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  1. Matt Monro - Stranger In Paradise

    https://youtu.be/AXL8woLvxJQ https://youtu.be/mRICB-tCvpg
  2. Matt Monro - Stranger In Paradise

    Could be. I haven't heard much else of Munro's work, but these recordings are exceptional. The attention paid to the intent of the lyrics, the phrasing, the interplay with the band - it's all there. Hadn't heard it before, but the liners say Capitol signed him as a "replacement" for Nat King Cole.
  3. Anyone checked this out? Very nice repertoire, and beautifully sung. "If She Walked Into My Life" particularly floored me.
  4. Happy Birthday Don Brown!

    Happy belated, Don! I fondly remember our many chats at 333 Yonge. All the best!
  5. Hilton Ruiz - Ceora

    Reading about Hilton Ruiz in the Sam Rivers thread, I decided to seek some stuff out, and found this interesting:
  6. What to Reissue Number Two

    A properly done reissue of the RCA Rod Levitt material would be serious cause for excitement.
  7. What to Reissue Number Two

    I've gladly purchased everything you've reissued so far. A complete reissue of the Half Note material would be amazing, and as suggested above, reissues of some of the other Revelation titles (Symposium On Relaxed Improvisation, any Clare Fischer) would be a sure thing for me.
  8. Found this on a Houston Jazz forum, posted by pianist Joe LoCascio: To my utter surprise I received in the mail a CD entitled Live at Lotts Emporium, The Carl Lott Trio with Texas Tenors Arnett Cobb and Don Wilkerson. The CD is a labor of love from Carl Lott who has painstakingly been editing and compiling (with the help of Digital Crosstrax Studio and Powerhouse Music Studio) performances recorded at his nightclub Lotts Emporium circa 1982. The CD features Carl Lott on drums, Bill Murry on bass, Joe LoCascio on piano and of course, Arnett and Don on Tenor Sax. Arnett is featured on 5 tracks and Don on an additional 5. Some of you may remember the Emporium. It was one of the greatest jazz clubs Houston has ever seen and in its brief run (1982-1983) featured, in addition to Don and Arnett, artists such as Pharoah Sanders, Hank Crawford, G.T. Hogan, Woody Shaw, Leon Spencer Jr., Conrad Johnson, Tony Campise, Mildred Jones and Charles Patterson. Bill Murry and I were privileged to be members of the house band, led by Carl, during the entire run. It was an intense education, to say the least.
  9. Alright, Then - Joe Perkins

    ...and to confuse matters even more, both Joe and George appear on these, which are well worth checking out:
  10. Alright, Then - Joe Perkins

    Jim, You should really check out this: Not always as much of an overt country influence as in the Perkins tracks above, but it's always there, and the results are often, well, stunning. BTW, ever seen Gatemouth Brown playing fiddle on "When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again", backed by the house band of The!!! Beat!!!? Pretty amazing.
  11. Female Jazz Singers

    Picked this up from DG a little while ago on a whim, and have been enjoying it ever since:
  12. Happy Birthday Don Brown!

    Happy Birthday, Mr. Brown! Hope you'll be raising a glass at The Imperial today. All the best!
  13. Dolphy is Dolphy, but this is definitely worth checking out:
  14. JLH reissue plans

    I've never had a chance to hear "Echoes," but I love Carter, and I've only heard positive things about this album. It's never been reissued in any format, and there's so little of his stuff available. Can't really see anyone else getting this out there. Could the tapes be in the collection at the University of Colorado? edited for typo