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  1. Hallo Meister,


    wie gehts?

    Sehe gerade  meine beiden  KC-FB CD's.

    Clap Hands... mit Karl Drewo und

    Swing Waltz Swing mit Carl Drevo


    Was ist die richtige Schreibweise?




    Hi Bill

    Some rare Kenton just FYI





    another  private compilation


  3. Ist das die japanische Concord Ausgabe?

    Meine einzige mit Kitamura





  4. I am a Tal Farlow fan and have worked with my friend Guy Littler-Jones (UK) on his Tal Farlow book which I have too.

    As you write: Tal Farlow-  You have Every note he played up to 1960, and then he lost it.

    What is the earliest  group he worked in? Are there any recordings made from this group?




  5. Hi

    Is Steve Hoffmans Forum offline?

    Cant log in at the moment




    Frage: Ist Steve Hoffman's Forum offline?

    Hoffentlich sonst alles OK ---> Immer Maske tragen


  7. Hi John,

    hope everything is fine inspite of the Corona diease.

    I'm cautious all the time because I will spend some more time with the collection.

    At this time I am revisiting a lost of West Coast material on V.S.O.P. and ATLAS label in my collection.

    Best wishes



    1. John Tapscott

      John Tapscott

      Hi Willie: Yes, we're fine thanks. My wife and I just retired a couple of months ago. We moved back to her home province of Nova Scotia where we had a new house built for our retirement. We are enjoying it very much. I finally unpacked and shelved all my recordings (mostly CD's - still have a few LP's and cassettes!) Starting to listen more now. 

      COVID-19 is quite rare in this part of Canada, though more common in the province of Ontario where we came from.  But we are being cautious, mask wearing, distancing etc. Public activities and travel are curtailed somewhat.  Our daughter works in a dental office and her main function right now is screening patients for COVID-19 symptoms.  

      I enjoy your postings. I have the Art Pepper box set on ATLAS. Also some have V.S.O.P. CD's.   

      All the best


    2. jazzcorner


      Hi John.

      thanks for calling back. Beside the nearly complete ATLAS series on vinyl (XYZ & his west coast friends)  I have that box too. Art Pepper is a great favorite of mine.

      I am retired for more than 12 years.  Lost my wife 7 years ago nafter beeing caretaker for 3 years. It was a late  MS and we could not do anything against it.  I fell in a deep hole after this but spent now the rest of my time with my unissed tapes and files  on CD-RW's and hard discs. Just found recently 3 Bill Evans concerts from Cologne , Stuttgart & Hilversum, which have appeart in the meantime  with parts on some dubious CDs.

      Covid-19 is also not spread wide in my area (small village on the Rhine river) but I do observe what is needed , masks, distance and no fiestas.

      My sons family lives in Switzerland and I visit them 5 or 6 times a year via Intercity (about 6 hours train) to get there for the weekends.

      My dear wife and me had bought out little house here in Neuwied in 1987 but now I am living alone here. That is the course of life. Otherwise  my health is what you can call 'normal" for someone over 80.

      I think I will make it some more years if the Lord allows. My dear mom died with 98. Thats the way I want to go.

      Best wishes and have a goor time in the new home and retirement. We see us in the forum.

      From Fred i have reveived the usual X-mas greetings every year.





  8. How does this BFT work?

    Have clicked on all buttons but zero happens



  9. Have continued the Bill Holman thread. If you wish you can transport  it again to the "Artists" section. Itas now under "Forums Discussion".


  10. Hi Nike,

    the Holman thread is continued

  11. Hi there,

    stubled over a thread in which you did mention the name of "Mr. Tanno from Early Records" I was a good customer  and enjoyed his lists really much. It was a shock for me when he gave up his shop and since the I never found such a good and reliable mail order service.


  12. Hi Larry,

    I'm a newbier and not familiar with all the techs (adding ad erasing pictures).

    in the thread about Bill Potts  and the "Porgy & Bess" versions I haver tried to add 4 pictures but something went wrong.

    I cannot erase the pix and see no hint how to do it. So can you please

    a) bring the pics inb a correct order or

    b) erase the pics.





    1. Larry Kart

      Larry Kart

      Seems OK now.

  13. Thank Mr. E for the welcome. Have just submitted my Getz collection from my Paradox database  and listened to that  new Getz You Tube clip with that wide separated Stereo effect what ever there happened at the recording session. Anyway I have it on my wantlist. Cant get enough Getz.

    See you