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  1. I won the LP version on Ebay recently without knowing much about that set and George Shearing himself. I have just finished listening to the whole set and I have really enjoyed it. This is a very pleasant surprise. I am surprised not to see this one discussed much here. I can't even find a topic on it. What are your views on that one?
  2. How good is this set? I can't find any topic on it. What do you think of the music? If anybody could post the discography, it would be fab. I have the oportunity to buy the LP set but I am not quite sure about the music on this set and what a fair price would be. Thanks
  3. Many thanks for this, Hans.
  4. Sorry David, I haven't listened to it either. I am digging the Brunswick, Columbia Ellington set.
  5. ASNL is indeed short for a football club but not Arsenal or Chelsea. It is short for Association Sportive Nancy Lorraine a top league club in France. This is my home town football team where Michel Platini started his career. He is still a legend there. The 77 should have been 78 but I made a typing error when registering. The last and only time Nancy won the French Cup was in 1978 and the goal was scored by the legend Michel Platini. The Duke/Ella booklet is thinner than the booklets we are used to in the traditionel sets. There are some nice photos but I have not had the chance to read it yet. I am currently enjoying the Ellington set. Once again Mosaic have done a great job with this one. I have got the feeling that my My Chronological Classics will be redundant now. They will still be good enough for my car. Regarding the Threadgill, I haven't even opened the box yet. With 5 big sets and two Selects, it is going to take me a while to listen to all that music. I will post my thoughts in due time. The Threadgill is a bit of a stab in the dark for me. I don't know much about the man and his music.
  6. I wish.... . I knew I would buy all those sets. It is better to buy them in one go... I have only listened to the first two CDs of the Ellington set so far. What a gem!
  7. I concur with the various criticisms about the shipping options offered by Mosaic and their costs. I have also let them know my views and I hope they will take feedback into account. To beat the bad combo high shipping costs/ custom charges I have been saving money for a while to place a massive Mosaic order. I have just received my little treasures (Ellington, Jamal, Threadgill, Duke&Ella, Monk, Carter and Akiyoshi selects). DHL was doing a great job but this is not an option any longer. Idem for Fedex who have their depot next door to where I live. Yet, saving up to place a big order is worth it. It costs me $60 for International UPS + only £33 for custom charges. Not too bad for a $800 order. The CD player is warming up....
  8. Although I live in the UK, my family live in France. If you are looking to buy something from marketplace, give me a shout if you run into this type of problem. I'll be happy to help.
  9. I often wonder what makes people or businesses refuse to ship to foreign countries. As long as the buyer pays for the correct shipping costs, I can 't see what the problem is.
  10. He has just listed another ten!
  11. LF Willie Lion Smith 1950-53 Chronological Classics. Please PM if you can help. Thank you.
  12. Recommendations please?

    Anita O'Day, Anita O'Day, Anita O'Day.....
  13. LF: Coleman Hawkins 1943-1944

    There are two copies for sale on Amazon marketplace Germany ( I have bought CDs from both sellers and I have been pleased with the service on both occasions. Considering the mad prices some Classics can reach nowadays, 16 euros doesn't seem too much to me.
  14. Could the people who have received their Ellington set tell us if Mosaic have changed the boxes they use for shipping? JAW mentioned a few months ago that they were considering using sturdier boxes. As I have received quite a few battered sets in the past, I would welcome the change.
  15. CDs for Sale

    PM sent on the following CDs. Paul Motian Trio Dance ECM Records Jan Garbarek Witchi-Tai-To ECM Records
  16. CDs and BOX SETs FOR SALE

    Hello Porcy, Could I please have the Grant Green 'Blues for Lou '?
  17. Getting married!

    Congratulations to both of you!
  18. Cancer took my wonderful wife last week

    I'm really sorry to hear of your loss, Rolf. My deepest condolences.
  19. Happy Birthday Patrick!

    Happy birthday!
  20. happy birthday, catesta!

    Happy birthday Catesta!
  21. It's Brownie's Birthday!

    Je te souhaite un joyeux anniversaire Guy.
  22. That would be copyright infringement and I don't think Mosaic or the authors of the booklets would be happy with that. BTW, Hans, I remember you mentioned a few months ago that Mosaic were thinking of using sturdier boxes for shipping. Do you know if they have already been introduced or if it is still a project?
  23. I have been there before with a lot of Mosaic sets. I decided that the Mosaic sets are for my lounge on my audiophile stereo whereas the Classics are for my car. Reading Mosaic booklets is not that easy on the motorway. You need an I-Pod with a car adapter cable Yves ! Now, is there any way of PDF-ing the booklets and displaying them on the dash or satnav? Funny you mention Ipod adapter Bob. We bought a new car for Lynn on Sunday. She hesitated between two. The colour was the main reason for her hesitancy. I subtly pushed for the car with the Ipod connection and she went for that one. I wasn't too fussed about the colour.
  24. I have been there before with a lot of Mosaic sets. I decided that the Mosaic sets are for my lounge on my audiophile stereo whereas the Classics are for my car. Reading Mosaic booklets is not that easy on the motorway.
  25. A Few Items For Sale

    PM sent on Louis Prima 1935-36.