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  1. Adhering to the "no jazz" request in the header, my favourite expanded CD reissue is 'The Velvet Underground and Nico' 2CD version containing the stereo and mono versions of the original release, plus some tracks from Nico's 'Chelsea Girl'. One of the truly essential rock recordings.
  2. Now reading...

    Just finished 'Lush Life: A Biography of Billy Strayhorn' by David Hajdu. I would really recommend this, not only did the book make me realize just how special Billy Strayhorn was, but it is also a wonderful portrait of the period from the perspective of being part of the Ellington organization.
  3. Right now, Patrice Rushen "Forget Me Not's". My wife loves that song and consequently I get to hear it a lot.
  4. I bought the Japanese 20 bit K2 CD version of the complete Prestige recordings for around $50. This sounds great to me, although I am no audiophile.
  5. "How Come". Bought a cheap Ronnie Lane compilation in the HMV sale and remember now how much I used to love that song.
  6. A Charlie Parker Watch ..

    They have the Oris Charlie Parker in a little shop over the road from my office. The price is around $630 which seems quite reasonable.
  7. What's This...THING?

    Jim, just right click the little blue square then click on properties.
  8. An interesting job interview

    Congratualtions Big Wheel . Have a Sapporo to celebrate, I know I will this evening.
  9. The most consistent Blue Note 50's and 60's leader

    To those already mentioned I would add Bobby Hutcherson. He is often overlooked, but all of his recordings released as Conn's are excellent.
  10. The Prisoner vs 27th Man

    Scottb, I am a big fan of Hutcherson's Blue Note recordings, but as most of them were released as Conn's, if at all, they are not easily available. My favourites are PATTERNS, SPIRAL/MEDINA AND HAPPENINGS. However, based on your preferred style, I would recommend STICK UP with Joe Henderson.
  11. Frank Sinatra

    I have been exploring a great many jazz vocalists over the last several years but I always come back to Frank. For me, only Billie Holiday comes close. Having somewhat neglected the Columbia Years, I bought the 12 CD complete box and have been working my way through this recently. There is a lot of wonderful stuff here that is causing me to re-evaluate this period, I think even Lon might enjoy some of this material .
  12. Grammy nominations

    I am sure that you would exclude Andy Bey from your comments. Good to see him finally getting some recognition. Agree about the rest though, especially a certain young Brit (and I'm English).
  13. Thanksgiving

    Big Wheel, sorry but I have never tasted Hitachino. It does have a good reputation though. Anyway, as long as you can buy Sapporo you are in good shape, it is an excellent beer and probably the one I drink most frequently, especially when drinking draft beer.
  14. Forthcoming Mosaic sets

    Will definitely plan to order the Art Pepper and Andrew Hill Selects, especially if the dollar/yen exchange rate continues to move in my favour.
  15. LF: 'Jazz West Coast' TOCJ Set

    I have only seen this set once or twice in the used stores, I think the price was around $60 or so but it may have been a little higher. I will keep my eyes open. I did recently pick up a very nice 2CD TOCJ set for less than $10 called 'Swing Journal Presents West Coast Jazz'. I really enjoy this set a lot.
  16. Thanksgiving

    Yes Big Wheel, that is the beer, it is of course spelt Yebisu, sorry for the confusion. As you can see, it is brewed by Sapporo and is their premium beer. Definitely recommend picking some up if you can find it.
  17. Thanksgiving

    Very true Big Wheel. Best of all though is Ebisu beer.
  18. Thanksgiving

    A belated Happy Thanksgiving to all of you in the U.S. from Tokyo. My dinner consisted of pizza and Sapporo beer.
  19. "definately" vs. "definitely"

    Definitely 'definitely'.
  20. Joe Lee Wilson?

    Don't know much about him either but I picked up a new CD of his on a whim (it was cheap) a couple of months ago called 'Ballads for Trane' on the Italian Philology label. I really like his baritone voice on this and the Italian musicians are excellent, the whole thing reminds me slightly of the Coltrane/Hartman collaboration. One of my favourites of the year.
  21. Dark Film Noir Jazz

    Anything but drivel if you really listen to it. Patricia Barber is producing some of the most interesting and original vocal jazz around. I highly recommend all of her Blue Note releases.
  22. How much TV do you watch?

    Calleigh from CSI Miami right? Yes, RDK, it would impress me.
  23. How much TV do you watch?

    No "CSI" fans here? I watch both "CSI" and "CSI Miami" most weeks. My wife is a big Gil Grissom fan. I actually think they are pretty good shows, particularly the former, but I have to admit I watch way too many dramas of questionable quality which just happen to be on cable in English. Recently I have been a regular viewer of both "Roswell" and the old Dick Van Dyke series "Diagnosis Murder". No excuses for the latter.
  24. has the board been runnin' ssssllllooooowww

    Wow. Just did a search specifying all forums and any date and the results came back in a few seconds.