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  1. Almost everything that Konitz and Marsh recorded together is exceptional. My preferred recording is Live at the Half Note (1959) on Verve. The Mosaic set is absolutely essential too. I find this 6CD set to be much to short, when I received it I played it from start to end without interruption (it was a Sunday afternoon) The only session I find dissappointing is their encounter on Bill Evans' Cross-Currents (1977) album, which sounds underrehearsed.
  2. Maybe it has aleady been mentioned, but one of the most ferocious tenor battles can be found on Dizzy Gillespie's Sonny Side Up (1957), between Rollins and Stitt. http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&u...l=A59k9ke9tjq7z
  3. This intervention by the AAJ board administrator was certainly well meant but unfortunate because it changed the content of the message and was made without an explanation. It is common for forum administrators and moderators to edit posts, but only to: - delete words, links or pictures that are against the board rules or netiquette; - to correct errors such as mistyped links or the wrong use of board code tags If this changes the content of the post they should add "Edited by (moderator name)" and briefly explain the reason for the edit.
  4. The only difference to normal pressings is the mastering process. The discs play like normal 33 1/3 RPM LPs. "Halfspeed" means that the pressing master is created at half speed, the master tape also being played at half speed. This means a greater accuracy in the mastering process. This must not be confused with audiophile 45 RPM LPs (from Analogue Productions) that gain better sound through higher playback speed (more "groove surface" per second) Edit: My answer was typed at half speed, so Lon was faster
  5. Recommendations in different price ranges: Entry-level: - KEF Q1 - Dynaudio Audience 52 For serious audiophiles ($2000/pair): - B&W Nautilus 805 - Dynaudio Contour 1.3, 1.3SE Dream speakers ($4000/pair): - Dynaudio Special 25 - B&W 805 Signature - KEF Reference 201 All those speakers must be placed on good stands to give their full potential. They also need more powerful amps than comparable floorstanders.
  6. About a year ago I browsed the addresses on the Links section of Blue Note website. One URL pointed to a porn site! I think it was www.bluenote.co.uk , they probably had forgotten to renew the domain registration, and a porn webmaster had taken it. Two weeks later, the link was still there and still leading to that sex site. I sent Blue Note a message through the feedback page, and the link was removed a day later. My feeling is that Blue Note does not care much about their web presence. The site isn't really great compared to what other labels have. Maybe they only have a part time webmaster, who also has to be board administrator. No surprise they don't notice when something goes wrong.
  7. Hey, did you know that even newbie members can start polls?
  8. Gerry Mulligan & Chet Baker: Carnegie Hall Concert was reissued a first time on CD in 1987 and then remastered for the limited edition Sony Mastersound Gold CD in 1995 (now OOP). Does anyone know if there is a domestic release available with good sound? Many Mastersound titles have been reissued as regular midprice CDs (Kind of blue, Time out, etc), but apparently not this one.
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