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  1. Kamasi Washington: THE EPIC

    I haven't bought an album or heard it in its entirety, but went to see that band live back in August. It was an impressive show. At various moments I was thinking about Ayler (rather obvious), Sun Ra (with June Tyson ), AEC, Weather Report. None of it sounded derivative though- rather like the band is subconsciously processed all those possible influences into a sound of its own. The overall vibe was more like at a rock concert, with folks shaking and dancing on the floor.
  2. Cory Weeds

    I second your enthusiasm for Cory Weeds. I have many CDs from his Cellar Live label. It's mostly modern re-evaluation of hard bop (some of the covers even look like Blue Notes), but interesting nevertheless. Many titles were recorded live in Cellar (Corey's club in Vancouver- alas, closed by now) & other venues in Canada & USA. Beside of Corey's CDs, there are some of my favorites.

    Hi, Is this 6 discs version (w/bonus DVD)? I'd like to buy it if it's still available. Thanks.
  4. Recommendations for a gift...

    It might not fit "classical choral music" description, but chances are a student of vocal would be pleased with this set.
  5. Those who prefer their Satie slow cooked, will be well served by a chef extraordinaire Ulrich Gumpert.
  6. CDs for Sale (Jazz and Experimental)

    I'd like to buy Courvoiseur-Feldman duo CD if still available.
  7. PM sent for Richie Beirach- Summer Night.
  8. This is why it's a "bargain". The Complete Woody Shaw Columbia Albums Collection Have all the albums on LP, but that's a terrific buy.
  9. 'Classical' music from the last 50 years (or so)

    Highly recommended. Also and
  10. Has anyone here anything to say about Lara St. John set?
  11. Dmitri Shostakovich

    I'd like to recommend this CD for the second trio, plus Seven Romances as a great bonus, sang by a native Russian (well, actually Ukrainian). . Though unrelated to this thread, also check out Plamena Mangova's Beethoven recital on the same label.
  12. J.S. Bach: Suites 1-6 for Unaccompanied Cello

    Moms, have you heard Antonio Janigro recording of the suites? This year it was finally re-issued on CD, so hopefully more folks will hear this thoughtful and highly individual interpretation.
  13. Kenny Barron

    I like this trio album.
  14. Classical music bargains

    I hear you, brother. Hermann Scherchen- you're my main man. Yes, he's a good stuff (thanks, Marc Bolan- RIP). I'm not even sure who owns the rights to those Westminster recordings- probably MCA. Quite a few of them are re-issued by Tahra, including this beautiful box that is still available from good folks at Berkshire Outlet.
  15. Can anyone recommend any classical saxophone?

    The one below is recommended. The program is half Faure, half various baroque composers.
  16. J.S. Bach: Suites 1-6 for Unaccompanied Cello

    I'm partial to Antonio Janigro recording for Westminster, which i have on 70s re-issue vinyl. It was re-issued on CD by MCA eons ago- you may find a copy if you are lucky. For 21st century recordings: Ophelie Gaillard recorded it twice- first in 2000- that one is impossible to find without shelling some major bucks, and then again this year- that the one i have and can heartily recommend. Another good one is by Winona Zelenka- canadian cellist on Marquis Records.
  17. Paganini Caprices

    As i don't see these works as something profound (unless you are a violinist, i assume), i'd second that time honored Perlman's recording. But if you want something more modern, try this: Also i've really enjoyed this rendition, including a cover:
  18. Maestros, Masterpieces and Madness

    "The Secret Life and Shameful Death of the Classical Record Industry" That title looks suspiciously sensationalist. If anything is dead it is classical music, not classical record industry. The baroque and renaissance music has been experiencing a true revival and re-evaluation recently and there are many great albums available from independent European labels- Zigzag & Alpha (France), Glossa & Alia Vox (Spain), CPO (Germany)- only to name a few from the top of my head, not to mention giants like Harmonia Mundi. Classical period (say, from Mozart on to Bartok & Stravinsky) is also getting very well documented with new releases coming every week from both majors and independents. People like Casals and Landowska were trailblazers, but i doubt theirs are better recordings of the same works that, say, Gaillard & Queyras, Rousset, Rannou or Hantai is making nowadays. So i'm really curious what "Death of the Classical Record Industry" Mr. Lebrecht can possibly bemoan in his book.
  19. I'd suggest to try Helene Schmitt on Alpha Productions (Alpha's splendid packaging comes as a bonus). A brand new one by Amandine Beyer should be interesting, judging from her chaconne on another recording.
  20. Complete Mozart Piano Concertos

    Just looking at this list i can see that Mr. Koren loves his Mozart played in grand style. No wonder he bashed Immerseel to the point of insulting in one of his threads. I'll take Immerseel over likes of Horowitz & Rubinstein in Mozart any time.
  21. Classical music bargains

    Thank you, Д.Д. Just ordered. This is a fantastic set at fantastic value. Any one of these disks if purchased separately would normally cost you more. Just got my copy, looking forward to listening to it. The packaging is minimal - just the track list. So, there is no liner notes, etc.? That's rather sad. I thought they just repackaged 5 separate CDs in one box. But for that price i guess one can't complain.
  22. Classical music bargains

    Thank you, Д.Д. Just ordered. This is a fantastic set at fantastic value. Any one of these disks if purchased separately would normally cost you more.
  23. Scarlatti sonatas recommendations?

    I'd recommend these two on piano: Also some swear by Yevgeny Sudbin's recording, but i haven't heard that one.
  24. classical guitar

    Lots of goodies in this set:
  25. Debussy - Complete Piano Works

    My favorite Debussyists (or is it Debussyittes?): Paul Jacobs, Ivan Moravec, Arturo Michelangeli, Monique Haas. You can get a complete set by Haas and piece together almost complete sets by any of other three from several albums.