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  1. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    Same morons who spout "all lives matter" in other contexts.
  2. Joe Lovano with Bob Meyer

    Cool! That would be my venue of choice. But being over 60 and risk-averse I'm still not ready to venture there.
  3. They took 'em out. Can't tell if it's permanent. Every story now has a link at the bottom (where comments used to be) to a poll or questionnaire concerning the issue. Surprised you didn't notice that. I love the fact that comments have been removed. I used to avoid reading Yahoo stories because of all the garbage that would automatically (on my browser) appear whenever I clicked on one. Wasn't most of that shit generated by bots? But I rarely look at Yahoo. I generally access financial news, and Yahoo coverage is inferior to other sources IMO.
  4. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

  5. I deferred buying Ricochet for that reason, but delivery worked out well. Valerij said "allow up to 10 weeks", but I got it in less than a month (shipped 7/9, arr. around 8/6). And my recent order from Dark Tree in France (Tapscott Ancestral Echoes) also arrived sooner than expected, I think it only took 2 weeks or less.
  6. I've bought all 3 of the Rivers series and regularly buy from NB. I've always purchased via eBay (seller name poligrafovicius), as the "Buy it Now" price with free shipping to US seems a bit lower than the price + S/H (converted from Euro to USD) on the NB website. Easy enough to obtain, but shipping is a little slow and I only get tracking #s for larger purchases. It is necessary to watch the NB website (or Facebook) in order to "carpe diem" new releases before they sell out, but that seems true of many free jazz labels these days.
  7. I'll vouch for the Pullen, one of the incredible solo albums included in the Black Saint / Soul Note box.
  8. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Arrived today. Third release in the series, I've gotten all 3.
  9. Shipping delays

    To my surprise, CD ordered from NoBusiness (Lithuania) shipped July 9, arrived August 5. That's comparable to pre-COVID speed, maybe slightly slower.
  10. The Story Behind John Cage’s 4’33”

    Online event! https://www.woodstockart.org/events/johncage-433-magnusson-benevento-larson/ Marco Benevento, Kay Larson, and Norm Magnusson John Cage’s 4’33” Virtual event Sat. August 29, time TBA | FREE Announcing the WAAM 10th Annual anniversary performance of John Cage’s 4’33” When: Saturday, August 29, 2020, 6:00pm Where: Streaming live from the Towbin Wing Gallery of the Woodstock Artists Association, viewable online through zoom link Featuring: the musical talents of Marco Benevento and the insights of Cage biographer Kay Larson. Produced by: Norm Magnussen The event will include a performance of 4’33, followed by a talk by Kay Larson. Marco Benevento will then pay [sic] some pieces of his own choosing. Cage’s piece had its world debut on August 29, 1952, in Woodstock, during a concert program produced by The Woodstock Artists Association.
  11. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    And...What percentage of the US population would refuse a COVID vaccine because they're convinced it'll contain Bill Gates-implanted microchips intended to control their minds [well, such as they possess]? I dunno the number, but it's pretty damn high.
  12. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    +1 (emphasis added).
  13. New Corbett v Dempsey

    Thanks for the heads-up. DG was already sold out of Pullen/Graves, so I ordered that and the McPhee directly from the label.
  14. MLB Season 2020

    That's going to be another slow-motion (or maybe not so slow) train wreck.
  15. Issues with my stereo

    Long shot, but there could be oxidation at connectors, where wires connect to either receiver or to speakers.This can be remedied by spraying said connectors with Deoxit or the like. My father used to collect/trade old stereo gear of unknown provenance, and this problem periodically arose.
  16. Exactly (emphasis added). That's what I was getting at (or attempting to).
  17. Looks that way. Which means that I've misunderstood / misrecalled the post all these years. Damn.
  18. +1 IMO. Indirect link from 2007 (original 2001):
  19. Earl Hines and Plas Johnson appear on this.
  20. Best track you heard all week

    Sun Star. For some reason (chiefly dumbassery) I've listened to very little late (say post-Ascension) Coltrane. Recently acquired this disc via the forum and it's awesome.
  21. Mosaics on eBay

    I've periodically seen the Turrentine Mosaic at $75, both on eBay and discogs. Considered it at that price, but it'd be a marginal purchase and I always passed. Never seen it any cheaper, though. The Tristano/Konitz/Marsh is another Mosaic whose price is kinda soft. I did buy that a few years ago. I guess it varies: some Mosaics have maintained high prices and others get cheap from time to time. I agree that currently prices seem to be "off the lows". I tried for a long time to find the Andrew Hill Blue Note at a reasonable price (in hindsight, I narrowly missed on eBay a couple of times near relative lows), but gave up and cobbled together the individual discs for less. That took a little over a year (the last CD was stubborn). Once missed on the Beehive on eBay at an attractive price, took over 2 years to find it at that level again (on discogs).
  22. Mosaics on eBay

    I agree there are occasional bargains on eBay, but finding them takes more effort and sleuthing than I'm willing to expend these days. I bought the Tristano/Konitz/Marsh Mosaic and came close on several bids in the not-too-distant past, but lately I've shopped and purchased from Discogs more often.
  23. Mosaics on eBay

    I rarely check Mosaic listings on eBay. There are so many absurdly high offerings that the signal/noise ratio is too low. I don't generally have time to sort through pages upon pages of crap. I fail to understand the economics of laughably high offerings: does eBay no longer charge listing fees? I'm out of touch, but years ago when I sold there I had to pay listing fees.