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  1. Mosaics you’re still on the hunt for

    Mildred Bailey.
  2. My set arrived superbly packaged- thank you! Thank you for offering these!
  3. I have the 10 CD Portrait Box- how much overlap is there with the Mosaic?
  4. Find out if you're in the Astros market- if you are, you won't be able to watch their games on MLB.TV....if you state you're somewhere else- like NJ then you'll be able to watch the Astro games.
  5. You have 2 accounts on the site- probably different emails- can you tell me which one you don't want to use and I'll delete it.
  6. 9th year....Up and running again if you're interested...pick for point spread. No prizes- but I will dig up something this year for the winner. You have to be a CBS Sports member to play- use your existing user name or create a user name and log in to play. 11 days until 1st game!
  7. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    thanks!! I will check periodically- you never know!!
  8. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    I just couldn't pull the trigger on this- too expensive at the it's doable....oh well. I'll keep an eye out for them again.....just in case...
  9. Ellington Centennial box price

    It's now gone -- because I just bought it. Thanks for the heads-up, bluesoul!!! I have most of this music already, but I've pined for this set for long time. And I've never seen it at this low of a price. I'll give it to my kids to put under the tree for me come Christmas morning. Great buy!
  10. I was looking at the site on my iPhone- computer shows English.
  11. Thank you! I have to brush up on my German- or is there a way to convert the site to English?
  12. Can't find them on the web- looking to buy them soon- Thanks.