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  1. Recommended Classical Recordings Guide?

    I once owned a copy of the Penguin Guide, but became disillusioned (too many rosetted recordings that I didn't like, and puzzling preferences for certain British ensembles, eg "Lindsays") and gave it away. I preferred the Gramophone, but it doesn't cover as many recordings as the Penguin (also gave a copy away). I listen to a lot of "modern" or "contemporary" classical, and didn't find either book to have good coverage (granted, one couldn't really expect such). I used to consult Gramophone's online reviews. Nowadays use Classics Today or Usenet (like above poster). There are some classical bulletin boards around ("Good Music Guide"?), but I haven't visited any recently. Some people rave about Jim Svejda's Insider's Guide, but I've never seen it, and am not sure it's in print.
  2. What's next on your YourMusic.com queue?

    Excellent, 'cause that's next on my queue!
  3. Bebop & Hardbop albums from the late '60s

    McPherson's Con Alma was recorded Aug. 1965, so I'm not sure it qualifies as "late '60s." I recently got his From This Moment On!, rec. Jan. 1968, which is more hard bop with slight soul overtones. Barry Harris's Bull's Eye is bebop/hard bop, recorded June 1968 (nice album, but CD has horrible sound, which I blame on original engineer Richard Alderson). For bop, definitely this, rec. Nov. 1969:
  4. I bought a remaindered copy of Balliett's Collected Works: A Journal of Jazz and read almost all of it (skimmed in places). The guy hates hard bop, and constantly throws in such digs at the genre. I don't feel confident enough to say "fallible," but his tastes are sufficiently different from mine (I listen to lots of hard bop, for instance) that I wouldn't go by his recommendations. I wonder if he still feels the same lo these many years later. Digging up my copy of the book, Balliett wrote a 1995 column on the "Young Lions", entitled The Young Guns, in which he absolutely lambasted the hard bop genre. He certainly wrote many columns praising Sonny Rollins, though. Mobley is barely mentioned (3 times in passing, no comments on his playing) in the 800+ pages, and Monterose not at all.
  5. I bought a remaindered copy of Balliett's Collected Works: A Journal of Jazz and read almost all of it (skimmed in places). The guy hates hard bop, and constantly throws in such digs at the genre. I don't feel confident enough to say "fallible," but his tastes are sufficiently different from mine (I listen to lots of hard bop, for instance) that I wouldn't go by his recommendations.
  6. Charlie Haden and Hank Jones, Steal Away

    Yup, I dig this album a lot, though I too have some qualms about the way Haden's recorded. I'd also like to get a hold of the Hampton Hawes duet recording with Haden, but haven't yet bid high enough on eBay .
  7. CDs for sale

    PM sent on two titles.
  8. BMG Sale Corner

    Buy 1 full price, get unlimited @ $1.99, code SE06BG4 until 9/17. This isn't a great deal, since you've got to buy about 12 CDs to get close to yourmusic.com prices. Posting just in case anyone (with big money left after the Concord sale?) cares.
  9. Sept 12th RVGs

    I got a CP'd Basra really cheaply through eBay, cheap enough (even including postage from the UK) that I was willing to put up with the CP.

    New Piano Expressions also includes some solo tracks, which the tray card says aren't included in the Debut box. The solo stuff is excellent, particularly if you like "classically-influenced" playing.

    I've been enjoying the heck out of the two Don Ewell releases (Free and Easy and Music to Listen to Don Ewell By).
  12. I live in the Catskills, and never even try such chain stores. But Rhino Records in New Paltz (maybe there's a branch in Poughkeepsie, but I've never been), seems to be run by somewhat of a jazz fan, and occasionally stocks newish RVGs. Once in a while, interesting used discs show up, though their pricing can be off (eg, they tend to charge the "full used price" for old OJCs, even if newer K2s and/or RVGs have been released). But the flip side is the occasional OOP find (eg I got Ike Quebec's "Easy Living" there). They also have a lot of good titles on vinyl, but I can't speak for the prices, not being an LP collector. Not sure if it'd be worth the drive for you, but worth a stop if you happen to be in NP.
  13. Obscure, In Print Gems In Your Collection

    Have you heard the new Barry Harris disc in this series? I haven't, but am considering it as well as "Hank and Frank."
  14. Favorite Blue Note cover

    I voted for The Shack here, but The Magnificent Thad Jones is also my favorite.
  15. Yourmusic.com corner

    The discs listed by Aggie87 have surfaced at yourmusic.com, though I can't vouch for every title. "Boston Blow-Up" is now next in my queue. Since I joined yourmusic.com, my BMG account has become inactive. Only the BMG $1.99 clearance CDs are cheap enough.
  16. Royal Flush RVG has Cooker booklet!

    ...who's Aric? I dunno, either. But if it's who I think, the "ignore list" has been working for me.

    Second the McPherson and Bishop, Jr. Also have been digging: Hope Full w. Elmo, Bertha Hope New Piano Expressions, John Dennis. My second order should arrive tomorrow!
  18. Aug 15th RVGs

    "Easy Living" seems to be the IQ currently in most need of re-release. Very nice album, despite being rather a strange mix of two sessions.
  19. are some OJC limited editions going oop?

    No offense...I didn't even notice the typo, and assumed "previous".
  20. are some OJC limited editions going oop?

    I don't think that's so unusual. My first order (forget the date; details are many, many pages back on this thread) didn't ship until a whole bunch of later orders were shipped (and many of those even arrived at their destination before I got my shipping confirm!). I do get the impression that Concord's order-filling process has become more orderly, though.
  21. are some OJC limited editions going oop?

    My order #6219, placed very late 7/28, just shipped. I had quite a few non-fills: Ordered: 1 Shipped: 0 RITB-9464-2 CANCELED: Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers - Ugetsu $2.98 Ordered: 1 Shipped: 0 NJCD-8260-2 CANCELED: Eric Dolphy - Eric Dolphy at the Five Spot, Vol. 1 $2.98 Ordered: 1 Shipped: 0 PRCD-8236-2 CANCELED: Eric Dolphy - Outward Bound $2.98 Ordered: 1 Shipped: 0 RCD-9351-2 CANCELED: Bill Evans Trio - Explorations $2.98 Ordered: 1 Shipped: 0 RCD-1133-2 CANCELED: Thelonious Monk - Misterioso $2.98 Ordered: 1 Shipped: 0 RCD-201-2 CANCELED: Thelonious Monk - Plays Duke Ellington $2.98
  22. Taylor Eigsti - Lucky To Be Me

    I think Taylor Eigsti's a prodigy of sorts, and has released at least a couple of prior albums. I saw/heard him live about a year ago. Definitely "real jazz", had a lot of technique, but didn't swing very much or consistently IMO.
  23. are some OJC limited editions going oop?

    Got the (7/12) order one day late. This isn't too unusual, as I'm in a rural area and the Fedex guy doesn't seem to like the back roads. Fortunately, since the package was big, he came to the house rather than leaving it at a friendly shop in town. Wow. I'm going to be quiet for a while. At least until the second order arrives...
  24. are some OJC limited editions going oop?

    I'm on the East Coast. For six days, "departed Sacramento" was the last entry. Only today (expected delivery date) did it change to "on truck for shipment". Unfortunately, it now shows a "Delivery Exception (customer not available or business closed)", neither of which was true.

    Ditto (another second order customer). The AMG review was lukewarm at best, but I decided to disregard it.