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  1. I was able to follow the link and add the colored lp to my cart. I went through checkout up until the final steps, then bailed. So it may still be available if anyone is interested. That all being said, the VMP website is sort of glitchy. I couldn't get the search function to work just now. So they may just not have taken the order function down, or updated that page. Lastly, the regular black vinyl version of Coolin' is available as an Amazon pre-order for $17.99 right now.
  2. 2019: Blue Note's 80th Anniversary

    This was posted over on the Hoffman forum today: "Don Was, of Blue Note/Universal Music Group and Joe Harley (sic) of Audioquest, announced a reissue program. While the pending reissue series will be under a different banner than Music Matters, it will follow the same level of quality - both in packaging, extras, and sonic quality as the Music Matters series. Two of the first reissue titles will be: 1) Wayne Shorter, Et Cetera, and, 2) Chick Corea, Now He Sobs, Now He Sings. (Please note: I am sure on the Wayne Shorter title and 80% sure on the Chick Corea title)."
  3. I'm sure I DON'T like it, and agree 100% with Kevin that it is a very disappointing trend. The MM 33s are great, really like it that they introduced this series and wish it was going to be as extensive as the 45 series was. On the other hand, Mobile Fidelity seems to have moved from 33 to 45 with their Miles Davis reissues, and as a consequence, I quit buying them. The 45s are unnecessarily expensive and inconvenient, a wrongheaded trend IMO and one that I hope draws to a close soon!
  4. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Yesterday I listened to a new-to-me copy of the Connoisseur Series vinyl of Wayne Shorter's Schizophrenia. Sounded fine to me, and was certainly more affordable than an early issue.
  5. Classic Blue Notes on SHM-CD

    Cool! Thanks for the review Laton. I think I will order it- probably my favorite McLean.
  6. PM coming Hope, Elmo All Star Sessions Mance, Junior Straight Ahead Webster, Ben & Coleman, Bill Swingin' in London Nelson, Oliver Live from Los Angeles Stitt, Sonny I Remember Bird Fuller, Curtis Jazz Conference Abroad Coltrane, John Impressions MCA/Impulse and probably a few more
  7. Eric Kloss - ESSENCE (Muse LP)

    Bumping this thread to mention that oldies.com has two Kloss lps - Celebration and Now - for less than $2 each. Not sure if these are worth hearing or not, but at these prices I can afford to gamble!
  8. Great Finds

    Pharaoh Sanders - Tauhid, original pressing on Impulse, VG++ condition for $1.00 Non-jazz category: Stones - Exile on Main Street, original, 4 sides with Artisan stamp, Monarch pressing, including all 12 postcards EX+ condition, $15.
  9. a few more LPs for sale

    I'll take the Hill. PM coming..
  10. I'll echo Lon in agreeing that you have hit the nail on the head with this observation. It is quite annoying that its taken the music industry 25 years to finally offer decent sounding CDs of this music.
  11. There's a thread on this topic over on the Hoffman forum. Some folks found great deals on Janis Joplin, Dylan and other vinyl sets at TJ Maxx. I didn't find any at mine, unfortunately, but would have been very interested in picking up the Miles box.
  12. FS: Various LPs

    PM sent..
  13. Music Matters Blue Note 45rpms

    I'm not sure how representative I am but I could be interested in several titles in this new MM 33rpm series depending on how they sound and how much they cost. Sure, I have most of these on CD, often multiple versions. These days though, I just about never buy CDs. Instead I'm gradually building a BN vinyl collection on a pretty tight budget. I wasn't buying vinyl during the period when the Classic Records 200gm reissues were widely available and those often go for a premium today. I have very little interest in the 45rpm series. Decent sounding original pressings are of course cost prohibitive although I do opportunistically pick up reissues. And it is rare to see King Records reissues going for less than $50 or so, usually more, with expensive shipping from Japan. If they sound good and sell for less than the Classic reissues, I bet the MM 33rpm series will sell pretty well.
  14. Joni Mitchell - Hejira

    We listen to Night Ride Home pretty often around here..