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  1. MLB Season 2020

    How many games will get canceled until they test negative? At some point the Marlins season is lost and they become just an opponent to get tv ratings. There should be some sense of the integrity of the game, but money usually overcomes that concern very easily.
  2. MLB Season 2020

    How can MLB justify the Marlins playing in the next two weeks? Just take the Marlins' games off the board for the rest of the season. Though that causes all kinds of problems.
  3. MLB Season 2020

    At the very least, this shows how fast the virus can go through a team, the NBA has to be very concerned as they open this week.
  4. MLB Season 2020

    Just when I think MLB leadership can't get worse, the players decided to play by group text.
  5. MLB Season 2020

    Yeah, we can see how fast this can spread throughout a team, and how hard it is for players to be safe. Fun while it lasted.
  6. Favorite Organissimo Posts Through The Years

    This post has stuck with me for a long time and I have thought about it a lot over the years: JSngry Member Member # 1611 posted May 02, 2001 01:50 AM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One of the most, if not THE most, revealing insights into Lester's psyche is a story told by Lester to Nat Hentoff. It seems that when Lester was a child, in the South, he had occasion to attend a tent-style Revival meeting held by an itenerant evangelist. Lester said that he was deeply moved by the preacher's message and was totally filled with the spirit. He decided to commit, and when the minister called for all who wanted to be saved to come to "The Mourner's Bench" (I believe that that is the term he used), Lester eagerly went forward, because the preacher had stressed, and Lester truly believed, that that was the ONLY way to avoid the eternal wrath of God, only to find out, when he got there, that The Mourner's Bench, the one and only way to salvation, was reserved for whites only.... This happened to him when he was a child.
  7. MLB Season 2020

    Not surprised at all about the positive tests, watching just the Giants & Dodgers, there is not too much social distancing going on with the players. Unless there's a major behavior change with the players, I don't see how the season survives, nor any sport for that matter. I'd hate to see no sports as I've enjoyed the return of baseball more than I thought I would.
  8. Olivia de Havilland, 1916-2020

    Too bad, she was a joy in The Adventures of Robin Hood. RIP
  9. Now reading...

    Jayber Crow: A Novel. Starting on Wendell Berry's Port William novels.
  10. MLB Season 2020

    Don't you mean Diaz Vu? Ha!!!! I crack myself up!
  11. MLB Season 2020

    Can't believe how bad the Giants looked last night, the Dodgers didn't even break a sweat in a 8-1 victory. Dodgers are going to be hard to beat this year.
  12. The Boy Who Found Gold. A documentary on Fr. William Hart McNichols, who is a Catholic priest and also one of America's preeminent icon writers. Very interesting, clearly a person who is very spiritual and a great artist. Watched on Amazon Prime.
  13. MLB Season 2020

    They do, in fact ESPN Deportes always broadcasts the Caribbean Series, some get stuff. Though recently, players have been avoiding it because of security issues with family members being threatened with kidnapping (yikes!).
  14. MLB Season 2020

    I like the piped-in crowd noise for games, I find it's disconcerting to have a sports game played in complete silence.
  15. MLB Season 2020

    Watched the A's vs. Giants last night, and I have to admit, going in I had my doubts, but it was better than I thought it would be. Definitely going into the season with a more upbeat feeling about the game. The one disappointing thing though, is that the Giants will be sending Joey Bart to Sacramento and not have him on the MLB roster to open the season, this despite him being one of the better players, but service time rears in ugly head again. This is going to a major sticking point in the new CBA.
  16. Big Trouble in Little China. It's a fun film!
  17. Signify: Porcupine Tree. I can't believe it was 26 years ago this album came out, where does time go?
  18. Napa has a steep upswing of cases, everything has shut down again, restaurants, bars, churches, etc.
  19. What Are You Watching

    Corner Gas Season 6. This has become my virus series, I've watched it so much, all thanks to not being able to go anywhere. I can't figure out if this is the dullest sitcom ever, or the smartest ever, so smart, is seems dull on purpose...
  20. Surprised, but I probably shouldn't be, by the disdain some of the educators that Dijkstra encountered. Well, I guess it's all about the money after all. I love my old school UCSD and its "we don't do vinyl" mantra, what blindness.
  21. The Babys: Silver Dreams -- The Complete Albums 1975 -1980. Very nice.
  22. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    California is edging ever closer to shutting down and going back to Phase I.