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  1. Shorty Rogers Rendezvous Ballroom 9/27/52

    Sounds of Yesteryear DSOY 2073 A Rendezvous With Shorty Rogers & His Giants Release Date: 09/15/2017 01 I May Be Wrong 02 Didi 03 Short Snort 04 Popo 05 Ide’s Side 06 Jeepers Creepers 07 He’s Funny That Way 08 I Can’t Believe That You’re in Love With Me 09 Perdido 10 Summertime 11 Sometimes I’m Happy 12 Closing Theme 13 Announcer 01, 02, 03, 04, 12 on LAJI 007 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11 on LAJI 006 06, 07, 08 are vocals by Miss June Christy Horns out on 06, 07, 08
  2. Lucky Thompson

    Hi folks, The 4CD box set is not for 'completists' because 3 alternate takes from the 'Lucky Thompson - Nothing but the soul' CD are missing ( Thin Ice & 2 others). But it is interesting because it includes the very rare french LP Club des Amateurs du Disque CAD 3001 'Lucky Thompson plays for the Club', never reissued since 1956. Enjoy!
  3. previously unreleased Bud Powell

    Latest info from CD Japan: Sinatra Society of Japan XQAM.docx
  4. previously unreleased Bud Powell

  5. New Thelonious Monk album

    Hi Larry, I felt the same melancholy when I listened to these two CDs for the first time and feel every time I listen to them again. It’s perhaps because this jazz evokes an era that we knew and which alas will never return. In short, our youth which went away...
  6. New Thelonious Monk album

    I'm a "completist", so the least note is important to me, especially when it comes from Barney Wilen who was my friend.
  7. New Thelonious Monk album

    Hi folks, I don’t know what you think, but I'm still hungry. It is said that almost 3 hours have been recorded and we are given only 83 minutes. What will become of the remaining material? Will we have to wait another 58 years? Meanwhile, most of us will have joined my late friend Marcel Romano (at the origin of the project) in the clouds. Let him be thanked here for the music he has left us, but that some responsible (if we can call them that) deliver us in the dropper. By what right? Certainly, the law of the market. I hate these music amateurs, more merchants than music lovers… For all "amateurs" of complete stuff, I made a list of all material described in the booklet. Lined in yellow, the issued titles which last 83 minutes... No comment! LES LIAISONS DANGEREUSES (détails).xlsx
  8. previously unreleased Bud Powell

    Candido is not listed in my files, but Bud played so many times in 1953. Sorry!
  9. previously unreleased Bud Powell

    The label and reference are: Sinatra Society of Japan (Japan) XQAM-1648 The recording seems to be in the middle of 1953, but the broadcast is July 8, August 8th and 15th. My friend Carl Smith heard the forthcoming material at the Library of Congress, 25 years ago and took some notes included in my late discography. It’s not a dream, you can be surprised because it’s a real big surprise.
  10. previously unreleased Bud Powell

    On next september 20, 2017, will be released a new Bud Powell CD "Newly Discovered! 3 Knights At Birdland 1953 [Cardboard Sleeve (mini LP)]"
  11. You will not have time to read it, spare yourself an expense!
  12. Art Pepper - Road Waltz

    Hi folks, I have another version of Road Waltz (complete 13:59) played at Mr Wards in Melbourne on August 25, 1981. Is Laurie's one from this date (another set) or another date???
  13. dave pell r.i.p.

    He was a great. RIP
  14. Orrin Keepnews, RIP

    RIP Orrin I'll never forget your invaluable help. You will stay for me a very great man!
  15. Wardell Gray

    Hi folks, For information: 1. OPENING - STOMPIN’ AT THE SAVOY / Jun. 26, 1948 2. MARY’S IDEA / Jun. 26, 1948 3. S’POS’N - vo. Jackie Searle / Jun. 26, 1948 4. THERE’S A SMALL HOTEL - Quartet / Jun. 26, 1948 5. MEL’S IDEA / Jun. 26, 1948 6. YOU TURNED THE TABLES ON ME - vo. Dolly Huston / Jun. 26, 1948 7. SWEDISH PASTRY / Jun. 26, 1948 8. INDIANA / Jun. 26, 1948 9. GOOD-BYE / Jun. 26, 1948 10. OPENING - STOMPIN’ AT THE SAVOY / Jul. 3, 1948 11. BYE BYE BLUES / Jul. 3, 1948 12. WRAP YOUR TROUBLES IN DREAMS - vo. Jackie Searle / Jul. 3, 1948 13. BLUE VIEWS / Jul. 3, 1948 14. IT’S THE TALK OF THE TOWN - vo. Dolly Huston / Jul. 3, 1948 15. MEL’S IDEA / Jul. 3, 1948 16. DON’T BLAME ME - vo. Jackie Searle / Jul. 3, 1948 17. AFTER YOU’VE GONE / Jul. 3, 1948 18. GOOD-BYE / Jul. 3, 1948 Benny Goodman Septet. Benny Goodman, Stan Hasselgard, Wardell Gray. Red Rodney, Mary Lou Williams, Billy Bauer, Clyde Lombardi, Mel Zelnick. Vocals by Jackie Searle, Dolly Huston