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  1. Paging All Lakers Fans

    Lakers didn't look too bad last night. The Mavs looked terrible, I mean, does anyone on that team hit the boards for a rebound? Just don't see have they will be a top four team come playoff time. Actually, the Lakers might work better without Kobe than with. Seeing Payton push the ball upcort hard was great. Someting the Lakers haven't done in a looooong time. The problem is this: How are Payton and Kobe going to play with only one ball. I don't see it working out with those two at all. Loved when Kobe came out, sat next to Shaq, and Shaq was like: "There's nothing next to me but empty sapce." Shaq didn't even turn his head to acknowledge Kobe's existence. This thing between them isn't over by a longshot. It's going to be an interesting year in La La Land.
  2. The baseball season started yesterday with the Angeles losing right out of the gate. Just do not see this team getting to the playoffs this years. Dodgers, of course, look good in a division where the Giants and Arizona took a step back. And, hope against hope, this will be the year the the RedSox FINALLY get over on the Yankees.
  3. Happy Birthday, Catesta!

    Happy Birth day!!
  4. Happy Birthday brownie!

    Happy birthday! B)
  5. Helmet didn't matter

    Thanks jac. Very kind of you.
  6. Helmet didn't matter

    Well, at least thanks for the warning. I did not look at the picture -- my brother died in a motorcycle accident. I don't need to be reminded how he probably looked like when he died. You know, the person was real, with a family that are still grieving that he/she is dead.
  7. Paging All Lakers Fans

    Tomorrow night, Lakers vs. Mavs.! YES! A great outcome of the baseball season lasting so long: you don't have to pay any attention to football. Shaq vs. Kobe. My take, and it might sound unbelievable to some, but I think Shaq is flat out disgusted with Kobe and his behavior. Shaq has pretty much stayed out of off-court trouble thoughout his career. Here comes Kobe, not only is he the "media darling", but then Kobe does his "stuff" to this woman, and everyone acts like Kobe's a hero! What's Shaq to think about that? So Shaq is letting Kobe that everything is not "cool" with him, and don't be expecting any "understanding & support" to be coming from Shaq corner of the locker room.
  8. Mosaic Vinyl

    That brings up a question I've had regarding lps: Would BN lps be "remastered"? It seems they would stay with the original RVG mix. Did Moasic actually "remaster" the lp sets?
  9. ***Home Plate***

    It's always kind of a bummer when the is Series over.... no more baseball until March, YIKES! Well, the NBA is always there for kicks, and I can read my baseball books in the depths of cold Los Angeles winters, where we fight those unmercifull 65 degree days.
  10. Vinyl new releases

    Here is the lastest for Red Trumpet on upcoming vinyl. *********************************** VINYL IN STOCK OR INCOMING Domestic vinyl Jimi Hendrix: Jimi Plays Berkeley (On limited, numbered 2-LP set) Various Artists: Livin', Lovin', Losin': Songs of the Louvin Brothers Willie Nelson & Ray Price: Run That By Me One More Time Lyle Lovett: My Baby Don't Tolerate The Constantines: Shine A Light S&P Records Peggy Lee: Bewitching-Lee! Analogue Productions 45 rpm Isaac Hayes: Hits From Shaft (45 RPM) The Staple Singers: Hit Singles (45 RPM) Chet Baker: Chet (2 disc; 45 RPM) Miles Davis: Cookin’ With The Miles Davis Quintet (2 disc; 45 RPM) Sundazed Otis Redding: Dock of The Bay Rufus Thomas: Walking The Dog The Meters: Zony Mash Classic Records (all 200-gram LPs) Led Zeppelin: Coda Peter Gabriel: SO Bob Dylan: Masked and Anonymous (2 LPs) 200 gram-or-120 gram vinyl Miles Davis: Birth Of The Cool (MONO) Import vinyl Eighty-Eights/Japan 180 gram Lonnie Plaxico: Live at Jazz Standard Will & Rainbow: Harmony Speakers Corner 180-gram Oliver Nelson: The Blues and the Abstract Truth Elvis Presley: Elvis In Memphis Emerson, Lake & Palmer: Pictures at an Exhibition John Coltrane: Ballads Charlie Mingus: Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Cisco 180-gram Jennifer Warnes: The Well Doc Watson: Southbound Joan Baez: Farewell Angelina _____________________ Upcoming vinyl Domestic Ryan Adams: Rock n’ Roll Elvis Presley: 2nd to None (2 LPs) Rhino 180-gram LPs John Coltrane: Giant Steps Elvis Costello: My Aim Is True Deep Purple: Machine Head S&P Records Peegy Lee: Latin A la Lee Dave Mason: It's Like You Never Left Eva Cassidy: Songbird Sundazed (180 gram) Johnny Cash: Blood, Sweat and Tears Bob Dylan: John Wesley Harding (Mono) Various Artists: Northwest Battle of the Bands Volume 3: I'm Walkin' Babe! Pure Audiophile Chick Corea: Like Minds (+1) (2 LPs) Like Minds won the Grammy for 'Best Instrumental Jazz Album' in 1999. This is the first LP release of this title. There is a bonus track "Bags' Groove", which is just fantastic! Half-speed mastered by the great Stan Ricker. This 2-LP set is plated and pressed at RTI. It's a gatefold jacket with a 2-page insert. The first 1,000 copies will be pressed on blue vinyl and individually numbered. Cisco 180-gram John Hammond: So Many Roads Ian & Sylvia: Northern Journey Classic Records Bob Dylan: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 5 - Bob Dylan Live 1975: The Rolling Thunder Revue (3 LP Box Set + 7" 45 RPM) Limited Edition, on QUIEX Super Vinyl Profile (Limited to 2,500 copies) or Pressed on standard-weight vinyl Box set includes a 70-page book, and a bonus blue vinyl 7-inch single with "Tangled Up in Blue" and "Isis." Also coming on Classic 200-gram Quiex SV-P (Super Vinyl Profile) Others Louis Armstrong: Louis Under the Stars Louis Armstrong: Louis Under The Stars (4 discs; 45 RPM) Lee Morgan: Indeed! (Mono) John Jenkins: John Jenkins with Kenny Burrell (Mono) Borodin: Symphony No. 2 (LSO / Martinon) Count Basie: Chairman of the Board Duke Ellington: First Time! The Count Meets the Duke _____________________ Upcoming import vinyl Elvis Costello: North (Heavy Vinyl) Earmark LPs 180 Gram upcoming releases The Kinks: Arthur, Or The Rise And Fall Of The British Empire X-Ray Spex: Germ Free Adolescents Discharge: Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing The Damned: Music For Pleasure The Lambrettas: Beat Boys in the Jet Age Venom: Welcome To Hell Motorhead: No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith Venom: Black Metal Diverse Records 180-gram Frank Black & The Catholics: Show Me Your Tears Speakers Corner 180-gram The Everly Brothers: Stories We Could Tell Sammy Davis, Jr./Count Basie: Our Shining Hour _____________________ *************************************************** Here's a link to therir website where you can receive their email updates also. Red Trumpet Home Page
  11. Happy birthday, Daniel A.!

    Happy Birthday... 30? life's over, go back to bed.
  12. ***Home Plate***

    What??? Can't a team come back after being down 4-2????? If they could, the Brooklyn Dodgers would've ruled the world!
  13. ***Home Plate***

    Gee, Dan, I'd hate to see what you wrote before you edited it. But, you're right. Hope the Yankee choke on it over the winter. And George, please get rid of the gerbil that keeps hanging around Torre.
  14. Ebay craziness

    Did you see what else your linky dink is selling? Wow! I would love to get that one -- too bad, no money. Linky Dink Guy
  15. 2 Happy Birthdays

    Best wishes!
  16. To my ears, Winter does a lot of unison lines with Dicky Betts in "Mountain Jam". Doesn't sound like he's playing slide. However, I keep hearing a guitar that is off-mike throughout MJ, I wonder if that's Winter.
  17. Just to add to what everyone else is saying: This is great music. The band is so on it's great to listen to. I haven't listened to ABB in about five years, and when I put the first cd in, a wave of emotion knocked me flat. ABB are one of those bands that their music is enblazened in my mind, that how often I istened to them at one point in my life. A soundtrack to so many events in my life, I'm still kind of dazed by the whole experience. This just great music by one of the greatest rock bands ever. Greg Allman's B-3 organ in out in front, where it should be; Oakley has a great solo during dreams; Betts is hot; Duane, of course, is beyond description. Music lost a great and powerfull artist when he left us. You old timers will like this part -- when the base solo started during "Mountain Jam", I caught myself getting off my seat to put on the other lp to continue it. Lp muscle memory at work!
  18. Elliott Smith RIP

    This is such major bad news, it's just unbelievable. Smith artist had so much talant and creativity.... I'm speechless. Sad, sad, sad.... The Pacific Northwest rock scene will be in a deep depression over his one. Sad.
  19. Happy Birthday Matthew!

    Thanks. I just had a "surprise" birthday party by the Kindergarten, and I asked that how old I was, they said "really old!" "Oh yeah? How 'really old' am I" They put their heads together, whispered among themsleves, and said with one voice: "nineteen!!"
  20. O.P on organ??? How do these sessions sound? Jazz is amazing, you learn something new every day. B) © THE ROY ELDRIDGE QUINTET: Roy Eldridge (tp,vcl), Oscar Peterson (org), Barney Kessel (g), Ray Brown (B), J.C. Heard (d). NYC, February 13, 1953 1081-2 Roy’s Riff Clef 89087 1082-1 Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams Clef 89097 1083-7 Rockin’ Chair (RE-vcl) Clef 89087 1084-4 Little Jazz Clef 89097 Note: All titles issued on Clef EPC199, MGC150, MGC704, Verve MGV8088. _____________________________________________________________________________ (D) THE ROY ELDRIDGE QUINTET: Roy Eldridge (tp), Oscar Peterson (org), Barney Kessel (g), Ray Brown (B), Jo Jones (d). Fulton Studios, NYC, April 23, 1953 1222-1 Love For Sale Clef 89056 1223-5 Dale’s Wail - 1224-3 The Man I Love Clef (Au) CL011 (45) 1225-2 Oscar’s Arrangement - 1223-10 Dale’s Wail (alt) previously unissued 1223-12 Dale’s Wail (alt) previously unissued 1223-13 Dale’s Wail (alt) previously unissued Note: All issued titles on Clef EPC200, MGC150, MGC705, Verve MGV8089. Take 13 of Dale’s Wail was originally chosen as the master take, but take 5 was ultimately used for release. The alternate takes of Dale's Wail were recorded at the end of the session.
  21. Ebay craziness

    Reminds me of this exchange: Carl: Okay, Homer, bases loaded and you're up. Where's that secret weapon? Homer: Check it out, boys. My magic bat. Carl: That's it? Lenny: (mocking) Yeah, I got a magic bat, too. Carl: And I got an enchanted jock strap.
  22. ***Home Plate***

    Man, do I hate those Yankee's -- it looks like they'll win this thing.
  23. Clearwater Jazz Festival

    Yes! Bring it on! Or sell it as a cdr for $4.00, I'll buy it.
  24. Bob Dylan lps on hold

    Yeah, it was by email. I like the Sundazed monos -- I assume that the Classic Records Dylan's would have been stereo, which I perfer for the "electric Dylan".
  25. Hard to believe the new version of "Mountain Jam" being better than the one off "Eat A Peach". I mean, Duane Allman just killed on that version. I've listened to that one so much, it's burned into my brain, never to leave.