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  1. ***Home Plate***

    More like a Bobby Cox, who has to be one of the worst play-off managers in the history of the game. In the regular season, it's ok to give a pitcher the benefit of the doubt and leave him in but what are these guys thinking about leaving in Woods & Pedro? Well, it could be worse, they could've been down to one strike again.
  2. ***Home Plate***

    Dan summed things up very nicely, especially to the Yankee Nation.
  3. Keepin' it greazy!!!

    This cd is a great example of how to program the songs of a given session. Why can't producers get this part right? Let 'Em Roll PLAYS great, the music is great in the way it leads into each number -- the contrasts, the tempos, everything. It's become an lost art.
  4. ***Home Plate***

    Story is that O'Malley was only able to convinve Stoneham after a loooooooong liquid dinner.
  5. ***Home Plate***

    Of course, just don't mention Ozzie Smith & Jack Clark to me either!
  6. ***Home Plate***

    Funny, that one never bothered me.
  7. ***Home Plate***

    The only curse the Cubs had in this series was Dusty Baker! This guy just does not know how to manage a play-off series. Of course, being a Dodger fan, I already knew that, plus he thinks he's the smartest guy in the game. Second year in a row his managing has snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. He must be thinking there's still a game today.
  8. October Listening

    O.K., I know I'm a sick man, I just purchased, and am listening to: Led Zeppelin: The Complete Studio Recordings This despite the fact I have all the Classic Record 200gm lp's, except for Coda. But, I do need this for my car and office, right???
  9. Rolling Stones remastered lps?

    I've heard rumors that the early Rolling Stones catalog is going to be remastered on 180gm lps (HEACK YEAH!), but I can find nothing on the web to confirm this. Does anyone know about this, where a site is for more information? This sounds great since I keep hearing the the ABKCO lps were not too good, being digital recordings. It would be great if they came out in a box set like the new AC/DC lp set that's available. Any help on this would bring a big smile to my face.
  10. Rolling Stones remastered lps?

    Well, to answer my own question, and in case anyone else is interested. The "Rolling Stones" lp are remastered using DSD masters. Thinking I might pass on these since DSD lp quality varies so much.
  11. Vinyl re-issue

    Yeah, those Ratfinks have been getting a lot of my coin lately. I've been getting all the Led Zeppelin 200gm lps, and I'm down to just needing "Coda" to complete the Mighty Zep. Their Peter Gabriel lps are primo also. So many lps, so little cash.
  12. ***Home Plate***

    Big Al: ROTFLMAO Man, Heaven help that guy when he shows up for work, though the picture of him is so clear, he should just GET OUT OF TOWN WHILE HE CAN! This guy will be in a living hell if the Cubs don't win tomorrow. What a clown, I mean, get out of the way!
  13. October Listening

    John Zorn: The Gift Led Zeppelin: BBC Sessions Jimmy Simth: Groovin' at Small's Paradise The Flamin' Groovies: Shake Some Action Patricia Barber: Modern Cool
  14. New Ayler Box from Revenant

    I CAN'T STAND THE WAIT!!! I just hope it's not as expensive as the Charley Patton box.
  15. How come the $@*&@@! Add Reply....

    Don't know if this helps but I'm getting this a lot of the times.... ********************************************** Warning: Too many connections in /home2/organ/public_html/ on line 65 Warning: MySQL Connection Failed: Too many connections in /home2/organ/public_html/ on line 65 Warning: Supplied argument is not a valid MySQL-Link resource in /home2/organ/public_html/ on line 68 ERROR: Cannot find database organforum Warning: Supplied argument is not a valid MySQL-Link resource in /home2/organ/public_html/ on line 101 There appears to be an error with the Organissimo Forums - The place to discuss the band, jazz, music, and more! database. You can try to refresh the page by clicking here, if this does not fix the error, you can contact the board administrator by clicking here Error Returned mySQL query error: SELECT id, member_id, running_time, location FROM forumsessions WHERE id='072747afb4437e236d644bdfa411d833' and ip_address='' mySQL error: Too many connections mySQL error code: Date: Monday 13th of October 2003 07:04:29 PM
  16. ***Home Plate***

    Interesting take from Boston... ********************************** DAN SHAUGHNESSY Pedro is the one at fault By Dan Shaughnessy, Globe Columnist, 10/13/2003 This Red Sox-Yankee playoff, which could still be one for the ages, has at least temporarily deteriorated into a WWE steel-cage match. There's a rumor the Sox have hired Hells Angels to guard the Yankee bullpen tonight. ADVERTISEMENT Let's not forget that we are here because of the irresponsible actions of one man: Pedro Martinez. Excluding the Paul Williams-Yankee bullpen ugliness (nobody ever knows who starts a barroom brawl, but it certainly seemed like the Yankees piled on once they had him down), Pedro's the one who got everybody into this mess. Which begs the question: How come Sox stars behave like babies when they are here, then mature when they go someplace else? Which one would you rather have now, Sox fans? Roger Clemens -- who kept his composure and behaved like a professional Saturday night, winning the game for his team despite his obvious anger? Or Pedro, the baby who hits a guy after he blows a lead, then points at his head and at Yankee catcher Jorge Posada, threatening "you're next"? Pedro said a few words yesterday and claimed that gesture was actually him telling Posada that he'll remember Posada's angry words. Sure. And he wasn't trying to hit Karim Garcia. And those young women hang out with Donald Trump because they really dig his hair. Sox fans don't like to hear this, but Pedro was an embarrassment and a disgrace to baseball Saturday. He gets away with it because he's Pedro. And the Sox front office enables him, just as they do Manny Ramirez. Just as they did with Roger when he was here and Yaz when he was here and Ted when he was here. The tail still wags the dog around here. The Sox have no control over their stars. That's the way it was for Clemens when he was here. Roger had to go elsewhere to grow up. And we all know it took a while. Everyone in baseball knows what Pedro was doing in the fourth inning. He'd blown a 2-0 lead. The Yankees were kicking him around Fenway. The old magic was gone and no doubt he was frustrated. It can't be fun knowing your team is 9-15 when you start against the Yankees. So what did he do? With first base empty and a righty on deck, he threw a pitch behind Garcia, grazing him in the shoulder. Then it got worse. After Garcia's slide into second baseman Todd Walker, and angry words with Pedro, the Yankees and Sox started coming out of their dugouts and Pedro made his outrageous threats. (Oh, I forgot, it wasn't a threat. He was actually telling Posada he needed a haircut.) No. This was: You're next. I'll hit you in the head, too. Pretty brave stuff when you never have to bat. Pretty good way to take the attention away from the fact your skills are declining and you have trouble beating this team.Notice how none of Pedro's teammates have rushed to his defense? When he puts that tape around his locker, it's as if he's putting himself on his own island in his own clubhouse. It's interesting that the $17.5 million, 14-game winner is always talking about respect, yet his actions provoke baseball people to lose respect for him. More now than ever. The stuff still plays pretty well when he throws those four-hit shutouts, but there haven't been many of those lately. His ERA and strikeout ratios are still great, but he wore down in both Oakland games and had nothing when it counted against the Yankees. Do Sox fans still feel good about him as their Game 7 starter? Maybe. But not like before. The weird part is that Clemens was often a big baby when he played here. He wanted everything his way. He distanced himself from teammates. He didn't pitch well in the postseason. Ownership gave him a long leash. His self-immolation in the fourth game of the 1990 playoffs was a complete disgrace. But now he's equal parts Audie Murphy, Winston Churchill, and Cy Young. Why couldn't he have been that guy when he was here? And why can't Pedro be that guy now? This isn't about Pedro's non-takedown of Don Zimmer. Martinez had little choice in that matter. He was being charged. The photos look bad, but it's unfair to rip Pedro for Zimmer's misbehavior. But how come Zimm's the only one apologizing around here? Could Pedro one time stand up and admit he's wrong (angry e-mailers get back -- I already admitted I was wrong about David Ortiz)? He can't admit he threw at Garcia, no one ever does that, but could he apologize for losing his head when he pointed to his head? No. He has to reinvent the gesture. Maybe it doesn't matter to Sox fans, but that fuzzy Cubs-Red Sox World Series may not be America's dream matchup anymore. The Red Sox have done a lot of damage to themselves in the last two days and last night's ridiculous press conference featuring John W. Henry, Tom Werner, and Larry Lucchino only contributed to the madness. In violation of the commissioner's order (don't these guys remember that Bud Selig ordered bagman John Harrington to deliver the team to them?) the three amigos stood up and defended everything that happened Saturday, including Pedro's obvious head-hunting. The new baby Pedro apparently needs demons in order to perform at his best. Throughout this year, he has found imaginary enemies to inspire his talents. His big complaint is always "lack of respect." His critics are no longer imaginary. Now that they are real, maybe he'll be the pitcher the Sox need in Game 7. Dan Shaughnessy is a Globe columnist. His e-mail address is © Copyright 2003 Globe Newspaper Company.
  17. Your Biggest BN Reissue Letdown

    For your blasphemy, welcome to the banned list. Actually, I can understand what Davef is saying. "Smalls.." is not one of those things that knocks you over the first listen, at least it didn't for me. After awhile though, I've really started to like this cd, and now I love it. It shows Smith in the midst of changing his style, remember, this was recorded in November of 1957, so the Smith that was heard on "At The Baby Grand" is no longer, he's changed into a better player, who is exploring different facets of the organ. It's not a session that will stun you the first time you hear it, but it a great one none the less. The sound on this cd is strange also, it sounds like there's only two peole in the crowd, and they could care less what's going on.
  18. ***Home Plate***

    The miracle of the Zimmer thing is this: He was able to remove his lips from Torre's ass long enough to get out there!
  19. ***Home Plate***

    At least it looks like they'll make it. And thank all that is good: The Dodgers have finally been sold and are out of the Evil Empire. P.S. Welcome to the board a.j., nice to have you here.
  20. ***Home Plate***

    Hah! Anytime a Yankee gets punked, that makes my day.
  21. Your Biggest BN Reissue Letdown

    Donald Byrd's Slow Drag. An absolutely overrated session, and having Sonny Red on sax didn't help a bit. Just NEVER liked the way Red plays, it's like a hamster running in its wheel -- a lot of action but it's not going anywhere.
  22. Opus to return!!!!!!!!!!!&

    That's my favorte comic! I've come to really enjoy the adventures of the whole strip and watching everone grow up. To bad I never had a sister to call "Lizard breath!". For Better or Worse Rules!! But, I'm also very excited about "Outland" coming back. That was always a must read, and I was very disappointed when Breathed stopped the comic. Well, he has a wealth material to handle this time around.
  23. That's quite the image, Jimmy Smith shedding with a drawing of the foot pedals on the wall in front of him. I hope his health has improved recently. Thanks for the articles, B3-er!
  24. Jimmy Smith Questions

    I'm trying to track down these two sessions since I'm really into Smith during the 1956 - 57 years. I need help with two questions 1. Lonesome Road: Was this released as part of the TOCJ series? Does anyone have its number? 2. Special Guests: This looks like an absolutely killer session. The players are: George Coleman - Sax (Tenor), Curtis Fuller (Trombone), Grant Green (Guitar), Sam Jones (Bass), Lee Morgan (Trumpet), Stanley Turrentine (Sax Tenor), Donald Bailey (Drums), Eddie McFadden (Guitar), and Jimmy Smith. I mean Holy Crap, Batman!, look at that line up again! Has this lp ever been released on cd? Are these numbers spead out on other cds? Is this lp any good? Any help is greatly appreciated as I try to come to grips with this era in the music of Jimmy Smith.
  25. Jimmy Smith Questions

    I'd like to do just that. Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but are these available? I noticed at CDUniverse they've been on backorder for a loooooooong time. I need to get this set. Give me yours please. You might have better luck with Tower Records, I know there are some in-store, if not on-line. I just saw, I think, both vol. 1 & 2 in the Sunset Tower this morning. At least one of 'em. Boy, I'm getting old, can't even remember what I saw just five hours ago!