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  1. Out October 29:
  2. I can only assume everyone is too busy trying to track down Larry's fashion show appearances and modeling assignments to respond!
  3. LF Max Roach Quartet 70's LPs

    So good and so hard to find. I got the Live in Tokyo LPs and thought I'd be satisfied, but after one spin I need more.
  4. Greetings -- I am on the hunt for VG+/NM copies of the following Max Roach Quartet LPs -- Nommo Live in Amsterdam The Loadstar Will pay top dollar for clean copies. Please PM me if you are interested in selling. Eric
  5. Cool archival release put up on Bandcamp by Barney McAll. Great notes / personal recollections too.
  6. The Cookers

    Stoked for the Cookers LP. Gearbox seems like a great outfit. Loved the Mønk archival release they did a couple years back, and this Cookers session looks first-class all the way.
  7. Did Coltrane ever perform "Giant Steps" live?

    Via Ethan Iverson on Twitter:
  8. “The Maze” encourages the performers to collaboratively interact with all the traditionally and graphically notated materials in a manner that problematizes separatist notions of “improvisation” and “composition,” cultivating a sonic universe in which such a binary never existed in the first place. Love to problematize separatist notions Incidentally, I had the privilege of seeing Douglas Ewart with Irreversible Entanglements at the Walker in Mpls last night. He really elevated the set.
  9. Billy Harper Quintet - Antibes 1975

    Re CD sales -- I read an interesting interview with Steve Feigenbaum of Cuneiform Records recently, from Feb. 2020. Granted Cuneiform is a niche within a niche, but pretty eye opening for me at least. You don’t see much about CD sales. They don’t talk about it because it isn’t perceived as interesting or hip by the media. Something that I can sell 1,000 copies of as a CD, if it comes out on vinyl, and the band doesn’t take any from me, maybe I can sell 75 or 100.
  10. Geri Allen

    I believe this is a boot, originating from a London performance that was broadcast on BBC. It has seemingly disappeared from the web apart from YouTube, though. If you don't already have it, the Geri + Paul + Charlie set from the Montreal Tapes is worth seeking out.
  11. Joe Henderson

    I am dusting off this old thread simply to express my gratitude for the fantastic insight and opinions all of you share on this forum. I just created an account so I can finally register my thanks for this place and for you people. Any time I have wanted to get smart about an artist or album over the past couple years I've always just punched [artist] or [album] + organissimo into Google and more often than not I've been led to good stuff. This thread has been one of my faves over the course of my hours lurking here, so seemed a fitting place to say thanks for sharing your insights and for keeping the internet interesting! Also, I should add: if anyone would like a copy of the complete performance of Joe's 1971 Junk Club Tokyo set (of "Joe Henderson in Japan" fame), send me a message and I'll get it to you. Even if you're already familiar with 4 of the 5 tunes, hearing the emcee announce "Ladies and gentlemen, Junk is proud to present Joe Henderson Quartet..." as the band slams into "Junk Blues" will get your blood pumping...