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    Remember that Kenny left us 46 years ago. RIP

    I liked it so much that I listened to it at least thirty times. Thanks again!

    I received the CD yesterday, factory sealed. Great Cab Calloway with Ike Quebec. Thanks again! Claude
  4. Sonny Clark Trio on Time 2 LP reissue news

    Hi folks, You will find in attached file, what I have checked from my collection concerning the March 23, 1960 session by the Sonny Clark Trio. Meanwhile a more complete edition... Claude SONNY CLARK LP.xlsx

    Dear Paul, Thanks a lot to you and your friend who sent you the message. I'm so happy to receive such help. I ordered ii without delay to City Hall Records. Have a good life! Claude

    I'm looking for the Mr Music MMCD 7035 CD titled "Cab Calloway live at the Cafe Zanzibar". Please send me your price by PM. In the absence of CD, I would appreciate a digital copy of the music only. Thanks!
  7. Kenny Dorham

    Don't forget the John Mehegan - Casual Affair album with a very fine Kenny Dorham.
  8. Kenny Clarke-Francy Boland Big Band

    You are right because without patience, we would be there?. We are the voluntary hostages of record companies and their goodwill.
  9. Kenny Clarke-Francy Boland Big Band

    Alas no. October 1, 2018 remains the planned date. Still a little patience...
  10. Bill Watrous - RIP

    RIP, Bill.
  11. Miles Davis – Ascenseur Pour L'Échafaud 2cd version

    "L'Interrogatoire de Julien" lasts 5:14 and is played by piano, bass and drums only. SOUND IS GREAT! Available on Deezer.
  12. Kenny Clarke-Francy Boland Big Band

    Hi folks, I recently discovered that I have a copy containing stereo tracks of the session that produced the “Out Of The Folk Bag” album and that could be the ones to be released next October 2018 on the Rearward label. In an old post, I noted that “The Turk” issued on Supraphon issues has an additional trumpet solo at the start of the tune This solo is on the below stereo version (3:14). Belgium: Nice Bunch 2:59 England: Greensleeves 6:53 Italy: Funiculi, Funicula 5:18 Poland: Nights In Warsaw 4:52 USA: I Don't Want Nothin' 5:52 Turkey: The Turk 3:14 Canada: Here The Good Wind Comes (aka The Good Wind Is Here) 7:42 Yugoslavia: Return 4:16 Sweden: Dear Old Stockholm 6:23 Germany Good Evening, Good Night (Guten Abend, Gute Nacht) 2:32
  13. J.J. Johnson - Blue Trombone.docx
  14. Brownie Emarcy Box: 11th Disc???

    I bought the japanese box set (10CD) in Japan in 1989 at Shinseido, Tokyo. I was a good customer since 1981 with about 15 LP or CD each month, so they offered me the mini CD containing Flossie Lou (SSCD-4 not for sale) pressed separately in 1989.
  15. who's Babs Gonzales?

    and the following Bennie Green (tb), Budd Johnson (ts), Bobby Tucker (p), John Collins (g), Bruce Lawrence (b, voc), Charles Simon (dm), Babs Gonzales (voc) on all titles + Earl Johnson & Wynton Kelly (voc) New York City, July 27, 1950 Boogie woogie polka London 575 (78) Boppin' and jivin' - 125th Street prophet 578 (78) Play it real cool - Did some collector on this board have both 78pm?