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  1. Your 10 (or 5, or 3) favorite ECM albums

    When I think "muddy" my mind references tracks like some of those from Sun Ra and some early digital transfers of Lester Young and other artists of that era. I've never heard an ECM CD sound anything like that. Reverb is definitely used but like most I wouldn't equate that to muddy sound.
  2. Your 10 (or 5, or 3) favorite ECM albums

    I haven't heard enough ECM albums to put a top 10 out, but what I've heard I like - some Charles Lloyd, Frisell, Hal Russel, Stanko, Abercrombie & Stenson among others. Stanko's Soul of Things was a bit dense at first listen but has since opened up for me a little. Really enjoy some of the earlier Steve Tibbetts records - Yr., Safe Journey & Big Map Idea. Only one that didn't wow me so far Jarrett's At the Deer Head Inn which, at least at first listen came across as kind of bland. Someone mentioned Trio Beyond's Saudades up thread and have to say Larry Goldings is amazing on that record.
  3. BFT 196 -- THE REVEAL!!!!

    Excellent BFT man. Loved most of it but especially the second half. Songs 7-12 are just killer. Also became a big Badrena & Cardona fan after hearing that final track because they tore it up.
  4. Ken Vandermark

    The Powerhouse Sound Oslo/Chicago: Breaks album is a good one. Hard rock-ish in a way but with some strong drum & bass playing. Have only really heard some DKV after that and those are good as rec'd above.
  5. Tapscott - The Giant is Awakened - vinyl reissue

    I got the green vinyl version they put out a little earlier this year. Looks like VMP also did a color variant. Great record. The legit RGM label does some good work.
  6. Further thoughts on the Resonance Bill Evans titles

    Not too long ago I was in the mood for some Evans trio work and threw on Explorations. I found it awful, like Miles Davis reacting to Cecil Taylor awful. Moved on to some Monk and that scratched the itch. Interesting mention of Manne, who was Evans' drummer earlier in '68 before DeJohnette and Morrell. Again, I haven't noticed any rushing when Manne was there but this convo now has me curious.
  7. Further thoughts on the Resonance Bill Evans titles

    Yeah, me too.
  8. Further thoughts on the Resonance Bill Evans titles

    Interesting. I'll have to check out the Keystone material. Of the Resonance releases, I have the other 2 with DeJohnette - Some Other TIme (which has Jack extremely low in the mix, almost inaudible for most of the recording) and Another Time from Hilversum, which are both from June of '68 - a few months before the Lugoff's set. Another Time has "Who Can I Turn To" which is not on Some Other Time, and neither have "Waltz For Debby". I feel like I should revisit these to see if there's any noticeable rushing...haven't noticed before but my ear isn't exactly trained. Not a drug abuser, but I know and have known several. Yayo was big for many in college and it definitely effects future behavior for those who become addicted. I'd wager it definitely contributed to Bill rushing through songs - the brain manipulation would probably cut off or stop short any sort of empathy/synergy with band members along with the audience. Edit to add: Maybe the rushing has something to do with Morrell as drummer in a live setting as well?
  9. Further thoughts on the Resonance Bill Evans titles

    I've read complaints (possibly in customer reviews) that there was some rushing through songs on that '64 trio with Philly Joe. Some ascribe that to Jones pushing the tempo, but I'm not so sure. Have you also noticed any rushing during those final recorded performances from the Keystone Korner Last Waltz performances? I haven't listened to them so I don't know.
  10. BFT195 Belated Reveal!

    I've since picked up the albums from #s 4, 8 & 10. Several more to go with that Brackeen at the top of the list.
  11. BFT195 Belated Reveal!

    Some great tunes here. Thanks for putting this one together!
  12. The USPS SUCKS

    This is a good reference for what put the USPS in a troublesome spot and some steps that could be taken to improve the situation.
  13. Resonance Records Sale

    Those Eddie Daniels albums, the Gismonti tribute and the live set from '88 are - I think - hidden gems.
  14. Agreed. I'm not a library professional but if hordes of anyone enter any library's doors with the express purpose of learning or listening that has to be welcomed. More likely, this collection will be accessed by students doing focused studies in specialist majors.
  15. BFT196 Link & Discussion

    Mad props to whoever it is on percussion. I can't wait to find out who. Just outstanding playing. I tried not to read anyone else's posts before doing mine so that I could give them all a fresh ear. I saw later that some of them were ID'd and have to say I admire those that can pick out players and tunes like that.