a most worthy artist to receive a treatment such as this . I believe I referred to him as "The Tina Brooks of the 21st Century" in regards to what a prime-era Mosaic could do with/for him. There's more material, some of it pretty stealth. And supposedly Barron's window has a substantial collection of tapes. But Bill Barron not being Phil Woods or Paul Desmond, forget about any of that Or any of it at all, for that matter
  3. That would get a/the Bill Barron box. In so many ways
  4. Montego Joe

    Remember that Andrew Hille was born in Haiti.
  5. Ok then, substitute "musicians that came into prominence before" for "music only made before" and I think it's a valid observation. I certainly do not expect the current regime to do a set of somebody like, for example, Sonny Simmons. Mosaic used to be good for lighting a fire up under the fan-recognition of certain individual artists who were worthy but as they say, "underrecognized". I'm not seeing that being a priority now. Not necessarily saying that it should be, just that it doesn't appear to be.
  6. Ahmad Jamal: But Not For Me

    Cheaper, yes. In every way.
  7. Ahmad Jamal: But Not For Me

    This is a good reason to buy a Mosaic set. You don't have to listen to it all at once, you can have the cumulative material available from the best sources to do with what you like...which is most likely what those "Spanish" labels are doing, at a price to you, the unsuspecting buying population.
  8. #NP:Make It Up!

    The Rick Set - Get Set With The Rick Set!!!
  9. Carla Bley

    Here's a thought - the second side of Heavy Heart is some of the most gut-wrenching music Carla's ever put forth. There was a lot of diversionary press about that one being an album about "romantic love", but I'm calling bullshit on that one. I have no idea how here and Mike Mantler's marriage evolved over the years, but here's the album from when it was ending once and for all. The first side is nice and "bright" (and is complemented by the pretty droll commentary on The Carla Bley Audio), but that second side, with "Ending It", "Starting Again", and finally "Heavy Heart"...listen to that by itself, put it in the context of the dissolution of a 20 or so marriage/business partnership, and it becomes some pretty damn intense music. What threw this into focus for me was reading in Karen Mantler's online autobiography that there was a time when she was talking to her father and he was so depressed that he was either going to quit music altogether or commit suicide. Hardly a happy place. And Carla, I get the feeling,, wanted happiness in her life so the darkness had no chance of winning over the light. And so they parted. Like the lead cut says, "Light or Dark"...it's not a question, it's a choice that has to be made. I'm nowadays prone to chuckle at how many people equate Carla Bley with being somehow light or un-serious in some fashion. She's a very serious person who, it seems to me, play her cards very close to the vest. But listen to those three songs (especially "Ending It", where Gary Valente speaks the truth about the pain involved in making tough decisions), in context, and tell me that's not some deeply personal music of, yes, deeply personal pain. Although at the end, she brings it back to the surface. But by then...the truth has been let out.
  10. What Are You Watching

    I also like that Paramount+ has a lot of Comedy Central & MTV catalog.. One of the first things I did was binge out on Daria. Even better now!
  11. #NP:Make It Up!

    Cindy Seckle - Baubles, Bangles, and Reeds!!!
  12. #NP:Make It Up!

    Don The King-Sized Lutheran Man - It Is Meet and Right So To Swing!!!
  13. Montego Joe

    Lew Futterman managed Jack McDuff.
  14. Ahmad Jamal: But Not For Me

    Only how to smirk