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  1. British jazz reissues

    Ian Carr's seminal 1972 album Belladonna has just been reissued by Mr Bongo. This is an official reissue licensed by UMG and there are two versions, CD and LP. It has been remastered at half-speed by Miles Showell at Abbey Road. The vinyl version (currently playing on the turntable) sounds fabulous and within its gatefold sleeve, the record sports the original Vertigo swirl logo on the labels. I always considered (and still do) that Allan Holdsworth guitar contribution on the closer, Hector's House is one of the most exciting solos I've ever heard, and the fastest. I believe that this is the first time this record has been reissued on vinyl although it has been reissued at least twice before on CD. Update: BTW listening to it now I'm hearing stuff I never heard before!
  2. British jazz reissues

    Yes, you’re correct re: the Afro Jazz vinyl reissue and I bought a copy of that. I was thinking more of a domestic reissue (that one was Canadian I think) and also a CD reissue. But there are so many other potential candidates. Pity Vocalion gave up on the British jazz reissues.
  3. British jazz reissues

    Re: Spacewalk, I can’t comment on the 2018 Italian vinyl reissue but there was a legitimate reissue on CD by Polygram in 1999 courtesy of the late Richard Cook’s excellent Redial series. To my ears this CD version seems flawless both technically and musically. There have been CD reissues of both Windmill Tilter (BGO) and Le Dejeuner (Dusk Fire) but a hitherto dearth of Universal British jazz reissues save for the superb Tubby Hayes box set. So this is very welcome and the vinyl is very tempting. I only hope that Tony Higgins might persuade Universal to reissue some of the less known British jazz recordings such as the Carr/Clyne/Watts/Stevens little masterpiece Springboard or Guy Warren’s idiosyncratically brilliant Afro Jazz. But there are plenty more to choose from.
  4. British jazz reissues

    I received an email from Clark Tracey's Resteamed Records with the following tantalising info: We at Resteamed remain dedicated to ensuring Stan’s music is made as widely available as possible. And to this end, our next new release from the Archive – available from the end of May - will be a double CD of Stan’s Quartet (featuring Bobby Wellins) and their 1968 recording With Love From Jazz, coupled with the ST Big Brass arrangements of Ellington tunes on We Love You Madly, which Stan played for many years on his big band dates. The latter dates from 1969 with a line-up including Joe Harriott, Don Rendell, Ian Carr, Acker Bilk and Tony Coe. And with so much love in the air, we’re calling this latest double CD release With Love From Stan.
  5. British jazz reissues

    Totally agree, the latest RR archival release from JiB is really fantastic and despite being in mono (but may have been originally broadcast in stereo at that time) is undeniably both crystal clear and extremely innovative. I love RR's guitar work then as he was really pushing the boundaries. His compositions and arrangements are excellent too. Highly recommended.
  6. British jazz reissues

    I absolutely agree! It's like hearing a new piece of work entirely.
  7. British jazz reissues

  8. Yes, he did the RCQ film which includes Dave Green's wedding. Sadly this film isn't in the Mike Dibb season. Still, the BT ones are fantastic.
  9. A major retrospective of the work of documentary filmmaker Mike Dibb - A Listening Eye: The Films Of Mike Dibb - is currently available free to view online via the Whitechapel Gallery website - three films are viewable now including Jazz, Rock & Marriage; Barbara Thompson: Playing Against Time and Paraphernalia - all three featuring Barbara Thompson and Jon Hiseman. Mike Dibb has made several films about jazz including documentaries on Miles Davis, Keith Jarret, The Rendell Carr Quintet and Barbara Thompson and Jon Hiseman.
  10. British jazz reissues

    I see that the Canadian company Return To Analog has reissued on vinyl the very rare Lansdowne recording Afro-Jazz by Guy Warren which features the Rendell Carr Quintet plus Amancio D'Silva on guitar. Return To Analog
  11. Malcolm Griffiths and Keith Nichols RIP

    Yes he certainly was. RIP Griff
  12. British jazz reissues

    Not sure if the readers of this thread are aware but Barbara Thompson and Ian Carr also feature on the upcoming archival release of Neil Ardley's Kaleidoscope of Rainbows Live '75 recorded at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London. This is a double CD release by Jazz In Britain (pre-order via Bandcamp) and from listening to the promo tracks on their Bandcamp site this is an absolutely superb album in high quality stereo.
  13. British jazz reissues

    I like the intros mainly because of the late, great Peter Clayton’s insightful and humorous contributions. On a couple of the Thompson discs there are rare intros by Ian Carr, a genuine treat.
  14. Not sure. According to John Kelman’s mammoth and highly informative review of this box on AAJ, most of the stuff has been released before, much as downloads. I have The Brondesbury Tapes (GG&F) so it may be from that but am not sure. Judging by my listening to the Red box today any of the Blu Ray and DVD in the 1969 box are going to be gargantuan - there seems to be multiple hours worth of music on these non CD discs. Incidentally there seems to be a prototype of Pictures of a City included which started out and is titled here as A man, A city.
  15. Anyone contemplating buying this box set? As a Crimson fan it’s very tempting but expensive (£145) but you get around 24 discs (*) and a CD of Giles,Giles and Fripp.TBH I haven’t yet played all the discs on my Red box (mind you, I don’t have Blue Ray or 5.1 capability). ITCOTCK is a prog masterpiece though. Hmmmm. (*) Update: 26 discs actually.