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About Me

Born in Dallas, grew up in the suburbs thereof. Went to Mt View Jr College, then transferred to then NTSU. Left school in '81 to join the Jazz Knights of West Point for a three year hitch.

Got out of the army, embarked on a few years of cruise ship employment, cross country big band tours, two residences in Europe. Returned to USA and school in 1989. Graduated with bachelorĀ and masters in jazz studies at the now-UNT in Denton. Played in the '81 One O Clock band and in the '92 later.

1989: my jazz trombone exercise book was published. Continues to be in print. Distributed by Aebersold.

Rec. own CD in '96 with Dave Liebman et al. feat, my composition and playing.

Living in Rowlett outside of Dallas. Writing and playing with my own group, the Jazz Refugees.

Looking to get overseas again soon, perhaps China. Never been there.