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  1. I've never liked the sound of the recorder, regardless of how well it's played. Fortunately, it's never been a problem in jazz listening.
  2. I've ordered (at least) their last 2 Horace Tapscott releases from the DT website, free shipping. Bertrand is a really nice guy. I'm in on this one.
  3. New World Records

    If you're thinking of ordering direct from the label, take a look at this page: https://www.newworldrecords.org/pages/special-offers Gives a little incentive.
  4. make any recent Dusty Groove orders?

    I bought the Japanese reissue of Billy Harper's Black Saint on 12/29. Took slightly longer than usual to arrive (DG shipping to me has always been fast), but not slow enough to raise any red flags. [Added] But my last Corbett vs. Dempsey order, placed at roughly the same time, was slow to arrive. Still within 2 weeks, however.
  5. Even in the short time I watched (arrived as Ingrid Laubrock was being interviewed after performing) there were several AV dropouts. I've always considered BOAC highly uneven, and wouldn't expect to dig the whole program. I get your point about the long quiet tones. My personal thing is pieces that sound like Morton Feldman (or to a lesser extent, like Cage "number pieces")...nothing against the originals, which I'm very fond of, but please, no more soundalikes.
  6. Thanks! I saw this too late, was only able to catch the last 2 pieces. At least I got to hear the Lucier. I just signed up for BOAC e-mail list (duh, should've done it long ago), so won't get caught out again.
  7. I own one of the Euro RVGs. Didn't know about the copy protection thing, (years ago) bought online the cheapest copy I could find, which was of course that release.
  8. New World Records

    Slightly OT, but has anyone heard any of the Butch Morris Testament collection of "conductions"? Originally a 10-disc box, now sold individually, definitely got my attention.
  9. New World Records

    Strange coincidence, I've recently been considering that set. In the classical area (New World is big on modern American composers), I really enjoy the 3-CD series of Ben Johnston string quartets performed by Kepler Quartet.
  10. I also noticed this after receiving recent Berkshire weekly e-mail. But they sold out, it's "out of stock". Some online reviews at http://www.musicweb-international.com/classrev/2015/June/Figures_harmony_A382.htm http://www.classical.net/music/recs/reviews/a/acn00382a.php I haven't heard the set, can't vouch for the reviews but at least they give thorough descriptions.
  11. PM sent on CDP 7 84444 2 Hutcherson, Bobby Oblique $8 MCD-47096-2 Nistico, Sal Heavyweights $5 ***The Joe Fonda/Michael Jefry Stevens Group*** PSR#033108 Memphis ‎(CD) digipak $6 ***Joe Fonda *** CD LR 301 Live At The Bunker ‎(CD, Album) $6
  12. Corbett v Dempsey new releases

    That's actually one of the reasons I tried to contact them [Porter Records] in late 2020. E-mailed twice to ask about that offer, twice more to ask whether their online shop was open (wanted to buy some specific items in the catalog). Never got a response, gave up.
  13. New Sam Rivers and others on No Business

    I've always (USA) purchased NoBusiness releases through eBay, seller name poligrafovicius iirc. Every time I asked a question or sent a message through eBay, a guy named Valerij (surname Anosov iirc, according to postal return address) responded promptly.
  14. Going to seriously consider this, despite some initial misgivings about vocals and size of box. Parker's well-represented in my collection, but he records so extensively that I haven't kept up with all his releases, just the ones that seem exceptional.
  15. Julius Hemphill Box Set

    I've listened to / enjoyed the whole box twice, agreed on disc 4 which was an eye-opener. Oppens has also recorded Parchment on this Music & Arts release that I bought back in the mid-'90s:
  16. Corbett v Dempsey new releases

    Thanks. I missed out on the Porter release and don't have a turntable, so will consider the C & D. Speaking of Porter, I e-mailed the label several times in late 2020 but got no response. I'm not sure they're still active.
  17. Corbett v Dempsey new releases

    The Sounds of Liberation with Khan Jamal, Byard Lancaster et al. got my attention. I've purchased several discs from C vs. D but somehow overlooked this. Any good?
  18. Julius Hemphill Box Set

    I was just going to post... Ordered Thursday night, arrived Monday in upstate NY. Pleasant surprise. And recently (less than a month ago) a 1-CD media mail package from Brooklyn took well over a week to arrive!
  19. Julius Hemphill Box Set

    +1 on both (emphasis added). I just ordered directly from the label; would rather support them directly than wait in hopes of cheaper offerings.
  20. Howard Johnson - RIP

    +1. The Real Thing is where I first heard him.
  21. New Sam Rivers and others on No Business

    Just received Rivers vol. 4 (Braids) from NB. Can't listen until after work. [Added] It's good, certainly a worthy addition to the series.
  22. New Sam Rivers and others on No Business

    Anyone received vol. 4 yet? I was notified of shipping (by eBay) on Nov. 24, still waiting.
  23. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Very fond of this. Bought it relatively recently, didn't expect much but it made a big impression.
  24. Stanley Cowell, R I P

    RIP. Shattered to see this, at a loss for words.