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  1. The "Limited edition" sticker on the LP box: Actually "Limited edition 1st pressing". I also should note that Blue Note's website is now listing several hundred LP box sets as an "overrun" (several hundred overrun?) and jacked up the price to $350. This ain't your father's Blue Note.
  2. Streaming questions

    Digital music cannot deteriorate. A digital file can be damaged if not copied properly but that is not the result of deterioration. If a digital audio music file is copied and stored properly, it will sound the same every time you play it. Stereophile is not really the place to get audio advice anyway. They have been peddling snake oil for decades.
  3. I love the blues so just on the title alone, I was really looking forward to hearing this when I found a used LP at Stereo Jacks. I was very disappointed.
  4. Whoever entered this box set's information into the MusicBrainz database didn't do a great job. First off, the title is not "The Complete Live At The Lighthouse (50th Anniversary Edition)". In fact, it doesn't say this anywhere on the artwork. One of the discs has the set number wrong on a track or two. Two or three CDs have no space between CD and the disc number (CD1 instead of CD 1). Most of the track namess have a space before the title. All of the track names have the word "Live" in them. Duh - it's a live recording. No need to put that in every track title. Though I suppose having to edit nearly every track title for a few typos is better than having to type them all myself.
  5. In the late 90's, I traveled to Chicago on business many times as well. Unlike you, I was pretty unlucky when it comes to live Jazz. It seemed like every time I went, The Jazz Showcase and The Green Mill had acts playing there that I'd either just seen in Boston or the band was playing Boston when I got back - and I usually already had tickets. Fred Anderson was never playing at the Velvet Lounge during any of my visits either. I never did get a chance to see him or Von Freeman live. I did get to visit the Jazz Record Mart and Dusty Groove every visit though.
  6. OK, then it is scientific then?
  7. Covid Vaccination Poll Update

    Maine has less than 40 open ICU beds available in the whole state at this time. This could have serious ramifications for pediatric care as these ICU beds take away from that.
  8. Sonny Criss - Rockin' In Rhythm (Prestige).
  9. It is literal. Literally noone has a good year after they die.
  10. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    I've never heard of this one. Does the vocalist sing on every track?
  11. Not likely since his 2019 included his death.
  12. I broke down and bought the CD set. I don't know why, as the 2 LP nor 3 CD sets were never favorites and rarely make it onto my players but I had a credit at Amazon so I figured, "Why not".
  13. I had that LP as well as a 6 eye stereo copy. I preferred the stereo LP. Then I managed to pick up a copy of the Classic Records 33 RPM LP (don't know if it is 180 or 200 gram). It sounded much better to my ears (at the time).
  14. New (old) interview with Jackie McLean has been posted: In it, Jackie goes into some detail about this unissued session. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Steve Lehman: The last thing I wanted to ask you about…because I mentioned the session in 1968 with Tyrone Washington and Norman Connors. And how it was free but you were conducting things, and this never got released. Jackie McLean: Yes. Right. SL: This idea of conducting, and groove and giving cues and stuff, you did it actually in class a few times. JM: Yeah, uh huh. SL: And it was really like a wake up call for me. Because, playing in Anthony Braxton’s group…not to simplify it, but, in some ways, his music is really based on a pretty intricate set of cues that we all can give each other and that he can give us, so that anything can happen. We can all be playing a piece together, if he wants. Or there can be three different pieces going on at once. He always talked about the Coltrane Ascension date of being the root of that, of John kind of directing… JM: Directing, yeah… SL: So, when you said that you had done it too, it was kind of like, “Oh, ok, so there’s an evolution.” JM: Right. SL: So, if you could just talk about what was going on, because I don’t want to misquote or anything. JM: Well, it’s funny, that’s where I’m going, like in a direction like that. I want to get my rhythm section rehearsed well enough now so that they can follow me somewhere and do some things with me under direction. So, in other words, like some signals, preset signals to go into a particular thing, you know. Or where it would be to have it so that the drums set-up a rhythm and go from there. Or whatever. But, that day, when we did that record date with Tyrone, Tyrone wrote one or two charts, and Woody Shaw wrote one or two, and then Bobby Hutcherson. And then I wrote some sketches that would be done and some notes that would be done by direction. And then we had some ideas set that we would do tempo here. And then I’d direct them to drop out and let the melody hang, like one horn at a time. And then I’d point to somebody to come in, whether it would be the bass, you know. It was great, man. SL: Yeah. JM: It was like I was improvising using them as an instrument like, you know. And it was great. It was fun. And I have never heard that session. SL: Oh really? JM: Never heard it. SL: I hope it sees the light of day someday. Mr. McLean, this has been a real thrill.
  15. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    I've never heard of this record label, never mind this CD. I don't think I've ever heard of Darryl Hall or Bernd Reiter. I assume that these two are not in fact "New York All-Stars"?
  16. "Lazy Afternoon" is one of my favorite ballads.
  17. The Beatles "In Mono" CD set was released to much fanfare as being a Limited Edition. Many people, myself included, pre-ordered it at full list price. After it sold quite a bit, it was suddenly no longer a limited edition and the prices plummeted. So I paid $229 for a box that less than a year later was selling everywhere for closer to $140, with some places selling it for under $100. The Beatles on Capitol and Blue Note fall under the Universal Music umbrella. I don't trust their "limited editions".
  18. Blue Note lists stuff as sold out all the time and then you'll be in a local store and see the LP on the shelf. Blue Note's web store is the first to list any LP as out of stock. One of the worst web stores I've ever used, second only to the UMusic web store, Blue Note's parent company. I highly doubt that this will be limited in any way. If it sells, they will make more. Don't let them fool you.
  19. Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band - Night Moves (Mobile Fidelity). I was never big on Mobile Fidelity's LPs, as I never thought that they would sound that much better than the "regular" LPs of the day, but I have to say that this one sounds pretty darn good to my crappy old ears. I did have an original Wally when I got this and since that Wally LP is long gone, I assume that even when my ears were working better, this sounded better.
  20. Adding that Lou Reed's voice was just as shot as Gabriel's when he tried to cover "Solsbury Hill".
  21. Just finished - Joe Henderson - In & Out (Blue Note). Old RVG pressing. Now playing Peter Gabriel/Various Artists - Scratch my Back - I'll Scratch Yours (Real World Records). I prefer when everyone scratches Peter's back. Peter's voice is almost gone by the time this record was made.
  22. Eric Alexander vs Joshua Redman

    I was driving in my car yesterday listening to the Real Jazz channel on SXM radio and a few seconds into a sax solo, I thought, "That's Eric Alexander". I looked at the screen and saw that it was Joe Chambers playing "Evidence". When I got home, I looked it up. Joe Chambers playing Horace Silver tunes with Eric Alexander on Tenor. I can "hear" Eric Alexander fine. This attitude that he has no originality doesn't work for me.
  23. Sealed vinyl

    I imagine that if it's sealed, you'll have no way to know if you have an LP in there with 10, 11 or 12 tracks. It sounds like the record was pressed in error so the artwork might not represent what's in the sleeve?
  24. I don't believe anything Blue Note/Universal says about limited editions. It's not a licensed recording. They'll be limited to how many they can sell until they stop selling.
  25. Funny how a literal translation can come out screwy: "As if time had stopped, the hesitant delicacy of Astrud's white voice, set in the misty, iridescent tones of Gary Burton's vibraphone and magnified by the aerial counterpoints of Stan Getz's saxophone, recaptures the freshness and innocence of the mythical 64 recording." Yes, blanche translates to white but voix blanche translates to something completely different. In fact, it roughly translates to toneless or bland. Which is worse - the poor translation or the poor choice of the French descriptor?