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  1. Concerning Impulse! "audiophile" reissues, the first Analogue Productions hybrid SACDs have now been released. I'm waiting until they become available by other stores than Acoustic Sounds (which has excessive shipping costs) John Coltrane: Coltrane Gil Evans: Out Of The Cool Charles Mingus: Mingus, Mingus, Mingus, Mingus, Mingus Ben Webster: See You at the Fair
  2. backing up a commercial CD, 800MB+

    A CD-R copy can sound better than the original CD, if the original CD is defective/scratched and puts stress on the CD player's error correction. With such a CD, it may still be possible to extract the data without errors using EAC and a suitable CD drive with very good audio extraction capapilities, and then burn an error-free CD-R, which will sound better than the original defective CD. With an error-free original CD, the copy will of course not sound better. Maybe the Cds that Barry Diament used had some kind of manufacturing error, or his CD player doesn't cope well with pressing errors.
  3. download rarities

    This was a direct-to-disc recording, which is limited to about 15 minutes per LP side. Every side has to be recorded in one uninterrupted take.
  4. Miles Davis Quartet DVD Sweden 67

    The Stockholm concert was also released on a spanish DVD (like some of his other european concerts recorded for TV), which is probably not legit and has been dubbed from a recent TV broadcast. larger cover pictures:
  5. Black Saint/Soul Note Box Sets

    How about the quality of the remastering? I'm not thinking of upgrading the CDs I have for the remastering, but I want to avoid buying reissues which sound worse than the previous ones (which has unfortunately often been the case in the past 10 years).
  6. Charlie Parker 'Now's the Time'

    There's a japanese hybrid SACD version (UCGU-7034) that was released in 2004: 1 Song Is You 2 Laird Baird 3 Kim 4 Kim (Alternate Take) 5 Cosmic Rays 6 Cosmic Rays (Alternate Take) 7 Chi-Chi 8 Chi-Chi (Alternate Take) 9 Chi-Chi (Alternate Take) 10 I Remember You 11 Now's the Time 12 Confirmation (one take of Chi-Chi is missing on this one) It sounds very good (warmer and more lively than the VME CD), but I don't think the nevertheless limited sound quality deserves spending the current OOP prices on it (I bought it for $20 at the time) For many Verve titles, the early CD releases sound better than the VMEs, so it's worth checking out the CD posted above.
  7. Tracklist: Back cover:
  8. Nescafé Gold (regular) is my preferred instant coffee
  9. Which BN McMasters sound better than the RVG?

    The later ones sound indeed very similar to the McMasters.
  10. Which BN McMasters sound better than the RVG?

    "Out to lunch" is another one which sounds much better on the McMaster. The RVG sounds very harsh and bloated.
  11. Vinyls are back at FreshSound

    I think these LPs are more for fetishists than for audiophiles. With the current vinyl boom, there are are more and more cheap LP reissues from public domain labels to be found here in Europe, but these are probably from the same source as their CD counterparts, i.e. the official CD releases.
  12. Keith Jarrett on a Rant

    True. Maybe he loathes concerts, but loves the money he earns from them. He should make a choice.
  13. Which BN McMasters sound better than the RVG?

    In my experience, most McMasters sound better than the RVGs. Many early RVGs sound quite extreme, with boosted treble, reduced stereo spread, compressed dynamics. Later RVGs sound very similar to the McMasters. At first, I found RVGs to sound more impressive, and the McMasters dull in comparison, but then - after hearing some TOCJ CDs, Music Maaters LPs and Analogue Productions SACDs, I'm convinced this perceived dullness is actually closer to how the tapes really sound. When I listen to RVG CDs today, I don't hear the benefits of a new transfer from the tapes, but rather the post-transfer mastering tweaks Rudy Van Gelder chose, but which are subjective and in some case manipulative.
  14. Keith Jarrett on a Rant

    I wonder how the people in his management deal with this. Being difficult is one thing, but if a musician menaces to stop every concert because of one "well placed" cough or turn it into a freak show, then he becomes unmarketable.
  15. Venus

    I have a couple of Venus SACDs and CDs, but I don't think their sound is exceptional. Many of them are too loud (compressed) and therefore lack subtlety. This is most noticeable in the bass which sounds slightly boomy and blurred. It's as if the engineers wanted to imitate Rudy Van Gelder's "fat" Blue Note sound. I think there are other jazz labels who don't have the audiophile reputation of Venus but make better recordings.
  16. Tone Arm Safety Lifters

    The problem is that it seems that only one such device was ever made - the Thorens Q-Up, and because it fits many manual turntables, there is a high demand for it. I think it cost around $30 back in the time (the 1980s). It was never cheap. Some more info on the Q-up
  17. Rapidshare corruption

    That's why I recommend using jdownloader. What it also can do is make your router reconnect with a new IP address, so that the hourly/daily download limit for free users is circumvented.
  18. Rapidshare corruption

    I think Rapidshare(.com) is one of the most reliable of those filehosters. The free service has limitations, but isn't that the case with many things on the internet? I recommend using the download manager jdownloader, which is very handy for downloading from filehosters, because it automatically takes account of the waiting time for free users and fills in captchas. So you can put many files into a queue and let the software manage the process
  19. 1959

    It's probably too limited to judge a year only in terms of album releases, especially with jazz which had such an important live scene back then.
  20. new OJC Remasters

    This is appallingly clueless. Dudes, you (or rather Fantasy) reissued the same titles on SACD years ago. This is like promoting "HD-remastered" DVDs, when the same titles are available on Blu-ray.
  21. 45 RPM Remasterings

    I have many of the 45rpm pressings of Fantasy and Blue Note titles. I buy them mainly for the excellent mastering. When a SACD version is available (with similar mastering) I buy the SACD, which is my preferred format. I don't think a "normal" 33rpm single LP version would sound significantly worse, but I guess those audiophile labels always have to include an extra feature which is visible to everyone and thereby justifies the high price even for those who are deaf: 45rpm double LP instead of one LP, gold CD instead of aluminium CD, etc
  22. Tour de France 2006

    There's more info in this Cycling News article: What I don't understand is why Landis' trainer would send the Trojan from his own email adress or from his computer. Even if it was hidden in an unsuspicious attachment, the origin of the hack would be tracable immediately. Maybe the hack was as "thoroughly" planned as his doping in the 2006 Tour, where he lost 8 minutes in the 16th stage, then made a spectacular comeback the following day (thanks in part to a testosterone treatment during the night), but almost inevitably got caught, as he was certain to be tested - having won the stage - and testosterone doping was easy to detect.
  23. The sound of ECM vinyl

    Yes, the Giuffre has been released on LP many years ago. I bought it in 2005, so even then, it wasn't sold out although ECM had long stopped pressing LPs. That's my main complaint about the selection of titles. They reissue LPs (now on 180g vinly) which were still easily available until recently.
  24. The sound of ECM vinyl

    ECM had recently released two new albums on double LP in addition to the CD release (Keith Jarrett "Yesterdays", Enrico Rava "New York Days") Now they are going to reissue some classic titles on 180g vinyl: - Chick Corea "Return To Forever" - Pat Metheny Group "Pat Metheny Group" - Pat Metheny Group "Offramp" - Jimmy Giuffre "1961" - Keith Jarrett "The Köln Concert" - Keith Jarrett "Tribute" - Keith Jarrett "Still Live" and later: - Arvo Pärt "Tabula Rasa" - Keith Jarrett/Jan Garbarek "Belonging" - Keith Jarrett "My Song" - Pat Metheny "80/81" - Pat Metheny Group "Travels") - Arve Henriksen - "Cartography" - Jon Hassell "Power Spot" News on the german Universal Jazz site: The selection of titles is kind of lame, since many of these have still been officially available on regular vinyl (old stock) until very recently. But it's a good start. The price is also quite reasonable, at least in Euro: 18€ (27€ for a 2LP set)
  25. LF: Miles Davis Cookin' - K2

    I just PMed Scott.